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2011 April 27 eNews


									    This newsletter was sent out by email to all parents who provided an email address. If you wish to receive the eNews on email, please provide your email
                       address to Cynthia Dalgarno – be sure to provide your full name and the name of your child.

JAMES PARK eNews - April 28, 2011

Dear James Park families, we are moving quickly towards the end of the year, with much yet needing to be accomplished. At our recent professional day, staff began working on a process to review
the Code of Conduct, a copy of which is included in the planner of each of our students. We will be moving to create a student centered Code to take into the next school year.

I had a meeting with the District about the new building last week. The contractor has been assigned and within a few weeks, we will begin to see action. The first order of business will be the
creation of a new parking lot on the gravel field. Entry will be gained from Suffolk Avenue on the east side. This parking lot will not be accessible to the public, including JPE families, due to the
location through a quiet side street. We ask that you cooperative by continuing to drop your children at the front of the school. Since the weather is slowly getting warmer, we encourage you to walk
with your children as much as possible to keep the traffic down. If that’s not possible, please drop them quickly along the curb on the same side as the school so they can step straight onto the
property rather than crossing the street. Westminster Avenue will become more and more congested as construction begins and parking spaces begin to be taken by construction workers (they get
here much earlier than we do and we cannot deny them public parking).

As the new school is being built, we will all suffer various frustrations (driving by, parking, dust, noise, vibration ….) and we will want to focus on the positive aspect which is that it will soon all be over
and we will be in the most beautiful school in the District to date! Add to that the many interesting and engaging learning activities that take place here, and we might be able to set those frustrations
on our collective back burner for the whole 90 weeks from start to full completion (including tear-down and new parking lot, etc.) We should be learning in the new school in September 2012.

        Earth Day                    Wednesday, April 20 was Earth Day at James Park. Students participated in activities designed to get them thinking about Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle. Our hope
                                     is that they become stewards of their environment at school, at home and in the community. Mayor Moore joined us for our morning assembly to emphasize
                                     the importance of using the Port Coquitlam Recycling program wisely by sorting and properly recycling various items, including kitchen waste. James Park has
                                     been chosen as a school in the District that participates in the local program, and we have received our blue and green bins, as well as a “kitchen catcher” for
                                     every classroom. In addition, our in-school grade 5 recycling team continues to collect those cans and other containers which generate income for the school.
                                     Their job is a particularly messy one, so we are working hard to encourage children and adults to rinse their containers prior to throwing them into the
                                     collection bins in the hall. Cuts down on the fruit flies too!

                                     On April 28, a select group of grade 3 and 4 students (to be determined) will walk to Maple Creek Middle with Ms Kintzinger and Mr. Demetlika, to learn about
                                     the work of the Green Team there. We have asked the PAC to sponsor us by purchasing the necessary hallway and classroom collection systems, and our
                                     Green Team will then teach other students how to recycle to the maximum.

                                     As parents, you can help your children to become stewards of their various communities in a variety of ways. For example, you can (1) diligently use the Port
                                     Coquitlam recycling system as a family, with children taking responsible for their part. (2) You can try to avoid purchasing foods in plastic packaging
                                     (particularly the single serve variety). And (3) You can help your child plan lunches that do not come in a package, such as home-made sandwiches, muffins,
                                     fruits and vegetables packed in re-usable containers whenever possible. A great family activity in the kitchen can be finding recipes and then baking items
                                     such as granola bars, healthy squares, muffins and cookies to put into lunches wrapped in wax paper or a re-usable container. Check the backpack each
                                     evening to make sure the container comes back. These are great self-regulation projects as well, that build some discipline into the child’s life.
 Breakfast Café – Parent Appreciation

             Friday April 29th, 2011- Drop in and enjoy some yummy Breakfast treats starting at 8:15
             Presentations to the PAC will begin at 8:45. Intermediate students and the Choir will perform at 9:00
             Head down to your child’s classroom for a visit at 9:30 -10:00. Daycare and outside supervision will be provided. Please fill out and return RSVP by
             Tuesday, April 26th

