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					                                            StorageCraft Technology
                                                                   Company Overview

   Founded in 1999 as StorageCraft, Inc.

   Provider of high performance Technology and Products for
        Disk-based backup, system recovery and data protection

        System migration & consolidation – P2P, P2V, V2P and V2V

   Developed Volume Snapshot Manager
        Licensed to software and hardware manufacturers

        Millions of installations worldwide on servers and desktops
                          StorageCraft, VMware, Microsoft
                                             Announcements and Partnerships

   Volume Snapshot Manager is intergrated in VMware Converter 3.0.1. for
    P2V migrations.

   ShadowProtect backup image support for conversions from P2V, V2P
    and V2V in VMware Work Station 6.

   StorageCraft is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP).

   StorageCraft is a registered Microsoft Partner.
Near-line vs. Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery
    Which Method Provides the Best Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan?

   Near-line
        Backup is hosted on the local area network.

        Backups can occur frequently and efficiently.

        Works well with both file-based and image-based strategies.

        Fastest Recovery time

        Backup is at risk in the event of an extreme disaster.

   Offsite
        Backup is hosted in a remote location.

        Protection is available in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

        Recovery can be slow if large amounts of data need to be transferred.

   Best Practices
        Incorporate the advantages of both
    Best Practices for Backup and Disaster Recovery

   No plan is complete if it hasn’t been tested!

      Fire Drill Example

      Things can go wrong – make sure you know what they are.

      Have you tested your current process?
           Do you know if your strategy will work if your current hardware and systems
            are not available?

      Your strategy needs to incorporate options for portability so that you
        can test on non-production systems.

      Verification! Your backup and disaster recovery plan must address
        verification so that you know that your backups are reliable.
                        ShadowProtect Family Overview
                                     Complete System and Data Protection

 ShadowProtect solutions protect your entire system
    Windows operating systems

    Applications

    Configuration and personal settings

    Critical data

    Hidden Utility partitions
                                 ShadowProtect Product Line
                                      Complete System and Data Protection

                                          Server & SBS Edition
                                               Server administrators
                                               Data center administrators
                                               Data base administrators
                                                (Exchange, SQL)
                                               SMB
                                               VAR’s supporting servers

   IT Edition                            Desktop Edition
        Corporate IT organizations            Helpdesk personnel
        VAR’s                                 SMB/SOHO
        Server administrators                 Power users
        Data center administrators
        Data base administrators
         (Exchange, SQL)
        Helpdesk personnel
            Image Based Backup and Disaster Recovery

SAN / NAS / RAID   i/SCSI, SATA,   USB / Firewire    Flash Memory    CD/DVD/Blu- ray

                                   Image File

   Same Hardware               Dissimilar Hardware    Virtual Environments
                                Lifeboat & StorageCraft
                                     Contacting Lifeboat
                                               Our Partnership

 Contact Lifeboat for Pricing and Licensing :

    Contact your Lifeboat Account Manager

    Tel: 1 800-847-7078



    StorageCraft Business Development Manager

    Tel: 801-545-4711

                                    StorageCraft Reseller Program
                                              ContactingWhat’s included
 StorageCraft offers a No-Cost Reseller Program:
       NFR software

       Access to the latest marketing materials and sales tools

       Access to partner website

       Sales training & Technical training

       Presales support & Product support

       Listing on our website

       Account Manager & Technical Account Manager

       Lead Sharing

       Use of Partner Logo in marketing

       Partner Newsletter

 Signup today at
                          StorageCraft Resellers
                                 Reseller Appreciation Offer

 Visit StorageCraft Booth and receive your
  Reseller Partner Kit.

 Demo discs.

 For a Demo and Product Training visit the
  StorageCraft Booth.
                ShadowProtect Competitive Upgrade

 Offered only through Lifeboat Distribution

 35% discount – in addition to the reseller discount - off
  of the equivalent volume price

 Applies to any Acronis True Image, Symantec Backup
  Exec System Recovery or Ultrabac customers.

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