The Difference Between Training and Coaching by 3XV6y0m


									The Difference Between Training, Coaching, and Mentoring

New business builders need the tools of a Shaklee Business, and an
explanation of “how to”, so they can be successful right from the beginning.
They will want to plug into the rhythm of the business. Do everything you
can to ensure their success.

      Do the First Step Training,
      Create Dream Book
      Develop Business Plan
      Marketing Training
      Study Shaklee University

As the relationship evolves, business builders need less “how to”, and more
support. This is where a coaching relationship is created.

The Intake session – to set up the coaching relationship
     Design the coaching relationship around the builder
     Lay the ground rules of the relationship
     Establish what the builder wants out of the coaching

Help builder clarify values and goals - so you know how to coach them
Ask empowering questions
      Open-ended questions that allow for inquiry instead of judgment
Listen from being in the other person’s world – not from your own
Support them in dealing with energy sappers – mental, emotional, physical
Help them manage “the gremlin” – the inner critic – the IT– don’t coach the
      gremlin, it is uncoachable!
Hold them accountable to their promises

After 3 months of coaching and the business associate becomes a Director,
your role changes to being a mentor – rather than coach. They are now
coaching their own business leaders, and you are their support when they
need it. You offer advice – but they are now accountable on their own, or to
a buddy.

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