Individual Student Support System at Elroy Elementary School by d87EA6


									  Individual Student Support System at
        Elroy Elementary School:
               An Example
• Annual enrollment of approximately 375
  kindergartners to fifth graders
• Two level team structure
• Positive Behavior Support Team (SW-PBS
• Student Support Team (SST)
          Elroy Elementary School

• The school employs a four step process
• The program of support includes
  – academic support,
  – medical support,
  – secondary intervention support and/or tertiary
• Any staff person or family member can
  initiate the Request for Assistance process
        The SST Coordinator
• Summarizes the completed Request for
  Assistance Form.
• Summary results in one of two options
  – (a) informal suggestions to the teacher or
  – (b) a formal SST meeting is scheduled.
                    SST Meeting
• The structure of the SST includes a group of
  regular team members including:
   –   a special education teacher,
   –   a school psychologist,
   –   a speech and language specialist,
   –   a primary level teacher,
   –   a secondary level teacher,
   –   an administrator as needed,
   –   the staff person requesting assistance, and
   –   the student’s parent or guardian.
                SST Team
• SST meets to review student strengths,
  issues of concern, and possible supports for
  the student.
• SST meets two to three times a month,
  depending on the number of Requests for
• SST Coordinator reviews student progress
  data twice a month
Processing Student Requests for
   Assistance and Developing
  Behavior Intervention Plans

    Protocol and Outcomes
       PARTS ONE and TWO
• Purpose
   – Provide the Student Support Team (SST) Coordinator with
     information on which to base the initial summary statement of the
     problem, strategies that have worked or not, and provides the
     student’s areas of strengths and preferences.
   – Information used to make initial summary statements and to jump
     start the brainstorming process for possible support plan strategies.
• Who completes
   – Part one is completed by concerned staff or a family member
     requesting student support.
   – Requesting support based on early concerns is encouraged.
   – Part two is completed by a designated person who has access to
     student records.
                  PART THREE
• Purpose
   – Formatted to be used by the SST leader for the first team meeting.
   – (a) summarize the statement of the problem, the predictor
     situations that set off the problems and the consequence that is
     maintaining the problem behavior,
   – (b) establish a team accuracy rating of the problem statement, and
   – (c) determine next steps for behavior support planning.
• Who completes
   – Part three is completed by the meeting recorder. Part three also
     serves as an action plan for next steps and a record of the process
     and decisions.
              PART FOUR
• Purpose
  – Formatted to be used by the SST to develop a
    behavior support plan based on functional
    behavioral assessment results.
  – Provides a template for behavior support
    planning and evaluation.
• Who completes
  – Part four is completed by one of the student
    support team members.
                                   Individualizing Student Support
                                      Staff or family member has concern about student

                                             Student Support Team meets.
                                       Student information is summarized & brief
                                      functional behavioral assessment summary
                                                statement is developed.
       Get more information
                Problem Beh
       FACTS                                                                                Is there a
       Student Guided Interview     no                 Is the                               targeted
       Direct Observation(s)
                                                        summary          yes                 intervention
                                                        statement                            that will work/          yes
                                                        accurate?                            fit for the
       Conduct full Functional
       Behavioral Assessment

       Hold team meeting to                                                                no
       refine summary
       statement and rate the
       accuracy of the
       summary statement                                                       Designate a team of people to
                                                                               develop, implement and monitor an
                                                                               individualized behavior intervention

              Is there
                                   Student Support Team reviews data &                                  Determine
                                   adjusts plan as needed every 2-4 weeks                               implementation
                                                                                                        & monitoring
Continue                                                                                                plan
plan with

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