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									Khaje Nasir Hall: Wednesday, 16 April 2008
              Time                                                                               General Meeting
            8.00-9.00                                                                           Cards Distribution
           9.00-10.300                                                                          Opening Ceremony
                                                         Chairs: Ebrahim Amini,       Bagher Larijani, Daniel Wikler
          10.300-11.00                                                                            Coffee Break
             Time                                 lecturer                            Country                                     Topic of the lecture
           11.00-11.20          Ebrahim Amini                                          Iran           Juridical & ethical responsibilities in medical ethics
           11.20-11.40          Bagher Larijani                                        Iran           Medical Ethics in Iran: a two decade review
           11.40-12.00          Daniel Wikler                                         U.S.A.          Population-Level Bioethics: A Research Agenda
           12.00-12.30          Discussion
           12.30-13.30                                                                      Praying & Lunch Time

Khaje Nasir Hall: Wednesday, 16 April 2008
                                                        Medical Ethics: Islamic and Other Religions' Perspectives (1)
                 Chairs: Sayyed Housein Fattahi Masoum,Mohammad Mohammadian, Hamid Reza Ayatollahi, Shahin Avani, Heitham Alkhayat, Darryl Macer
          Time                            lecturer                          Country                                            Topic of the lecture
       13.30-13.50        Mohammad Mohammadian                                Iran              Iranian - Islamic hospital: the Ideal hospital in considering medical ethics
       13.50-14.10        Hamid Reza Ayatollahi                               Iran              Interpretation of some issues in Islamic medical ethics
       14.10-14.25        Shahin Avani                                        Iran              The border of treatment, physical avariciousness & amendment
       14.25-14.40        Darryl Macer                                      Thailand            Implementation of UNESCO bioethics declaration in different cultures
       14.40-14.55        Heitham Alkhayat                                    Syria             The challenges: Indigenizing Medical Ethics
       14.55-15.10        Sayyed Housein Fattahi Masoum                       Iran              The role of Islamic medicine & physicians in globalization of medical ethics
       15.10-15.30        Discussion
       15.30-16.00                                                                              Coffee Break

                                                  Medical Ethics: Islamic and Other Religions' Perspectives (2)

                       Chairs: Abbas Ali Amid Zanjani, Saeed Tehrani , Thomas Eich, Irena Jillson, Jamal Saleh Jarellah, Farhat Moazam
       Time                          lecturer                         Country                                         Topic of the lecture
                    Abbas Ali Amid Zanjani                                             Medical Ethics: the viewpoint of Islam (assessment of a comprehensive
    16.00-16.20                                                         Iran
                                                                                       approach to medical ethics)
    16.20-16.40     Thomas Eich                                       Germany          Historical approach in teaching contemporary Islamic medicine
    16.40-17.00     Farhat Moazam                                     Pakistan         The challenge: Indigenizing Medical Ethics
    17.00-17.15     Peyman Chalapi                                      Iran           Approach of World religions to cloning and transgenic animals
    17.15-17.30     Irena Jillson                                      U.S.A.          Comparative health care ethics
    17.30-17.45     Saeed Tehrani                                       Iran           Assessment of one of the reasons of neglect in medical ethics
    17.45-18.00     Jamal Saleh Jarellah                            Saudi Arabia       Islamic medical ethics (looking at the roots)
    18.00-18.15     Mohammad Reza Mostafa Pour                          Iran           Juridical basis of medical ethics
    18.15 – 18.30   Mhamoud Motevassel Arani                            Iran           Medical ethics: Islamic and other religion's perspective
    18.15-18.45     Discussion

