Last Chance First Glance Flyer - DOC by 92m08d4


									                   Last Chance…First
    You’re invited to a fun
 Glance lia sophia jewelry Open House
                                          It’s your last chance to spoil
                                     yourself with 100’s of discontinued
                                            styles from our 2008
                                        Spring/Summer Collection!!

                                         Get your first glance at the
                                     New 2008 Fall/Winter Collection!!

                                                             Hosted by:

                                              Alice Fabian
                             Saturday, July 12th at 2:30 pm
                            28 Davids Dr. Fleetwood, Pa 19522
         Please call Alice and let her know whether or not you can attend AND
                            feel free to bring a friend with you!
              The favor of a personal response is requested to:
                               (610) 741-9127

                                     July Special
                  When you buy 2 items at regular price,
                     You can get 4 items at 50% off.
                         Buy 3, get 6 at 50% off,
                      Buy 4, get 8 at 50% off, etc…
           (Always pick the most expensive pieces of jewelry at 50% OFF!!!!)

                       Prizes and Fun GALORE!!
Come to have fun, view and try on sparkling jewelry, take advantage of GREAT sales, AND see all the
 BEAUTIFUL jewelry YOU could get for FREE or at a huge discount. Can’t make it? Ask to see the
  catalog or go online at to view our on-line catalog and place an order.

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