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									                       Training Readiness Checklist for Tier 2/Supplemental Training
School: ____________________________________________________          District: _____________________________________                Date: ________________________

 Documents/Evidence                                   Items to Complete Prior to Tier 2/Supplemental Training
    YES         NO        1. A Tier 2 team has completed Modules 1A, 1B and 2 on Tier 2 RtIB on the FLPBS website
                            ( Completion of each of these modules should provide your team with the information
                            necessary to complete the remaining items on this Training Readiness Checklist for Tier 2/Supplemental Training

    YES         NO        2. A Tier 2 Team is identified and fits within the RtI structure of your school. (The Tier 2 Team may consist of a
                               subgroup of your Tier 1 PBS team or your RtI Team, but will have the primary responsibility of attending training
                               and implementing the school’s Tier 2 RtIB system)
                             Please list the names and positions of each member of the Tier 2 Team:

                             __________________________________               _________________________________           _________________________________

                             __________________________________               _________________________________           _________________________________

    YES         NO        3. Your team has identified a main point of contact (may or may not be your PBS Coach) for your Tier 2 Support
                             Please list that person’s name and email contact:

    YES         NO        4. Your team is aware of the Tier 2 activities that are already taking place at your school?
                            Check all that apply:
                                   Classroom consultations
                                   Identifying students with needs
                                   Prioritizing students for interventions
                                   Implementing strategies to extend “pull-out” interventions into the classroom
                                   Measuring the integrity of interventions
                                   Daily data collection/progress monitoring for individual students
                                   B-Weekly/weekly data analysis of students’ performance
                                   Other:________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        Tier 2 PBS Readiness Checklist 4.12.10.doc – FLPBS:RtI:B Project at USF   1
     YES            NO          5. Your team is aware of any current Tier 2 behavioral interventions that are already in place at your school.
                                  Check all that apply:
                                           Check-in/Check-out or Behavior Education Program
                                           Mentoring
                                           Social skills groups (Skillstreaming, LEAPS, etc.)
                                           Conflict resolution, problem-solving groups (Second Step, I can Problem-Solve, PREPARE, Steps to Respect, etc.)
                                           Anger management programs
                                           Support groups
                                           Classroom-level interventions (CHAMPS, etc.)
                                           Others (list): ______________________________
     YES            NO          6. A Benchmarks of Quality has been completed by the PBS team, the Coach has scored it and submitted it to the
                                     PBS Project.    Benchmarks Score _________        Date of completion:_______________________

     YES            NO          7. Do your school’s data indicate behavioral improvements within the majority of your students (i.e., decreases in
                                     ODRs, ISS, and/or OSS, increases in pro-social behaviors, etc.)?
                                  Please describe those behavioral improvements:

     In addition to completion of the above items, the Tier 2 Team is required to bring to face-to-face training:
     • Most recent BoQ or PIC
     • PBSES Outcome data summary for most recent school year
     • School’s current (if available):
                   i. Process for identifying students for Tier 2
                  ii. List of Tier 2 interventions
                 iii. Process/tools for progress monitoring students at Tier 2
     • Behavioral data
                   i. ODRs disaggregated (by location, by behavior, by staff)
                  ii. Year end report (SWIS-if available) for most recent school year
                 iii. Any other behavioral data summaries available
My signature below indicates that the information above is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I will be in attendance with the above listed Tier 2 Team Members for the
entire length of the training. I understand that my team will not be eligible for training if these requirements are not met by the day of the training.

Tier 2 Point of Contact ___________________________________________________________                                       Date ________________
                                                                                                                  Tier 2 PBS Readiness Checklist 4.12.10.doc – FLPBS:RtI:B Project at USF   2

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