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a link, an association
or relationship,
Also . . .
•Relation to something
•A person, esp. one of
 influence or importance,
 with whom one is
 associated, as by kinship
 or common interest
•Reference or relation to
 something else
•A means or channel of
• In differential geometry, a connection
  (also connexion) or covariant
  derivative is a way of specifying a
  derivative of a vector field along another
  vector field on a manifold. That is an
  application to tangent bundles; there are
  more general connections, used in
  differential geometry and other fields of
  mathematics to formulate intrinsic
  differential equations .
  Connection Machine
• The Connection Machine was a
  series of supercomputers that grew
  out of Danny Hillis's research in the
  early 1980s at MIT on alternatives to
  the traditional von Neumann
  architecture of computation.

• The CM-1, developed at MIT, was a
  "massively parallel" hypercube
  arrangement of thousands of very
  simple processors, each with their
  own RAM.
• Hillis and Sheryl Handler
  founded Thinking Machines in
  Waltham, Massachusetts and
  assembled a team to develop
  the CM-2, which depending
  on the configuration had as
  many as 65,536 processors.
         Dial-up Access
• Dial-up access is an inexpensive but
  relatively slow form of internet access in
  which the client uses a modem to dial the
  internet service provider's node, a dialup
  server type such as the PPP and TCP/IP
  protocols to establish a modem-to-modem
  link, which is then routed to the internet.
  It is now legacy technology in the advent
  of widely available broadband internet
  access in the Western World.
      Delta Connection
• Delta Connection is the name under
  which five regional airlines operate routes
  for mainline carrier, Delta Air Lines.
• SkyWest, Atlantic Southeast Airlines,
  Comair, Chautauqua Airlines, and the
  American Eagle codeshare flights out of
  Los Angeles International Airport operate
  under this name.
• On November 2, 2004 Atlantic Coast
  Airlines ended service as a Delta
  Connection Carrier. Atlantic Coast Airlines
  reinvented itself as a low fare carrier
  called Independence Air based at
  Washington Dulles Airport.
      Love Connection
• Love Connection was an
  American game show
  television series which
  debuted on September 12,
  1983. Its first run last
  episode aired in 1994 and the
  show re-appeared in 1998
  until 1999. The first run host
  was Chuck Woolery who was
  later replaced by Pat Bullard.
 Connection (song)
• Connection is one a popular
  single released by the britpop
  group Elastica. It was
  originally released in 1994 as
  a single and the album
  version wasn't released until
  1995 on the self-titled debut.
      The Rainbow
• Written by Kenneth (Kenny) Asher
  and originally performed by Kermit
  the Frog in The Muppet Movie in
  1979 The Rainbow Connection has
  been covered by mainstream artists
  such as Kenny Loggins, The Dixie
  Chicks, Justin Timberlake and many
• Kenny Ascher received Oscar
  nominations both for the entire
  song score for the movie and for
  this unlikely radio hit which
  Kermit sings with all the dreamy
  wistfulness of a short, green
  Judy Garland.
• Actually, Rainbow Connection
  serves the same purpose in this
  film that Over the Rainbow
  serves in The Wizard of Oz, with
  nearly equal effectiveness: an
 opening establishment of
 the characters' driving
 urge for something more
 in life.
• The lyrics of the song are as
  Why are there so many
  Songs about rainbows
  And what's on the other side?
  Rainbows are visions
  But only illusions
  And rainbows have nothing to hide
  So we've been told and some choose
  Believe it
  But I know they're wrong, wait and
• Someday we'll find it
  The Rainbow Connection
  The lovers, the dreamers and me

 Who said that every wish
 Would be heard and answered
 When wished on the morning star?
 Somebody thought of that
 And someone believed it
 And look what it's done so far
• What's so amazing
  That keeps us stargazing
  And what do we think we might see?

 Someday we'll find it
 That Rainbow Connection
 The lovers, the dreamers and me

 All of us under its spell
 We know that it's probably magic...
• Have you been half asleep
  And have you heard voices?
  I've heard them calling my name
  Is this the sweet sound that called
  The young sailors?
  The voice might be one and the
  I've heard it too many times to
  ignore it
  There's something that I'm supposed
  to be
Someday we'll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers
 and me
    Connection Puzzle
• In a connection puzzle the
  emphasis is on combining a
  given set of pieces in a certain
• Note that mechanical puzzles are
  excluded here; they are listed
  separately. However, some
  connection puzzles can be seen
  as simulated mechanical puzzles.
     Examples of
  Connection Puzzles
• Connect Dots
• Flim
• Laser
• Laser II
• Laser III
• Loop
Metaphorically speaking . . .

  Katrina and Rita
   have created
    for teachers
Connection Puzzle!!
 And the question is . . .

•In the midst of all the
 “disconnection,” how do
 we re-establish all those
 valuable connections?