Khaje Nasir Hall: Thursday , 17 April 2008
                                                                          General Meeting
                                Chairs: Sadegh Larijani , Andrew Guestafson, Sayyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad, Mohammad Ali Shomali
             Time                                 lecturer                 Country                                       Topic of the lecture
           8.00-8.20            Sadegh Larijani                              Iran       Realism and moral obligation
           8.20-8.40            Andrew Guestafson                            USA        Ethics of the medicine business in the us: some current issues
           8.40-9.00            Sayyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad               Iran       Physician – patient financial relationship
           9.00-9.20            Mohammad Ali Shomali                         Iran       Islamic bioethics: a general scheme
           9.20-9.30            Discussion
                                                                            Coffee Break
                                                                 Philosophical Basis of Medical Ethics
                                   Chairs: Roberto Andorno, Byron Kaldis, Mohsen Javadi, Soroush Dabbagh, Shams Shariat Torbaghan
             Time                                 lecturer                 Country                                       Topic of the lecture
          10.00-10.20           Roberto Andorno                          Switzerland    The key role of human dignity in global bioethics
          10.20-10.40           Byron Kaldis                                Greece      Post human challenges to medical ethics. The need for metaphysical decisions to
                                                                                        ethical reasoning
          10.40-11.00           Mohsen Javadi                                Iran       The autonomy of an individual and it's limits in Islamic bioethics
          11.00-11.15           Soroush Dabbagh                              Iran       Principalism and particularism in medical ethics
          11.15-11.30           Housein Godazgar                             Iran       Social constructionism as an apt method in medical ethics training
          11.30-11.45           Mohammad Mehr Asa                            Iran       Principalism in medical ethics
          11.45-12.00           Ali Kazemi Saeed                             Iran       The role of identity in ethics
          12.00-12.30           Discussion
          12.30-13.30                                                                            Rest

                                                  Medical ethics & Islamic Jurisprudence
                  Chairs: Mohammad Mohammadi ReyShahri, Sayyed Abol-Hassan Navvab, Mohammad Naser Saghaye Bi-Rya,
                               Mohammad Mahdi Isfahani, Nikzad Isazadeh, Naser Kaadan, Mohammad Bakhtoma
       Time                            lecturer              Country                                        Topic of the lecture
    13.30-13.45   Mohammad Mohammadi ReyShahri                 Iran
    13.45-14.00   Naser Kaadan                                 Syria      Some of the muslim physicians achievements about medical ethics
    14.00-14.15   Sayyed Abol-Hassan Navvab                    Iran       The domains of medical ethics in Islam & West
    14.15-14.30   Mohammad Naser Saghaye Bi-Rya                Iran       A short review of the roots, goals, issues and domains of medical ethics in Islam
                  Mohammad Mahdi Isfahani                                 The Necessity of reviewing medical sciences educational program according to
    14.30-14.45                                                Iran
                                                                          the Islamic Jurisprudence
    14.45-15.00   Nikzad Isazadeh                              Iran       Medical ethics in "shieh" jurisprudence
                   Mohammad Bakhtoma                          Saudi
    15.00-15.15                                                           Relation between fighh and medicine
    1515-15.30    Discussion
    15.30-16.00                                                               Coffee Break
                                                          Medical Ethics & Law
                           Chairs: Shahab-oddin Sadr, Mahmoud Abbasi, Tahmoures Bashryeh, Omid Ali Ahmadi
       Time                         lecturer                 Country                                        Topic of the lecture
    16.00-16.20   Shahab eddin Sadr                            Iran       Assessment of legal Complains Regarding General Surgery
    16.20-16.40   Mahmoud Abbasi                               Iran       A comparative study of fee spreading responsibility in medicine
    16.40-17.00   Tahmoures Bashryeh                           Iran       The heritors authority in organ donation of Brain death patients
    17.00-17.15   Omid Ali Ahmadi                              Iran       Comparing the regulation process in simulation researches in different countries
    17.15-18.00   Discussion

