Ariga Bamboo by dandanhuanghuang


									Ariga Bamboo (Princess Pat)                              Click here to hear this song
This is a repeat after me song
The princess Pat, lived in a tree, she sailed across, the 7 seas,
she sailed across, the channel 2, she brought with her, ariga bamboo… chorus
ariga bamboo, now what is that, it’s something made, by the princess pat,
it’s red and gold, and purple too, that’s why it’s called, ariga bamboo
now Capt. Jack, had a mighty fine crew, he sailed across, the channel 2,
but his ship sank, and yours will too, if you don't bring, ariga bamboo… chorus
The Princess Pat, saw Captain Jack, She reeled him in, and brought him back,
She saved his life, and his crew's too, And do you know how, with ariga bamboo…
Now Capt Kirk, he was no jerk, and Mr. Spock, he was no jock
But his ship flew, and yours will too, if you bring, ariga bamboo… chorus
The moral of, this story is, If you want, your ship to sail
always bring, ariga bamboo, ariga bamboo, ariga bamboo… chorus
the princess pat Egyptian hand movement & hips
lived in a tree Arms over head, Like a tree bough
she sailed across make wave with hand
the 7 seas hold up 7 fingers
the channel 2 hold up 2 pointer fingers
she brought with her sling bag over shoulder
ariga bamboo hands wave down over hips
it’s red and gold hand on right hip
and purple too hand on left hip
that’s why it’s called cups hands around mouth
now Capt. Jack stand at alert
had a mighty fine crew salute
but his ship sank hold nose and move body down
and yours will too point out and hold up 2 fingers
She reeled him in reel in a line
The song and music are is the song of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Princess Patricia of
Cannaught was the daughter of a Governor General of Canada 1911-1914 and a grand-daughter of
Victoria and Prince Albert. The rigabamboo is correctly the Regimental Camp Colour, affectionately
known by
the Princess Pat's as "The Ric-a-dam-doo".

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