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Hemet Unified School District - DOC - DOC by HC120306032539


									Head Start Program
Ana Monagas, Principal

              Head Start Parent Policy Committee Meeting
                                 Thursday, December 11, 2008
                          Hemet Elementary School Conference Center


  1. Breakfast Served

  2. Call Meeting to Order
     Carla Perazza, PC Representative Fruitvale, called the Policy Committee Meeting to order at 8:45 a.m.

  3. Roll Call – Quorum Met
     Policy Committee Members
     Charlotte Jones, Board Member
     Sandra Herrera, Secretary
     Carla Peraza, Policy Council Representative, Fruitvale
     Mauricio Munoz, Home Base Representative Hemet El
     Altagrace Mejia, PC Representative Hemet El
     Juan F. Garces, PC Representative Hemet El
     Maria Huerta, PC Representative Hemet El
     Isela Reyes, PC Representative Hemet El
     Felicita Lopez, PC Representative Hemet El
     Lizabeth DeAnda, PC Representative Hemet El
     Rashelle Platt, PC Representative Fruitvale
     Yesenia Garcia, PC Representative Fruitvale

     HUSD Staff Members
     Ana Nosiglia, Head Start Coordinator
     Ana Monagas, Head Start Principal
     Jackie Allison, Head Start Secretary
     Delaine Saucedo, Social Services Coordinator

  4. Approval of Minutes
     Minutes from November 6, 2008 Policy Committee Meeting were reviewed in both English and
     Spanish. The members present agreed to approve the minutes.
Mauricio Munoz motioned to approve the minutes for November 6, 2008.
Altagrace Mejia seconded the motion.
All in favor: 11; Opposed: 0; Abstentions: 0; Motion carried

5. Area Plans
   Ana Nosiglia shared the 3 year strategic plan by areas. Area Plans are reviewed and revised by policy
   committee. She informed all parents the area plans are located in each classroom. These needed to be
   reviewed for revisions. Currently the wording needs to be replaced and no procedures need to be

6. Planning Road Map/By-Laws
   The Road Maps are a requirement to plan to program for the years activities. The By-Laws have now
   been translated. The changes are: Article IV: General Membership Section 1B: Community
   Representatives has been changed from 4 to 2 members. Article V: Officers, Section 2 Hemet Unified
   School District School Board Liaisons will no longer have voting rights.

Sandra Herrera motioned to approve the changes of the Planning Road Map/By-Law Revisions
Mauricio Munoz seconded the motion.
All in favor: 11; Opposed: 0; Abstentions: 0; Motion carried

7. Approval of Computer Purchase
   Ana Nosiglia presented the need to purchase 4 computers for the teaching staff at both sites. 2 for
   Fruitvale and 2 for Hemet El. The cost would be approximately $4,000.00

Juan Garces motioned to approve the purchase of 4 computers.
Mauricio Munoz seconded the motion.
   All in favor: 11; Opposed: 0; Abstentions: 0; Motion carried

8. Staff Reports

   Head Start Monthly Progress Report – Ana Nosiglia reviewed the monthly board report that is
   submitted each month to the Governing Board.
   Ana shared that we are in the process of completing our monitoring for the self-assessment. First 5 have
   been participating in our self-assessment.
   Ana shared items at the last Director’s Meeting stating that after a discussion with RCOE the in-kind
   form has been updated and they will come out to train our staff of filling out the forms to follow the
   federal requirements.
   All staff has been trained on our Child Food Program requirements for meal counts.
   We are happy to announce that HUSD Head Start will be part of a study of the assessment tool that is
   being conducted by West Ed. The new assessment tool will only be conducted on 4 year olds.

   Health/ERSEA – Delaine Saucedo presented Health/ERSEA topics. Both sites are fully enrolled with
   92 at Hemet El and 78 at Fruitvale. Hemet El had 3 drops and Fruitvale had 5 drops. Completed all

   Family Partnership Agreements. Conducted the follow-ups for the Hearing Screenings. Hemet El had 6
   and Fruitvale had 8. PRICE has been completed. Second class of EPNET getting ready to start.

   In-Kind – Jackie Allison applauded the parents and staff for exceeding our monthly goal of $25,039.
   To date our in-kind received is $112,496 of the $250,389 required. Ana Monagas shared the $250,389
   in-kind goal is set by Head Start to represent 20% of our grant amount, which is received from donated
   services and volunteers.

9. Board Reports
   Charlotte Jones, our Board Liaison wanted to let everyone know how she appreciates that our meetings
   are being translated for our parents which has not been done in the past years. She wanted to
   acknowledge how well Carla Pereza runs our meetings keeping us on time and to be sure everything on
   the agenda is covered.
   The Governing Board consists of 7 members 2 of which are new this year. Charlotte currently
   represents HUSD for the Head Start Program to ensure parent participation and following of regulations.
   On Tuesday 12/16/08 an organization meeting will be held which at that time committee will be formed.
   This is done on a rotating basis that is done every other year. She feels that she will once again be on
   the committee for Head Start but all the committees will be formed at the 12/16/08 meeting.

   The board reports, that are submitted, are included in the board members packets before every meeting.
   Charlotte has requested that on the monthly board report submitted that the number of parents
   participating in activities be included. Ana Nosiglia stated that she would start including on the report.
   Charlotte thanked the parents for their participation and feels strongly that preschool is the stepping
   stone to elementary and high school success.

10. Committee Reports

   Policy Council Update: Carla shared that at the last meeting she was elected to the new board beginning
   in January. At present time she is part of the executive board at RCOE serving as Assistant Secretary
   and may be taking the role of Vice Chairperson. She was thanked by all for participating in such a vital
   part of Head Start. Carla also wanted to thank Ana Monagas for being such a supportive principal to the
   families and children of Head Start.

11. Other Business

   Dr. Sally Cawthon Area Superintendent was welcomed to our meeting and wanted to express how
   important parents are in being involved in their children’s education. She shared that she recently
   finished reading research showing the drop out rates are reduced substantially in high school when
   children attend preschool.

12. Special Presentation
    Dr. David Davamony gave a presentation “Taking Control of Your Children Without Losing Control”

13. Meeting Adjournment

Sandra Herrera motioned to adjourn meeting
Altagrace seconded the motion
No further discussion
All in favor: 8; Opposed: 0 Abstentions: 0, Motion carried

Call to Order:   8:45 am
Met Quorum:      8:45 am
Adjournment:     10:45 am

14. NEXT REGULAR POLICY COUNCIL MEETING: 8:30 a.m. Thursday January 8, 2009 at
    Hemet Elementary Conference Center, 633 E. Kimball Ave., Hemet, CA.


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