CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS

   CRITICAL THINKING                                           EXAMPLES
                                 People are becoming worried about the dangers of using mobiles too
1. Explain and summarize
                                 much; *research recently done in the U.S.A. showed that people who
         information             used mobiles regularly………………………. Further *research showed some
                                 car drivers react up to 50% slower than normal when driving and using a
Did you explain the              mobile phone.
information on the website[s]    *Give full information: WHERE and WHEN the research was done, by whom
clearly?                         and the website, if given.

2. Identify the problem[s]       Some people think mobile phones are dangerous because radio waves
    Did you say clearly what     they give off may cause cancer; another problem is that using mobile
    the problem[s] is or are?    while driving can cause accidents etc……etc……
 3. Analyze the evidence         A study done in …… has reported that using hands-free mobiles has lead
                                 to a 95% less radiation reaching the user. However, another study by the
   How strong is the evidence
                                 Consumers Association reported that hands-free kits increase the
                                 radiation reaching the user.

 4. Compare and contrast
                                 One solution some people think is good is the hands-free set where the
    different solutions to       user wears a headphone connected to the mobile, which is kept away
         the problem             from your head. Another solution is the hollow “Air” Tube earpiece, which
   How do other people think     contains no metal to conduct radiation directly to your head. No long-
    the problem(s) should be     term studies have yet been done of these devices. However, if enough
   solved? What are possible     people buy these devices, mobile phone manufacturers will have to
     consequences of these       modify their headsets, mobile phone designs accordingly.
 5. Describe the reasons         The hands-free set was chosen as a solution because exposure to
    given for solution[s]        radiation from a mobile phone even 10 cm from your head is far lower
   Why did they choose this      than if the headset is next to your ear.
  way of solving the problem?
 6. Evaluate this solution       Some research shows hands-free mobile phones reduce the amount of
                                 radiation that reaches the ear, but other research by the *Consumers
   Do you think this is a good   Association showed that more radiation reaches the ear with the hands-
   solution? Why? Why not?       free mobile phone kit.
                                 *Give full information: WHERE and WHEN the research was done, by whom
                                 and the website, if given.
 7. Suggest a solution to
        the problem              In my opinion, firstly, you should buy a phone with a long talk ‘time’ and
    What do you think is the
                                 secondly, don’t use your phone when the signal is not strong.
     best way to solve this
8. Support your solutions
     with reasons and             The reason for my first solution is that phones with long ‘talk times’ use
                                  less power and give off less radiation and for my second solution is that
                                  when the signal is not strong the phone needs more power and gives off
    Why did you choose this
                                  more radiation.
    solution to the problem?
    What evidence is there
  that your solution will work?
9. Describe possible
                                  If people follow my advice, fewer mobile phones with short ‘talk times’
 consequences of any              will be sold and mobile phone batteries will last longer, as people will not
 solution you propose             use them when the signal is weak.
  What will happen if people
    follow your solution?

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