boyfriend by dandanhuanghuang


									                                                                                              Finley 1

Carla Finley

Dr. Grate

Comp 1. / Paper 1

30 September 2011


       As I sat in that room face-to-face with James trying to pay attention to the words coming

out of his mouth, I felt hurt and betrayed. Two years ago I would have never thought I would be

in this situation. James was my best friend; my heart; my world. I could not picture myself

without him. I knew we would have a great relationship and he would not do anything to hurt

me. Sitting there listening to “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I will never do it again,” I could not

believe this happened to me.

       Just a few hours earlier I was sitting on my couch, eating popcorn and watching Family

Guy on the television. Then my door bell ranged and it was my friend Patricia as usual. We

always had “girl talks” from time to time. Little did I know she had something to tell me that

would change my life. I invited here in and we both began to watch television without saying one

word to each other. Awkward silence. Then Patricia broke the silence and slowly said, “ I saw

James with another girl last night.” My heart dropped a thousand feet and my eyes widened in

disbelief. Patricia went on to say that she was at her boyfriend’s house and James came over with

another girl. They all talked for a while then James took the girl into a bedroom. After I heard

this my whole world stopped for a few seconds. Everything disappeared. No television; no

couch; no Patricia, nothing. In this empty I heard myself saying, James King cheated on me? No,

this has to be a dream! Then I snapped back into reality and suddenly big salty tear drops rolled

down my face as I looked at the blank wall in front of me. I did not even bother to wipe the tears
                                                                                               Finley 2

away. I felt my heart pounding uncontrollably against my chest and the tip of my foot began to

bounce up and down against the floor. Patricia tried to comfort me and told me not to waste my

tears over him and that I deserved better. No matter how much I wanted to stop crying the tears

continued to come. My whole world had turned upside down in a matter of moments.

       As much as I did not want to say anything else to James I knew I had to end this

relationship. So I dialed his number and as the phone ranged all the sadness left me. I became

filled with anger. I could not believe I wasted two years of my life being a loving, faithful, and

true girlfriend. All I got in return was cheated on. How could he choose to hang out with her?

Why was he not with me? I hated him! Then James said, “Hello.” Now all my anger turns into

nervousness. Not a word would come out my mouth. Speechless, I did not know how to confront

him. I finally said hello and my nervousness quickly turned back into anger. I yelled through the

phone “Since you chose to hang with her last night then you can have her. I am done with you!”

Then I hung up the phone and tears began to stroll down my face once again. A few moments

later James called back and said it was nothing like that; the girl was just his friend. I guess he

expected me to believe that. I told him there was no way that they were just friends and I still did

not want to be with him. James suggested we talk face-to-face and I agreed.

       Now James was knocking on my door so he could explain himself in person. At first I

just sat there and pretended like I did not hear a sound. Then the knock got a little bit louder so I

took a deep breath and started walking towards the door as I rolled my eyes to the back of my

head. I slowly dragged my feet one in front of the other until I finally reached the door. Standing

there looking at the black curtain that covered the window on the door I wanted to turn around

and leave James outside. I wanted James to feel like I felt. Neglected. When I finally opened the

door my eyes fell to the ground. I could not even look at James at that moment. I turned around
                                                                                             Finley 3

and walked towards the chair leaving the door open for James to walk in. We both sat in silence

for a while so I asked why he was with that girl in the first place.

        “She texted me and said she wanted to hang out. So I went to her house and picked her

up,” James replied.

        My whole world stopped again. Did he really think it was okay? I came back to reality

and I was infuriated! My lips were pressed together and my nostrils flared widely.

        I yelled out, “Why did you go get her in the first place! Why would you mess up

something good over a worthless female!”

        “I don’t know why I went to go get her. She’s just a friend dang,” James replied.

        In a trembling voice I said, “I was the only person here for you. After all we have been

through you chose to do me wrong. I gave you my heart and all you did was play with it. I

should have never given you a chance in the first place!”

        I felt tears began to build up in my eyes and I told James to leave, but he resisted. He

looked me in my eyes and said, “I am so sorry. I love you with all my heart and I didn’t mean to

hurt you. You mean so much to me so please don’t leave me!”

        Tears streamed down my face as I looked into his eyes. As much as I wanted to take him

back; I knew I could not do it. I asked James to leave again and he slowly got up, dragging his

feet towards the door. Once he reached the door he turned around with pain in his eyes and said

“I’m sorry” and then he left.

        The relationship between James and I was different from my other relationships with

boys. The longest relationship I had ever been in was with James, which was two years. Being

with him for so long it eventually felt like he was the other half of me. So when he cheated on

me it felt like I lost a piece of me.
                                                                                                 Finley 4

        James broke my heart that day I found out he cheated on me. I put all my trust in a boy

and got hurt in the end. So I had to end to end the relationship. I never thought that someone I

spent so much time with would do me wrong. I was down and depressed for a couple weeks

about the situation, but then I realized this is a part of life. I am just a teenager and boys will

come and go. I have a whole life ahead of me so I should not let one boy bring me down. Now I

know that what does not kill me will only make me stronger. Boys should not and will not be my

first priority. I need to put myself first and the right one will come along.

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