May 2011 – if you see an error or conflict, please notify @

                May   2 – Federal Polling station in the gym – don’t forget to vote! It matters.
                May   3 - Lucky Loonie draw; Marvelous Milk distribution; PALS in the Library @ 5:30 – session 2
                May   4 - Early dismissal (1:50) for parent/teacher evening – format will come home with individual students
                May   6 - ArtStarts presentation Project Soul – 9 a.m. in the morning – continued thanks to PAC for the funding
                May   11 – PAC meeting @ 7:00 p.m.
                May   14 - James Park Carnival “School of Rock” – come one and all to enjoy this famed event in our community!
                May   15 - CPVPA Run for Cancer 9 am Terry Fox Secondary School
                May   17 – Marvelous Milk
                May   19 – hot lunch; PALS in the Library @ 5:30 – session 3
                May   20 – Regular School assembly
                May   23 - Victoria Day statutory holiday
                May   24 - School Professional Day – students not in session
                May   31 - Marvelous Milk

June 2011 – if you see an error or conflict, please notify @

                Jun   2 – Kindergarten parent information meeting – 6:30 to 7:30 (Library)
                Jun   7 – Lucky Loonie Draw
                Jun   8 - Grade 6 for half day at Kway; PAC meeting @ 7:00 in the library
                Jun   10 – Regular school assembly
                Jun   14 - Marvelous Milk today
                Jun   16 - Free Hot Lunch for all
                Jun   17 - Grade 5 Camp day
                Jun   22 - Full school to Belcarra Park
                Jun   24 - Grade 5 leaving ceremony
                Jun   29 - Last day of school – early dismissal at noon; report cards
                Jun   30 - Administrative day; students not in session
Coquitlam Summer Learning 2011

                          Elementary Program
                          (Grades 1-5) July 12 – 29
                          Heritage Mountain, Parkland,
                          Pinetree Way

                         Middle Program
                          (Grades 6-8) July 12 – 29
                          Scott Creek

                         Academic Remedial & Skill Building Programs
                          (Grades 8-10) July 5 – 29
                          Charles Best

                         High School Credit Program
                          (Grades 10-12) July 5 – Aug 12
                          Centennial, Gleneagle, Coquitlam Open Learning
                              Online Courses
                              Face-to-Face Courses
                      For registration and contact information, please see us at

 KidsSport Tri-Cities

 2011 KidSport TriCities Applications can be downloaded at:
 “So ALL Kids Can Play” – KidSport TriCities is thrilled to announce that since 2006, through the generous contributions of individuals, community organizations, businesses and municipalities, we have
 awarded over 1000 grants to deserving athletes in the TriCities area.

 KidSport Tri-Cities next used equipment sale – August 13, 2011 at the Coquitlam Rec Centre on Poirier. Watch the local press for more details

 Kidsport TriCities New Address: 1918 Como Lake Avenue, P.O. Box 64501, Coquitlam, BC V3J 3R0
Douglas College Summer Camps 2011 (ages 9 to 15)
                Douglas College Summer Camps is one of the largest youth camps programs in the lower mainland offering over 80 camps in sports and computers to the Coquitlam and New Westminster
                communities since 1996. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality programming for the best possible value. We ensure that our participants learn about the activity while having
                fun within a safe environment. Camps will take place at both the New Westminster and Pinetree/Coquitlam campuses. Ages: 9-15 (Boys & Girls)

                2011 Summer Camps Include: Web Design, Intro to Programming, Acting for Camera, Film production, Dance, Creative Writing, Student Leadership, Basketball, Badminton,
                Baseball, Football, Soccer, Multi Sports and many more.

                Register before June 1st and save $20 on full day camps and $10 on half day camps.
                Spots will fill up fast, so don't delay and register today!