Khaje Nasir Hall: Friday, 18 April 2008
                                                                      Organ Transplantation
                                             Chairs: Sayyed Mahmoud Taba-tabaei, Alireza Bagheri, Leonardo De Castro
                  Time                           lecturer               Country                                     Topic of the lecture
                8.00-8.20           Sayyed Mahmoud Taba-tabaei            Iran        Neurosurgical concepts in Brain death
                8.20-8.40           Alireza Bagheri Chimeh                Iran        In Defense of compensating organ donors
                8.40-9.00           Leonardo De Castro                 Philippines    Bioethics from below: vulnerable publication prospective on bioethics
                9.00-9.15           Saeed Bahaalou Houreh                 Iran        Kidney transplantation, is there any place for refugees?
                9.15-9.30           Marjan Laal                           Iran        Transplantation: Islamic review
               9.30-10.00                                                                 Coffee Break
                                          Chairs: Mohammad Housein Harirchiyan, Kiarash Aramesh, Gholam Reza Pourmand
                                    Mohammad Housein
               10.00-10.20                                             Iran         Brain death history and controversies
               10.20-10.40          Kiarash Aramesh                       Iran        Iranian Model of Kidney Transplantation: An Ethical Review
               10.40-11.00          Gholam Reza Pourmand                  Iran        Ethical considerations in kidney transplantation of Brain death patients
               11.00-11.15          Rubina Naqvi                        Pakistan      Ethics of organ transplants
               11.15-11.30          Hajar Kazemi                          Iran        Body organs donation in medical ethics
               11.30-12.00          Discussion
               12.00-14.00                                                            Praying & Lunch Time

Khaje Nasir Hall: Friday, 18 April 2008
                                                                          General Meeting
                                                             Chairs: Abdulaziz Sachedina, Michael Parker
                   Time                        lecturer                 Country                                 Topic of the lecture
                14.00-14.30         Abdulaziz Sachedina                   USA          Teaching Bioethics in Medical Programs in Iran
                14.30-15.00         Michael Parker                        UK
                15.00-15.30                                                              Coffee Break
                15.30-17.00         Closing Ceremony

Feyz Hall: Wednesday, 16 April 2008
                   Chairs: Sayyed Hassan Emami Razavi, Moslem Bahadori, Hassan Farsam, Soudabeh Joulaee. Alireza Yalda, Sayyed Masoud Khatami

            Time                         lecturer              Country                                         Topic of the lecture
         13.30-13.50        Sayyed Hassan Emami Razavi           Iran       Professionalism
         13.50-14.10        Moslem Bahadori                      Iran       Professionalism & medical ethics
         14.10-14.25        Hassan Farsam                        Iran       The pathology of pharmacy ethics
         14.25-14.40        Deelip Rohra                       Pakistan     Unethical marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan
         14.40-14.55        Soudabeh Joulaee                     Iran       An approach to patient's bill of right and applying it in Iran
         14.55-15.10        Mansoureh Moahammadi                 Iran       Professional appearance & code of dress in dentistry faculties in Iran
         15.10-15.30        Discussion
         15.30-16.00                                                                  Coffee Break
                                                                  Physician – Patient Relation
                    Chairs: Sayyed Zia-oddin Tabeie, Housein Dargahi, Reza Negarandeh, Abbas Monzavi, Sayyed Moayyed Alaviyan, Khosro Jadidi
            Time                         Lecturer              Country                                         Topic of the lecture
         16.00-16.20        Sayyed Zia eddin Tabeie              Iran       Multidimensional relation of physicians
         16.20-16.40         Mohammad Arbabi                     Iran       How to tell the bad news to patient & his / her significant others?
         16.40-17.00        Housein Dargahi                      Iran       Comparative study between patient's right charter of Iran and other countries
         17.00-17.20        Reza Negarandeh                      Iran       Patient's advocating & the necessity of considering national ethics principles for nurses
         17.20-17.35        Yasmin Wajahat                     Pakistan     Informed consent project at a public sector hospital in Pakistan
         17.35-17.50        Taraneh DorMohammadi Tousi           Iran       The most important patient's expectations of their physicians
         17.50-18.05        Alireza Nikbakht Nasr-Abadi          Iran       Necessary conditions of patients' bill of right in Iran: a phenomenological study
                            Behshid Garousi                                 The view of specialists and general practitioners about the patient-physician relation &
         18.05-18.20                                             Iran
                                                                            communication skills
         18.20-18.45        Discussion

