AN ew Housing Development on The Balvine Estate by n7uME0Gi


									A New Community Development on
       The Balvine Estate
   Commonwealth of Dominica

Twenty new houses, comprising of approximately ½ acre (22,000 sq ft) lots,
will be built on the flat lands of the Balvine Estate.

This ten acre area sits about 100 feet above sea level and offers wonderful
west facing views over Prince Rupert’s Bay, one of the Caribbean’s finest
natural harbours. The east view is just as breath taking with Mourne Balvine
rising majestically to over 600 feet and which is “home” to a colony of parrots.
There is an abundance of mature trees and shrubs.

The schools, shops, medical facilities, banks etc of Portsmouth (Dominica’s
second town) are about five minutes away and both Canefield and Melville
Hall airports are only 25 miles away.

The climate is very agreeable, being several degrees cooler than experienced
in the south of the island. Typical average daytime temperatures of 32C
(90F) contrast with the pleasant evening temperatures of 23C (72F). The
cool evening mountain breezes make air conditioning un-necessary.

There is a general feeling of peace and quiet about the area – far away from
the noise and bustle of the capital Roseau. A Covenant to prevent anti-social
activities will ensure that you and your like mined neighbours will be able to
enjoy a wonderful quality of life in this community.

An active local economy, partly driven by the successful Ross Medical School,
has resulted in this area being very much sort after.

The History
In the late eighteenth century Balvine, owned by L. Rose and Company, was
one of the largest estates in Dominica occupying many square miles. The
main crops, which were exported, were limes, cocoa beans and coconuts.

At the turn of the century the business was sold to Folley and Barnes who
became the first company to export bananas from the Caribbean and then
resold to Geest who ran the business until the 1970s. The Estate was then
split up into smaller portions and sold to local farm workers/local people. The
main house, together with the remaining land, was purchased by Dominican
Carpets Limited.

Local Amenities
Prince Rupert Bay – only a mile away – offers a combination of safe swimming
and sailing together with various other water sports. There are many SCUBA
diving and snorkelling sites dotted around the coast within a short distance.
Swimming is also possible in the various natural water holes that exist in the
Picard river that forms part of the boundary of the Estate less than a mile

There is easy access to various local tourist attractions, such as the Indian
River and the Cabrits National Park.

The Houses
Although the generous minimum of ½ acre per lot will ensure privacy,
additional land is available if requested.

The use of modular designs results in houses having good “value for money” –
especially when you compare the total price being demanded by other

There is a basic choice of two main house designs:-

       Single storey house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms

       Two storey houses with four bedrooms and three bathrooms

All houses have large verandas and have been designed to make maximum
use of the natural breezes.

Turnkey packages are available to let you select and adapt the design of the
houses to reflect your personal preferences.

Houses come complete with piped drinking water, private drainage, electricity,
telephone, cable TV and high speed broad band internet access. All cables
and pipes are buried in the ground.

A special area has been set aside for the development of a resource that will
be exclusively for the benefit of this community. Current plans indicate that a
tennis court or swimming pool would be most popular.
The Builders
Super Wood Products have been trading in Dominica for about twelve years
and have a track record of success. Houses make extensive use of hard
woods where, unlike concrete, they never get hot and stuffy. Modern
computer generated designs results in houses that are just as strong as
concrete and have an expected life span of up to 100 years.

The main Super Wood Products factory is less than one mile from this

The Promoters
This development is being promoted by Newco, a company jointly owned by
Dominican Carpets Ltd and Super Wood Products Ltd.
27th November 2002

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