PBS Action Plan for Stanly County Schools by 6tw6trZb


									       School Action Plan for Positive Behavior Intervention Support
                            (PBIS) – 2010-2011

       Action Plan Outcomes:

           1) Increase recognition for positive student behaviors.
           2) Create a plan to increase consistency of consequences for infraction across
           3) Strengthen home/school/community relationships by fostering collaborative
              relationships & promote a positive and safe learning environment.
           4) Use data-based decision making to evaluate PBIS effectiveness and to create
              positive and effective interventions for at-risk students.
           5) Provide district support in the implementation of PBIS.
           6) Provide regional/state support in the implementation of PBIS.

        Goal #1: Increase Recognition for Positive Student Behaviors
                   Activity                        Persons       Date    Evaluation         Notes
1. Develop School-wide Behavioral                  PBIS Team     8/10
   Expectations (3-5 behaviors).

2. Develop Positive Behavior Matrix.               PBIS Team     8/10

3. Develop Reinforcement System to recognize       PBIS Team     8/10

4. Develop & print necessary materials for         PBIS Team     8/10
   reinforcement system. (Stars, Eagle Bucks,

                                                   PBIS Team     8/10
5. Develop professional development
   presentation on PBIS to staff.

6. Develop lesson plans for students for first     PBIS Team
   days of school.                                 PBIS Coord.   8/10

7. Create and display posters that reflect                       8/10
                                                   PBIS Team
   behavioral expectations.

8. Develop lesson plans for students for entire    PBIS Team
                                                   & Teachers    8/10-
   school year.                                                  12/10

9. Solicit help to man, stock, and distribute      PBIS Team
   rewards (PBIS store, PBIS celebration, etc.).                 8/10

10. Solicit businesses for support & donations.    PBIS Team     8/10

11. Designate prizes to be awarded for staff       PBIS Team     8/10

12. Designate prizes to be awarded for student     PBIS Team     8/10
    recognitions. (Weekly, monthly, quarterly,

13. Ask teachers to participate in reward system   PBIS Team     8/10-
    by offering free HS passes, lunches with                     5/11
    teachers, free points, etc.
                                                   PBIS Team     8/10
14. Create bus driver & substitute reinforcement
                                                   PBIS Team     8/10
15. Discuss plan and expectations with bus

16. Schedule booster sessions for teachers on      PBIS Team     8/10
    PBIS implementation at least monthly (Staff

Goal #2: Create Consistency Across School Settings for Disciplinary
                   Activity                            Persons     Date Outcome   Notes
   1. Develop school-wide consequence              PBIS Team       8/10

   2. Present to teachers regarding procedures.    PBIS Team       8/10

   3. Offer staff development for classroom        PBIS Team,      8/10-
      management, differentiating instruction,     PBIS Coor.      5/11
      intervention development.

Goal #3: Strengthen Home/School/Community Relationships
                   Activity                            Persons     Date Outcome   Notes
   1. Solicit local businesses to support PBIS     PBIS Team       8/10-

     efforts through donations, etc.
                                                  PBIS Team     8/10
  2. Prepare communication to be sent home
     to parents explaining PBIS.

  3. Meet with PTSA/PTO to explain PBIS           PBIS Team     8/10
     and solicit support, donations,
     volunteers, etc.

  4. Write monthly updates to be a part of the    PBIS Team     8/10
     newsletter that is sent home.
                                                  PBIS Team     8/10-
  5. Include PBIS recognitions as part of the                   5/11
     daily announcements.

 Goal #4: Use Data-Based Decision Making
                Activity                           Persons     Date      Outcome    Notes
  1. Assign someone to track                     PBIS Team     Monthly
     discipline/referral data.