Feyz Hall: Thursday, 17 April 2008
                                                                             Medical Errors
                                      Chairs: Alireza Milanifar, Fakhroddin Taghaddosi Nejad, Mohammad Sadegh Ahmadi Akhoundi
       Time                         lecturer                 Country                                            Topic of the lecture
    10.00-10.20   Alireza Milanifar                            Iran       Ethical consideration in judgment (legal procedures) & investigation of medical errors
    10.20-10.40   Fakhroddin Taghaddosi Nejad                  Iran       Ethical & legal issues of medical errors
                  Mohammad Sadegh Ahmadi Akhoundi                         Prevalence of orthodontic malpractice in propounded records in medical council based on votes
    10.40-10.55                                                Iran
                                                                          from primary & advanced committees
                  Nader Aghakhani                                         Study of ethical responsibility of nurses for medical errors report in educational hospital in
    10.55-11.10                                                Iran
    11.10-11.25   Nayyere Baghcheghi                           Iran       Reporting nursing errors
    11.25-12.30   Discussion
    12.30-13.30                                                                            Rest
                                                                      Medical Ethics and Psychiatry
                               Chairs: Ahmad Ali Nourbala, Mahdi Nasr Isfahani, Mohammad Omran Razzaghi, Sayyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei
       Time                         lecturer                 Country                                            Topic of the lecture
    13.30-13.50   Ahmad Ali Nourbala                           Iran       Human dignity in psychiatric ethics
    13.50-14.10   Mahdi Nasr Isfahani                          Iran       Mental health law
    14.10-14.30   Mohammad Omran Razzaghi                      Iran       Ethical considerations in addiction medicine
    14.30-14.50   Sayyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei                    Iran       Some Critria of medical ethics in Razi's "Al-Havi"
    14.50-15.05   Khodabakhsh Ahamadi                          Iran       The consultants rights in consultation & psychotherapy
    15.05-15.30   Discussion
    15.30-16.00                                                                       Coffee Break

                                                                   Ethics in Biomedical Research
                  Chairs: Reza Malekzadeh, Mohammad Farhadi, Mina Mobasher, Abdol - Mohammad Kajbaf - zadeh, Mohammad Vasei, Akbar Fotouhi
       Time                         lecturer                                                                  Topic of the lecture
    16.00-16.20   Reza Malekzadeh                           Iran       Acquiring informed consent of illiterate population for participation in descriptive studies
    16.20-16.40    Mohammad Farhadi                         Iran       Patients rights in clinical trials
    16.40-16.55   Ali Asghar Peyvandi                       Iran       Ethical considerations in medical studies
    16.55-17.10   Mina Mobasher                             Iran       Ethical codes in work with laboratory animals
    17.10-17.25   Amir Housein Khoda Parast                 Iran       Critical assessment of ethical guide of research
    17.25-17.40   Farhad Handjani                           Iran       Ethics in clinical trials: A true example of a WHO vaccine trial in Ethiopia
    17.40-18.00   Discussion

Feyz Hall: Friday, 18 April 2008
                                                                 Bringing Medical Ethics into Practice
                             Chairs: Ahad Faramarz Gharamaleki, Mostafa Ghaneie, Alireza Parsapour, Marzeyeh Vahid Dastjerdi, Esmat Barouti
          Time                       lecturer              Country                                              Topic of the lecture
                           Ahad Faramarz Ghara
        8.00-8.20                                            Iran       The role of strategic approach to professional ethics in medical ethics efficiency
        8.20-8.40          Mostafa Ghaneie                   Iran       Managing of practical role of ethics in medical sciences studies
        8.40-9.00          Alireza Parsapour                 Iran       Providing a practical model to evaluate the patient's right in hospital
        9.00-9.15          Sina Valeei                       Iran       The ICN code of ethics: challenges of application and transferring to Iranian nursing system
                           Sayyed Abol-ghasem Sajjadi
        9.15-9.30                                            Iran       Applying ethics in pharmacy
       9.30-10.00                                                                        Coffee Break
                    Chairs: Amir Hassan Hajtarkhani, Farhang Baba-Mahmoudi, Akbar Soltanzadeh, AbdolHousein RoholAmini NajafAbadi, Abbas Masjedi
       10.00-10.20         Amir Hassan Hajtarkhani           Iran       Ethics in research guide & practical security of it
       10.20-10.35         Akbar Soltanzadeh                 Iran       Medical ethics Issues in neurological patients
       10.35-10.50         Farhang Baba-mahmoudi             Iran       Medical ethics & infectious disease
       10.50-11.05         Mahdi Pasalar                     Iran       Challenges in male circumcision (comparing the ethical matters in Islam & other religions)
       11.05-11.20         Ali Akbar Morteza zadeh           Iran       Necessity of review in hospital provision relative to establishing hospital ethics committee
       11.20-12.00         Discussion
       12.00-14.00                                                                    Praying & Lunch Time

