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					                               Enterprise Rent-a-Car Cycle of Service

   1. Describe the Customer Service experience in each part of the cycle.
              a. Be detailed
              b. Discuss do’s and don’ts
              c. Discuss behaviors, body language, verbal communication, etc.
              d. What do you think takes place at these meeting in terms of customer contact?
              e. What kind of behavior group do you think would work best as a Customer Service
                  Representative for Enterprise?
   2. Why is customer service so important in an organization like this?
   3. What kind of organizational culture do you think Enterprise Rent-a-Car has and why ?
   4. Why is customer service important EVERY time you speak with a customer?
   5. What makes this customer service experience unique?
   6. What do you think the most important part of the cycle is? Why?
   7. Do you consider Enterprise Rent-a-Car as part of the service industry?
          a. Why or why not
          b. Do you think it is considered a luxury to rent a car? Why or why not? And how does that
              effect customer service and the overall rental industry?
   8. Where do you think the difference between good and excellent customer service lies?
   9. What specific behaviors and actions would move Enterprise customer service from good to
      excellent? {The company lists 18, I would like you to list 10}

Please use your book for reference and on ADDITIONAL source as a reference. Be detailed and you may
include additional information if you choose but this is the minimum.