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									                          Inventory of the

         Millicent Garrett Fawcett (1847-1929) Collection

1-10    Letters (83) on woman suffrage from Millicent Garrett Fawcett,
        President, to Helena Auerbach, Treasurer of the National Union of
        Women's Suffrage Societies. 1909-1924 and n.y.. 10 folders
        1.   1909-1910 (3 items)
        2.   1912 (18 items)
        3.   1913 (10 items)
        4.   1914 (12 items)
        5.   1915 (6 items)
        6.   1916 (3 items
        7.   1917 (8 items)
        8.   1918 (3 items)
        9.   1920, 1923, 1924 (3 items)
        10. n.y. (21 items)

11-23   Letters from prominent suffragists to the treasurer of the national
        union of women's suffrage societies Helena Auerbach (mrs. Julius
        Auerbach). 1907, 1912-1914, 1917, 1936. 13 items

        11. 1 July 15 (yr?) from H.N. Brailsford recommendig Israel
            Zangwill be asked "to write something...for publication, that
            would help us enormously. With his name...there would be a
            real chance of tapping W.S.P.U. money. He is quite against
            their present policy. But they respect his view more I think
            than any other man's, unless perhaps Lansbury's."
        12. July 31, 1907 from Israel Zangwill responding to Mrs. Auer-
            bach's letter on the colour-question which he suggests she
            "work up into a magazine article...It is an exact appreciation
            of the psychological situation," and referring to his work for
            the Jewish Territorial Organization.
        13. n.d. from L. Buissoy (?), member of Chambre Des Deputes
            requesting help to amend a report made to the Chambre on
            woman suffrage rights in municipal elections. On official
        14. September 5, 1912 from Robert Cecil thanking for
            arrangements for an appointment on the 24th.

     15. May 7, 1912 from Georgiana Solomon a statement that she
         is one of the prisoners who was not allowed to participate in
         Communion."...after the last Hunger Strike they were not
         allowed to participate on the pleas that they were not in a fit
         state of mind, and must be feeling angry or uncharitable,
     16. April 14 (yr?) from Maud Selborne. "...as long as we could
         only make our opinion felt by agitation, agitation would play
         an unnaturally large part in our lives, and agitators would
         have more importance than they ought to have...Mrs.
         Fawcett & I have always said we do not approve of
     17. n.d. from G.D. calling Mrs. Auerbach "founder of our
         finances" and inviting her to serve on the International
     18. May 17, 1912 from Eleanor Rathbone objecting to the
         Socialist-Feminist liaison. "...extremely anxious and
         dissatisfied...that the majority (of the Council were) much
         more definitely anti-Government and pro-Labour..."
     19. June 7, 1912 from Miss Nicholson, Women's Unionist
         Association, South Eastern Division of Surrey, regretting Mrs.
         Auerbach's resignation.
     20, August 6, 1913 from Carrie C. Catt. "Thank you for your
         many kindnesses...." On official notepaper of International
         Woman Suffrage Alliance.
     21. May 7, 1914 from Frances Balfour. "I am glad the Rathbone
         party were put on their backs without a split. And, yet they
         are of our best in brain & speaking capacity." (see number
     22. March 2, 1917 from Ursula Thompson giving jewellery
         (listed) to be sold to benefit the 1917 Franchise Fund.
     23. October 29, 1936 from Jeremiah Colman acknowledging
         thanks for having put Gatton Park at disposal of a gathering
         which "may like to know they are coming to the only Borough
         in the world from which a lady has sent two members to
         Imperial Parliament."