Attar Hall: Wednesday, 16 April 2008
                                                                          Ethics & Public Health
                            Chairs: Housein Malek-afzali, Abdallah Daar, Alireza Mesdaghi Niya, Irene Jillson, Alireza Marandi, Alireza Delavari
               Time                                  lecturer               Country                                   Topic of the lecture
            13.30-13.50              Housein Malek-afzali                     Iran       Ethical issues in public health
            13.50-14.10              Abdallah Daar                           Canada      Global health equity
            14.10-14.30              Alireza Mesdaghi Niya                    Iran       Ethical issues in environmental & occupational health
            14.30-14.50              Irene Jillson                           U.S.A.      Ethical issues in substance abuse
            14.50-15.05              Housein Hassaniyan Moghaddam             Iran       The insurances and ethical challenges in clinical wards
            15.05-15.30              Discussion
            15.30-16.00                                                                      Coffee Break
                                                                       Beginning of the Life Issues
                 Chairs: Mohammad Mahdi Akhoundi, Mohsen Moeini, Abedin Moemeni , Ali Abbasi, Ryuich Ida, Gholam ali Seyfi, Mohammad Safaei
               Time                                  lecturer               Country                                   Topic of the lecture
            16.00 - 16.15            Mohsen Moeini                            Iran       Development of fetus, beginning of life
                                     Mohammad Mahdi Akhoundi                  Iran       Report of the expert meeting on legal and ethical issues of human embryo
            16.15 - 16.30
            16.30 - 16.45            Ryuich Ida                               Japan      Ethical consideration on recent stem cell research for regenerative medicine
            16.45 - 17.00            Fatemeh Sadat Nayyeri                     Iran      Medical ethics and beginning of the life issues
            17.00 - 17.15            Gholam ali Seyfi                          Iran      Civil rights on the beginning of life
            17.15 - 17.30            Sayyed Morteza Ghasemzadeh                Iran      The beginning of the lifetime and it legal impression
                                     Abedin Moemeni                            Iran      Kinhip of the human being with nature, the origin of the unity of life and its
            17.30 - 17.45
                                                                                         relevant rights
            17.45 - 18.00            Sadra Sadeh                              Iran       Life levels and its ethical outcomes
            18.00 - 18.15            Ali Abbasi                              U.S.A       The endless rules of medical ethics
            18.15 - 18.30            Discussion

