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					        Issues to be considered
      for Strengthening the AFP:
Development of Structure & Mechanism

    Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia
     Yogyakarta, 30 August 2004
Partners of AFP are governments,
intergovernmental organizations, business,
academia, and civil society.
AFP has convened 3 meeting in Tokyo
(November 2002), Yogyakarta (July 2003), and
Kisarazu (November 2003).
The objectives of AFP are focusing on countering
illegal logging, preventing and fighting forest fire,
and rehabilitating and reforesting degraded forest.
Some partners are criticisms that AFP is too loose, no
standardized procedures to become an active partner,
unclear mechanism for goals implementation and decision
making process, and lack of financial commitment
An issue of permanent secretariat has also discussed by
partners but there is still no clear decision made.
This paper try to propose options to refine and
operationalise the AFP goals and objective and the
mechanisms for its implementations, as well as a
background information for deliberating question on what
are benefits of the AFP.
Options for Structure & Modality

Comparative advantage of AFP                   a multi-
stakeholder equal partnership; flexibility; and
A need to expand the partnership to a broader
international community.
A need to establish a unit to communicate and facilitate
permanently or similar to permanent secretariat
The (slim) Secretariat is to cover duties optimally
without working over-load and over-resources used, and
to manage by two–equal–co-facilitators.
  Options for Structure & Modality
Role of partners of the AFP:
  All partners have equal right and obligation
  new incoming partner(s) will have to inform to the
  Secretariat prior to the next (regular) meeting.
  A Partner may withdraw from the AFP at any time
  by giving written notice to the Secretariat, to be
  announced during the next meeting.
  appoint one or more focal point(s) for one partner.
  The focal points will disseminate information
  obtained from the Secretariat and/or the AFP
   Options for Structure & Modality
Role and Tasks of Secretariat are:
  Facilitating membership arrangement;
  Assisting regular meeting of the AFP and other related meeting
  Facilitating work plan preparation, reviewing, and
  Facilitate funding sourcing, especially for seed funding;
  Managing daily activities of the AFP;
  Preparing statement and recommendations for regular meeting;
  Sharing of information and experiences on partners’ respective
  national and bilateral initiatives;
  Formulating any collaborative measures which of in the interest
  of partners;
  Monitoring & evaluating the AFP progress of activities;
  Options for Structure & Modality
The (permanent) secretariat
  has to report to partners through regular meeting
  of AFP
  should be supported by the partners both
  technically and financially in its activity
  is communicated regularly and intensively with
  partners through their focal points
  Supported regular meeting of the AFP which
  convened at least once a year hosted by one (or
  more) partner in a country where the said
  partner(s) are located.
   Activities and Geographic Scope
The scope of activities of the AFP
  National initiatives
  Bilateral and/or multilateral cooperation/initiatives
  Regional cooperation/initiatives
Three categories activities of the AFP
  Category 1: Low-key information sharing and dialogue;
  Category 2: Active, action-oriented information exchange;
  Category 3: Taking action together, commitment of resources,
  supported by information exchange
AFP has agreed to focus its objective on:
  Measures to combat illegal logging and its associated trade
  Prevention of forest fires
  Rehabilitation and reforestation of degraded forest
Activities and Geographic Scope
Some work plans have been presented during the
third meeting of AFP.
Only few work plans have been implemented.
Others are not fully implemented due to lack of
financial support.
NEED further discussion and clarification       a
mechanism to refine, adopt, and implement the
work plans
   Activities and Geographic Scope
Work plan mechanism
 Simple without avoiding comprehensive assessment
 Assessed and reviewed by secretariat
 Approved at the regular meeting
 Preparation, review, consultation, and implementation are
 carried out by work plan proponent, the secretariat, and the
 regular meeting.
 The secretariat and/or the regular meeting have to be sure
 will have donor’s candidate to sponsor its implementation.
The effective implementation will depend
entirely on the availability of funds.
Seriously consider an establishment of trust
fund or (at least) in securing seed funding
It can be generated from partners
contribution as well as grant from donor(s).
The Fund is daily accounted by the
As a cooperation forum, AFP is:
  able to provide direction and recommendation for
  partners to carry out concrete activities individually,
  bilaterally, or as a group.
  to perform its functions to coordinate, mobilize
  resources, and evaluate the progress
  expected to become a pressure group in addressing
  issues at national as well as international levels.
       The most sensible option to activate the AFP is by
           formalizing the AFP mechanism and structure,
     including establishment a permanent secretariat and
                         trust fund (and also seed funding).
A (rough) draft of PARTNERS
ANNOUNCEMENT or whatever has been
structured as attached explaining options to refine
and operationalise the AFP goals and objective
and the mechanisms for its implementations.
The draft need to be discussed during this
workshop, and whenever possible the workshop
has to assign specific partners to finalise the draft
before it can be presenting and adopting at the 4th
Meeting of AFP.
Thank you

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