daily oral language unit 2

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					2.1   DAY 1

1. Give the plant some water

2. put it in a snny place.

3. then it will grow very fast

*** Look at the picture on pg.
156-157. Write about what you
2.1   DAY 2

1. The class is going to the zoo.

2. i will go, too.

3. the trip will be funn, my teacher

*** Imagine going to a new
school in a different country.
Would it be hard to make new
friends? Why?
2.1   DAY 3

1. I went to a big farm near
Omaha Nebraska

2. my cousins live there?

3. they keep duucks on their farm

*** What does it mean to be a
2.1   DAY 4

1. We put lettuce tomatoes and
squash in the salad.

2. The red yellow and green colors
made the salad look pretty.

3. There was enough salad for
Mom Dad and me.

*** Write about someone who is
your hero.
2.1   DAY 5

1. Rick planted corn beans and

2. jane planted daisies mums, and

3. They used a shovel a hoe and a

*** Write a new ending to the
read aloud "Grandma's
2.2   DAY 1

1. the dog likes to sleep!

2. other dogs bark loudly!

3. the dogs cats and rabbits are
safe in the shelter

*** Look at the picture on pg.
196-197. Write about what you
2.2 DAY 2
1. We saw a nesst with three small
bird in it.

2. My sister said, Let’s help the

3. My aunt said, No, we should not
touch them.

*** Imagine you are Senor
Garcia from "The Scent of
Bread". Why do you think the
judge is a hero.
2.2 DAY 3
1. Some whale do not have tooth.

2. Whale have a special material
in their mouth.

3. It is called baleen

*** Write about a privilege that
you are given at home.
2.2   DAY 4

1. The many light were too bright
for turtles.

2. The two child wanted to help
the turtles.

3. They asked the hotel to turn out
their lights.

*** What could you do to
become a local hero. What
would you do and why?
2.2 DAY 5
1. I went to the city with my two

2. We visited two museum.

3. The roses in the garden had
new bud.

*** In the read aloud "Max",
how did ballet help him become
a better baseball player?
2.3   DAY 1

1. Dr. Wilson works at two
different hospital.

2. She fixes broken bone.

3. She enjoys helping people

*** Look at pg. 232 - 233. Write
about what you see.
2.3   DAY 2

1. I broke two finger.

2. The doctor wrapped them up for
six week.

3. I was very happy when they felt

*** Imagine you are a firefighter.
Write about what you would do
during an emergency.
2.3   DAY 3

1. Dr. Douglas works with two

2. They help her with all the

3. I like them all

*** Write a newspaper article
that tells about something that
may have happened during a
firefighter's day at work.
2.3   DAY 4

1. We went to the dentist

2. He gave us two toothbrushs.

3. He also gave us two boxes of

*** Why do you think a
firefighter's job is important?
2.3   DAY 5

1. A hospital has many worker.

2. They all have different job.

3. i would like to work in a hospital.

*** Think of "No Dragons for
Tea". Write a short poem about
a fire safety rule.
2.4   DAY 1

1. Jeremy and Pam found two

2. How cute! Jeremy said.

3. They will need food water and a
good home, Pam said.

*** Look at pg. 244-245. Write
about what you see.
2.4 DAY 2
1. The mother chimps babies are
called infants.

2. One infant ate her brothers

3. It was a funny sighte!

*** Write about a family member
that is a hero to you. Why is
that person a hero?
2.4 DAY 3
1. most of the hens’ egg hatched

2. none of the three ducks’ egg

3. one hens’ chick were noisy.

*** What physical activities do
you do on the weekends?
2.4   DAY 4

1. The three fox were hard to spot.

2. Two of them were young kit.

3. Watch out for wilde animals, the
ranger said.

*** Write about something you
would like to change or
conquer. How would you do it?
Why would you do it?
2.4   DAY 5

1. mr brown is an expert on turtle

2. he has worked with turtle snake
and lizard for many year

3. he came to share fact with my

*** Write a new ending for "A
Dress for the Moon".
2.5   DAY 1

1. John likes to ride horse.

2. He needs strong leg muscle to

3. Johns friends like to watch him
showw what he can do.

*** Look at pg. 282-283. Write
about what you see.
2.5 DAY 2
1. John blew the coachs whistle.

2. The runners feet sounded like

3. I saw the winners smile.

*** Imagine you have devised
the first telephone. Write a note
to a friend telling them about
you amazing new invention.
2.5   DAY 3

1. Carries swim team had a race.

2. The coachs whistle tolld her
when to start.

3. Her parent’s watched from the

*** Think of an ingenious
invention that you use every
day. Write about what your life
would be like without it for a
2.5   DAY 4

1. We went to two new store.

2. The shoe were all on sale.

3. We bought a red pair a black
pair and a white pair.

*** If you were going to devise a
machine named after yourself,
what would the machine do?
2.5   DAY 5

1. sally and mr conrad played

2. tim joined them.

3. mr conrads pitch were sloww.

*** Remember the story "So
You Want to Be an Inventor".
Write about an inventor or their
own idea for an invention.

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