The Coal Industry and WW1 by 3XV6y0m

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									  The Coal
Industry and
 Today we are learning
• The impact of WW1 on the British coal
• The changes to the coal industry after
   The Impact of WW1
• By the end of the first year of WW1 there
  was a huge drop in the amount of coal
  being mined in Britain.

             Can you think why this
             would be the case?
• Coal production decreased as a huge
  number of miners had volunteered to go
  and fight in the war.
• Despite this, coal was still greatly required.
  It was essential for the war effort.
                      To run

                                         Iron works
To power
                                          to make
                 Coal and

     To fuel homes               To run ships
  Solving the Problem
• Due to the huge decrease in coal
  production the government decided that IT
  would control the mines for the duration of
  the war, instead of the mine owners.
  • This is called NATIONALISATION.
Challenges to the Mining
• The British coal industry faced many
  problems after WW1.
  Cheap coal was being imported from
  Poland and Germany.
  Less coal was being exported (sent
  New types of fuel such as oil were being
      Industrial Action
• When the mines were returned to their former
  owners after WW1 there was conflict.
• Many miners preferred working for the government
  as their wages had been higher.
• Trouble heightened in the mid 1920s when owners
  tried to reduce wages and increase the working day.
• Miners went on strike over this. Their slogan was
  “not a minute on the day, not a penny off the pay.”
• Despite striking for 6 months during the May 1926
  General Strike, they were eventually forced to
  accept pay cuts and an increase in hours.
     Strikers outside
Prestonpans Colliery, 1926
 Miners receiving help from a
soup kitchen during the strike,
1. How did the government solve
   the problem of coal shortages
   during WW1?
2. What problems did the coal
   mining industry face after WW1?
   There are 3 to find.
3. Complete questions 8 to 13 from
   page 13 of your work guide.

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