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Physical Development Middle Childhood 7-10 years


									Physical Development
  Middle Childhood
     7-10 years
    ECE 313 Fall 04
           Primary Years
 Discussion:
  – How have children changed physically
    during the primary years?
  – What are they able to do well now that
    they were just learning before
  – Be able to determine whether physical
    milestones are normal development or
    abnormal development.
 What  major health problems affect
  children physically?
 What is the leading health problem in
  young children?
 What is the fasting growing health
  problem in young children? Why?
 What does poverty have to do with
  health issues in children?
 How does health effect schooling?
 What can we do as teachers to
  ensure children are healthy?
         Injury and Violence
 What   is the leading cause of injury in
  an elementary school environment?
 Is violence a factor in children’s
  growth and development? How and
  – Resilient children
        Motor development
 Brain-motor connections
 Dynamic systems theory- motor,
  cognition and behavior are linked.
           Play in primary
 Roleplay scenarios
 Board meeting
  – Teachers, parents, administrators,
    school board
  – Discussions of taking recess out of
  – Some of you will be for it some against.
  – Your goals is to convince others for or
          Why is play important?
   Types
    – Functional Play
         Organization   and role assignments
         Turntaking

         Realism

    –   Rough and tumble
    –   Pretend Play
    –   Games with rules
    –   Teasing
    –   Rituals
            Threats to play
 Television

 School   Policy
       Physical Challenges
 Should  children with special physical
  needs be included in physical
  activity? Why? How?
  – Behavior vs learning disorders
  – How can we accommodate ADHD in our
            MAJOR PAPERS
 Questions?

 Dates
  – 11/16
  – 11/23
  – 11/30
  – 12/7
  – 12/14
               EXAM I
 Next week-
 Spend first part of class on infant
  cognitive development.
 Second part on exam

 Do not need scantron

 What questions do you have from
  the review?

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