Attar Hall: Thursday, 17 April 2008
                                                                     Medical Ethics Education
                       Chairs: Mohammad Housein Niknam, Fariba Asghari, Abbas Shafiee, Azim Mirzazadeh, Bahram Eynollahi, Housein Keshavarz
            Time                            lecturer            Country                                            Topic of the lecture
         10.00-10.20           Mohammad Housein Niknam             Iran        Medical ethics education & social determinates of health
         10.20-10.40           Fariba Asghari                      Iran        Revision of medical ethics educational program in general medicine course
         10.40-11.00           Abbas Shafiee                       Iran        Teaching & learning pharmaceutical code of ethics in pharmacy students
         11.00-11.20           Azim Mirzazadeh                     Iran        Patients' participation in clinical education: duty or help?
         11.20-11.35           Amir Mostafa Jafari               Pakistan      Training health care professionals in biomedical ethics in Pakistan: An innovation
         11.35-11.50           Behzad Maghsoudi                    Iran        Medical codes in education of intubations & IV line therapy to medical students
         11.50-12.05           Azam Khorshidi                      Iran        Ethics education in dentistry
         12.05-12.30           Discussion
         12.30-13.30                                                                             Rest
                                                                          Resource Allocation
                                   Chairs: Rahmatollah Hafezi, Ali Jafariyan, Keyhan Parsi, Farid AbolHassani, Ali Arab Kheradman
            Time                            lecturer            Country                                            Topic of the lecture
         13.30-13.50           Rahmatollah Hafezi                  Iran        Justice (equity) in resource allocation
         13.50-14.10           Ali Jafariyan                       Iran        Ethical Considerations in Organ Allocation for Transplantation
         14.10-14.30           Keyhan Parsi                      U.S.A.        Preparing Medical Students for the World: Service learning and global health justice
         14.30-14.50           Alireza Shabanzadeh                 Iran        The Belmont report & justice (equity) in medical ethics
         14.50-15.30           Discussion
         15.30-16.00                                                                       Coffee Break

                                                            End of Life Issues
                          Chairs: Ali Kazemyan, Amir abbas Ali Zamani, Homayoon Hemmati, Nahid Dehghan Nayyeri
        Time                     lecturer          Country                                            Topic of the lecture
     16.00-16.15    Ali Kazemyan                     Iran        Medical Futility
     16.15-16.30    Amir abbas Ali Zamani            Iran        The meaning of a meaningful life
     16.30-16.45    Homayoon Hemmati                 Iran        Euthansia moral philosophy perspective
     16.45-17.00    Nahid Dehghan Nayyeri            Iran        Policies of ending the life in different cultures
                    Mahdi Aghili                                 Assessment of the attitude of patients with cancer & their family members about telling
     17.00-17.15                                     Iran
                                                                 the truth
                    Abdol- Rasoul Kashfi                         Philosophical analysis of physiologic suffering in near death patients & it's importance in
     17.15-17.30                                     Iran
                                                                 medical ethics
     17.30.-18.00   Discussion

`Attar Hall: Friday, 18 April 2008
                                                                  Genetics & New Technologies
                                       Chairs: Michael Parker, Daryoush Farhoud, Javad Tavakoli Bazzaz, Hassan Abolghasemi
           Time                     lecturer               Country                                            Topic of the lecture
         8.00-8.20        Michael Parker                    U.S.A.     Ethics in genetic testing
         8.20-8.40         Daryoush Farhoud                  Iran      Ethical issues in medicine & biology
          8.40-8.55       Regi M Cherian                   Sweden      Ethics of Nano bio-technology
          8.55-9.10       Nazafarin Ghasemzadeh             Iran       Ethical challenges in new technologies of fertilization
          9.10-9.25       Javad Tavakoli Bazzaz             Iran       Ethical issues in medical genetics
         9.30-10.00                                                                  Coffee Break
                                         Chairs: Mohsen Khosh neyyat, Abdol Hassan Kazemi, Bita Amani, Rasoul Dinarvand
        10.00-10.15       Nasim Aali Daee                    Iran      Ethical challenges in nonomedicine
        10.15-10.30       Mohsen Khosh neyyat Nikoo          Iran      Therapeutic potential of stem cells in the treatment of diabetes mellitus: ethical consideration
                          Bita Amani                                   Defining E-Topia: emerging internet privacy issues and the challenge posed to protecting
        10.30-10.45                                        Canada
                                                                       genetic (health) information
        10.45-11.00       Mansoureh saniee                   Iran      Research on Embryo Stem Cells & Ethical Considerations
        11.00-11.15       Sahar Zarrin                       Iran      Ethical challenges in bioinformatics
                          Mohammad Housein Shoja                       Ethical challenges & solutions in genetic tests
        11.15-11.30                                          Iran
        11.30-11.45       Abdol Hassan Kazemi                Iran      The concept of family structure & it's domain in human cloning
        11.45-12.00       Ali Asghar Fallahi                 Iran      Ethics & doping in genetics
        12.00-12.30       Discussion


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