  2. Assign someone to print data charts in      PBIS Team     Monthly
     preparation for PBIS meetings.

  3. Plan monthly PBIS meetings to               PBIS Chair.   Monthly
     evaluate data.

  4. Disseminate data to teachers on             PBIS Team     Monthly
     monthly basis.

  5. Provide reports on progress at faculty      PBIS Team     Monthly
     meetings at least monthly.

Goal #5: Provide district-level support in the implementation of
                 Activity                          Persons     Date      Outcomes   Notes
  1. Provide PBIS Staff Development for          PBIS Coord.   9/10-
     school PBIS Coaches.                                      5/11

                                                   PBIS Coor.,     Monthly
   2. Provide ongoing support and resources        PBIS Coach
      for PBIS Teams.

   3. Schedule PBIS/RTI Steering Committee         PBIS Coor.,
                                                   Psychologists   Monthly
      meetings monthly to discuss school
      concerns/issues, share suggestions, and
      recognize successes/efforts.

   4. PBIS/RTI Coordinator will visit the          PBIS Coor.      Monthly
      schools on a regular basis to informally
      check the status.

Goal #6: Provide regional/state-level support in the implementation
                   Activity                         Persons        Date       Outcomes   Notes
1. PBIS Coordinator will attend Region 6 PBIS      PBIS Coor.      10/1/10
Meetings and share information with the                            2/18/11
schools.                                                           4/8/11
2. PBIS Coordinator will attend PBIS Boot          PBIS Coor.      7/27/10
Camp at UNC-Greensboro in order to be a
3. PBIS Coordinator will collaborate with          PBIS Coor.,     8/17/10
                                                   Dana Rusher     9/22/10
Regional Trainer, Dana Rusher, to plan, deliver,                   As
and evaluate PBIS program at schools               Consultant)     needed

4. PBIS Coordinator will participate in relevant   Region 6 PBIS   9/13/10
                                                   Coordinators,   10/11/10
online discussions with Region 6 PBIS                              11/18/10
                                                   Dana Rusher
Consultant & other Coordinators and share                          12/10/10
information with PBIS schools.                                     1/10/11

Miscellaneous Tasks that Need to be Accomplished to Support PBIS
                 Activity                      Persons      Date          Outcomes   Notes
1. Self-Assessment Survey                    All staff      9/24/10

2. Team Implementation checklist             PBIS Team      (Quarterly)
3. Coach’s Report                            PBIS Coach     PBIS/RTI

4. School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET)         PBIS Coor.     5/11

                                             PBIS Coach     8/10-5/11
5. PBIS Coach’s Notebook
        Monthly agenda/minutes from
          PBIS Team meetings
        Discipline graphs/charts
        Surveys: Self-Assessment, Team
          Checklist, Coach’s Report, SET

                                    PBIS TIMELINE

First month of school:
    Designate responsibilities:
        o Who makes/writes announcements regarding PBIS?
        o Who monitors/ sets up incentives schedule (school store)?
        o Who writes brief updates on PBIS?
        o Who reviews data? Creates charts to share?
          o Who disseminates date to teachers? How? (email, newsletter, etc

    Schedule booster sessions (may coincide with monthly Staff Meetings)
    Send letter home to parents describing PBIS. (This may be done before school

   Begin taking pictures and collecting documents for Powerpoint presentation of
       school implementation/participation in PBIS (required in order to receive state
       recognition as a PBIS school)

By mid-year:
      Identify logistics of providing student incentives/rewards (School store, monthly
       drawing, weekly drawing, etc.)
      Have system in place to gather teacher feedback (surveys, etc.)
      Develop plan to train teachers on how to handle problem behaviors (quarterly
       professional development opportunities to be presented by psychologist).
      Include PTSA/PTO in PBIS efforts such as volunteering to help, providing feedback
       on effectiveness, etc.

By end of year:
      Review previous year (look at data, teams, etc.) and make recommendations for the
       following year.
      Develop training system to train new teachers, new committee members, etc. for
       the following year.
      Design a method of informing parents about PBIS. Explain how they can be a
       part, and how they can implement strategies at home.
      Survey parents about PBIS.
      Complete Powerpoint presentation to share at Summer Regional PBIS Meeting.


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