24   Membership Card, National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies.
     "I welcome you as a friend of Women's Suffrage. Millicent Garrett
     Fawcett." 265x178. pictorial; border decoration in colour. sl. foxed.
     n.y. 1 item
25   Broadside. Public meeting of London Society for Women's
     Suffrage at Redgate, Feb. 27, 1908. Speakers: Mrs. Snowden, Mr.
     and Mrs. Zangwill, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Auerbach, Chairman.
     190x126. Together with News clipping, Women's Suffrage:
     Meeting at Redhill. 520x60. Account of meeting & names of
     persons present. 1908. 2 items

26   Broadside. The Women's Address to the Electors of the Reigate
     Division of Surrey. General Election. Signed on behalf of NUWSS
     by Helena Auerbach. 210x330. December 1910. 1 item

27   Programme. Memento of Women's Coronation Procession to
     Demand Votes for Women; Order of March and Descriptive
     Programme. June 17, 1911. Published by The Woman's press.
     275x215 8pp. pictorial cover. 1911. 1 folder

28   Annual reports. N.U.W.S.S. Redhill, reigate and District Branch.
     1908-09; 1909-10; 1910-11; 1911-12; 1912-13; 1913-14. Officers,
     rules, balance sheets, reviews of meetings, demonstrations, press
     reports, etc. 1908-1914. 6 items

29   Photograph. Observers and participants in the Law Abiding
     Suffragists Pilgrimage. Summer 1913. 205x255.
     NB. In Picture Department.

30   Programme. March 13, 1918. 140x180. decorated cover. 5pp.
     Frontispiece portrait of Mrs. Fawcett. Laus Mortuis lists 63 names
     including Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Lydia Becker, Sophia Jex
     Blake, Helen Blackburn, Elizabeth Blackwell, Barbara Bodichon,
     Jacob Bright, Josephine Butler, Frances Power Cobbe, Mary
     Burney, James Keir Hardie, John Stuart Mill, Florence Nightingale,
     Louisa Twining.

31   Great United Demonstration in the Queen's Hall, March 8, 1928.
     Chairman, Eleanor Rathbone; Speakers, Rt. Hon. Stanley
     Baldwin, Sir Oliver Lodge, Margaret Ashton, Nancy Stewart
     Parnell, Margaret Rippe, Rebecca West. Overflow Meeting,
     Mortimer Hall. 265x205 and Programme. United Franchise
     Demonstration Arranged By National Union of Societies for Equal
     Citizenship. Queen's Hall & Mortimer Hall, March 8, 1928.
     270x210 4pp. 1928. 2 items

32   Suffrage in South Africa, support for the franchise reform bill 1913
     sent to Millicent Fawcett, president of the National Union of
     Women's Suffrage Societies: a news cutting listing names in
     support, including Senators, Members of the Legislative Assembly,
     heads of the various branches of the Women's Enfranchisement
     League, Presidents of the Women's Reform Club, Women's
     Citizen Club, Women's Temperance Union, the heads of Girls'
     Schools, the National Union of Women Workers, etc. Names of
     prominent individuals include: Olive Schreiner; Miss Lawrence,
     Principal of Roedean; General Hertzog; Charles de Villiers;
     Advocate Hartog, etc., together with the original telegrams
     addressed to Fawcett, Voiceless London, from which the news
     report was printed, and letters expressing sympathy with "The
     Cause." In all approximately 26 telegram forms and 9 letters all
     sent January 1913. Include a statement from the Misses
     Schreiner; support from Mrs. Leviseur, President Orange Free
     State W.E.A.U.; a statement by Advocate J.A. Greer; support from
     professor Freemantle of the library of Parliament, Cape Town; a
     2pp. letter from Dr. Haggar, Member of the legislative Assembly;
     support from Gertrude Rycroft, Valkenberg Asylum, Mowbray and
     from M. Stanford and Doctor Mary Hannan. 1913. 1 folder

33   Materials for a biography of Helena Auerbach, treasurer of the
     National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies: A 4to news sheet
     with full front page photo of Mrs. Auerbach announcing her visit to
     South Africa (digitized; large 4to faded photo of her riding a camel
     beside the Sphinx (digitized); letters from E. May Lamberton, Hilda
     Chamberlain, et al. The latter discussing the death of the Foreign
     Secetary, C. Austen and Mr. Baldwin's tribute to him in the House;
     wartime correspondence from the front line (3 cards); wartime
     League of Honour card "For Women and Girls of the Empire"
     promising "Prayer, Purity and Temperance." Signed "Helena
     Auerbach."; wartime Ministry of Food card "In Honour Bound We
     Adopt the National Scale of Voluntary Rations.". 1894, 1912,
     1915-1916. 1 folder


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