                Visit our website to register online or download a full summer camp brochure.
                Email: Phone: 604.527.5680

Personal Technology in the Classroom

                It is indeed a sign of the times that some of our students are now carrying cell phones to school because their parents want them to. Please be advised that cell phones are required to be
                shut off during class time and that, if a student is caught using a cell phone in class or during class time, it will be taken away and delivered to Ms Kintzinger in the office. Ms Kintzinger will
                hold the phone until a parent picks it up. I know that over time, as more technology is incorporated into a school day, it may be that student personal computing devices will be used in a
                creative and engaging fashion during the school day, working on learning. However, we are not yet there at James Park and we ask that you respect our learning process by not expecting
                your child to be in communication with you on their cell phone between 9 and 3. If you have a message relating to pick-up time or routine, please call the office. If you have another
                message for your child, please wait until you see them after school. If you feel this is too restrictive, then please make arrangements for any anticipated communication to take place
                between 12:20 and 12:50 which is lunch hour play time. Ideally, we hope you will see the value in no communication, so the child is not distracted from important learning and play time.

Port Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association

                **New Player** Registration
                Location: Port Coquitlam Rec. Centre Lobby
                Date: May 28, 2011; 9:00am to 12 noon
                Are you interested in playing the fastest game on earth? In conjunction with Tim Horton Sponsorship (for Initiation & Novice) and guidelines of Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey and BC
                PCMHA is extremely excited about player development that includes skating, stick handling, discipline, teamwork and team play. Through hockey, everyone establishes friendship,
                camaraderie and life long memories. The season runs from September 2011 – March 2012. Practices and games will never be rained / snowed out.
                Check out our website for more information:
                To register new players, parents are required to provide a photocopy of the player's birth certificate & copies of two proofs
                of Port Coquitlam residency. The following documents will be accepted: CURRENT copies of two of the following:
               Property taxes or Utility bills (Hydro bill, gas bill, water bill). You must provide copies at registration.

Fast-Brained Kids of Coquitlam

               Fast-Brained Kids of Coquitlam, a support group for parents of highly-able or gifted kids, welcomes parents and others connected to gifted education to please join us for a special
               presentation by P. Susan Jackson: "Gifted Children: A Documentary and Discussion." Participants will view and discuss the content of a 12 minute documentary featuring gifted
               children and teens, ages 5 to 26.

               Thursday, May 12
               Winslow Centre, Gallery Room
               Arrival time: 6:30 - 6:45 PM
               Presentation: 7:00 - 8:30 PM
               Admission: $10 (adults only please)
               Please RSVP to
               For more info email Ms. Block:

CPVPA 10th Annual “In Motion” for Cancer Research

               Sunday, May 15th 9:00 a.m. at Terry Fox Secondary School
               The Coquitlam Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association is hosting its 10th Anniversary “In Motion” run for Cancer Research. You are invited to join staff, students, and community
               members from our Tri-Cities schools and neighbourhoods to walk, run, cycle, rollerblade, or jog for 2K, 5K, or 10K on Sunday, May 15th at 9:00 am. School teams and individuals can
               participate – there is no registration fee and all participants are asked to make a donation of $10 or more to the Canadian Cancer Society. Over 9 years, this event has raised over $69,000
               for Cancer Research. For more information please contact your school office or Darlene Proulx at Online pledges link will open immediately after the run. A tax
               receipt will be issued for in person o r online pledges.

Coquitlam Adanacs Kids Night - Jersey Night - May 28th

               The Coquitlam Adanacs are offering FREE admission to all children 16 and under on KIDS NIGHT - JERSEY NIGHT on Saturday, May 28th. Coquitlam Adanacs vs Maple Ridge Burrards at
               COQUITLAM SPORTS CENTER. Wear your favourite SPORT’S JERSEY.

                                                               Telephone: 604-942-6658 ♦ 1761 Westminster Avenue Port Coquitlam BC V3B 1E5♦

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