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									                                            FLOOR TIME
                What is Floor Time?                                         Goals of Floor Time

        Floor Time is a technique from the DIR model           Objectives of Floor Time include helping the
(Developmental, Individual-difference, Relationship-       child to:
based) designed to help a child elaborate and expand
                                                              become more alert
on interactions with others through gestures, words,
                                                              take more initiative
and pretend play. It is a way of relating to the child.
                                                              become more flexible
       Floor Time was designed to strengthen                  tolerate frustration
individuals’ cognitive, emotional, social, and physical       sequence and plan longer actions
development. Emphasis is placed on facilitating two-          mediate process of finding solutions
way communication, expressing feelings, and
                                                              communicate gesturally and verbally
developing logical thought.
                                                              take pleasure in learning
        Dr. Stanley Greenspan, a Clinical Professor of
Psychiatry, Behavioral Science and Pediatrics at
George Washington University Medical School,
established Floor Time as an interactive play strategy                        Characteristics
to teach children with developmental difficulties. The
technique is based on the assumption that the child’s           It is suggested that individuals working with
actions are purposeful and it is the caregiver’s role to   children through Floor Time use a calm voice,
follow the child’s lead during interactions to foster      speaking slowly with gentle looks. They should also
communication and development.                             be non-intrusive and supportive in listening.
                         DIR                                   Additional characteristics of this program include:

        DIR is a theoretical approach of addressing a         no specific direct skill teaching
child’s developmental challenges. It is takes a               incorporate activities into daily life
developmental perspective and focuses on individual           child-centered
differences. In the DIR model, the child’s difficulties       follow child’s lead in play and interactions
are examined through relationship and affect issues.          can incorporate toys and materials into activities
For example, the child’s abilities to stay engaged in          to facilitate interactions
play, express pleasure, and problem solve with others         uses symbolic play and items
would be examined. Floor Time is the cornerstone of
the DIR model.

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