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Business-Led NCE
Full Application Guide for
the 2008-09 Competition
A program to fund Business-Led NCEs (BL-             The 2008-09 Competition Budget is $46
NCE) is a key element of the federal                 million over a four-year period ($11 million
government’s Science and Technology (S&T)            2008-09, $11 million 2009-10, $12 million
Strategy. The main goal of the program is to         2010-11, $12 million 2011-12) and is
establish networks conducting research in            expected to fund up to five BL-NCE networks
strategic priority areas resulting in a long-term    over this period at an approximate level of $2
competitive advantage to consortia of                million per year.
Canadian firms, supported by networks of
academics and government researchers, in
support of the Entrepreneurial Advantage.            Summary
The BL-NCE Program is overseen by a tri-             The Business-Led NCE (BL-NCE)
agency steering committee (NCE Steering              Program
Committee) made up of the Deputy Minister of                Goal
Industry Canada, the Presidents of the three                Expected Results
granting agencies [Natural Sciences and                     Eligible Recipient Organizations
Engineering Research Council (NSERC),
                                                            Competition Budget and Size of
Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council (SSHRC), and Canadian Institutes of                 Grants
Health Research (CIHR)] and the President of                Eligible Expenses
the Canada Foundation for Innovation (as an
observer). The Steering Committee will make          Competition Process
the final funding decisions.                                Timetable
The Private Sector Advisory Board (PSAB)                    Program Criteria
will assess the economic and commercial                     Review and Decision Process
benefits and opportunities of each Network                  • Stage 1: Letter of Intent (LOI)
proposal and provide advice and funding                     • Stage 2: Full Application
recommendations to the Networks of Centres
of Excellence (NCE) Steering Committee. The          Guidelines for Completing a Full
PSAB will have input from an international           Application
peer review of the full proposals.
                                                            General Presentation
Day-to-day administration of the BL-NCE                     Submission Procedures
Program is provided by the NCE Secretariat.                 • Deadline
                                                            • Number of Copies

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                          Page 1
                                                        •   Creation, growth and retention of
Business-Led Networks of                                    companies in Canada that are able to
Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE)                              capture new markets with new
                                                        •   Accelerated      commercialization    of
Goal                                                        leading-edge technologies, goods and
                                                            services in priority areas where
The goal of the BL-NCE program is to fund
                                                            Canada can significantly advance its
large-scale      collaborative    networks    in
                                                            competitive advantage.
performing research to support private sector
innovation in order to deliver economic,                •   Creation of clear paths to market or
health, social and environmental benefits to                business applications for the proposed
Canadians        and     to    encourage     an             research.
Entrepreneurial Advantage. There is no                  •   Commercialization which positions
restriction on any Canadian industrial sector in            Canadian      firms    in    high-value
applying for a Network.           However, as               segments of the production chains.
established in the S&T Strategy and the                 •   Strengthening        of       domestic
Budget 2007, the research undertaken by the                 collaboration to ensure that benefits
proposed Networks must be in one or more of                 spill over to a wide array of firms,
the five priority research areas, namely:                   sectors and regions of the country.
    • Environmental science and
                                                     Eligible Recipient Organizations
    •   Natural resources and energy;                Organizations eligible to receive funds are
    •   Health and related life sciences and         not-for-profit consortia that represent the
        technologies;                                interests of private sector enterprises with
    •   Information and communications               substantial R&D operations in Canada, or the
        technologies; and                            potential to benefit from R&D (ideally
    •   Management, business or finance.             comprising both SME and large companies,
                                                     research providers and research-users).
Expected Results                                     These applicants may form research
                                                     partnerships with, or link with other networks
The BL-NCE Program goal is accomplished              of, Canadian academic, private sector or
by funding Business-Led world-class national         government researchers and innovators (as
research networks that are expected to yield         appropriate) to achieve their objectives.
the following benefits:
                                                     Funding provided for the direct costs of
Research-Related Benefits                            research activities incurred by for-profit
    •    Increased private sector R&D capacity       corporations participating in the network, or
         (including      among      SMEs)    and     performing the R&D under contract to the
         receptivity to the results of R&D.          network, will be awarded by the proponent
    •    Increased private sector investment in      through open requests for proposals and a
         R&D and advanced technologies.              competitive process.
    •    Strengthened public-private sector
                                                     Researchers and organizations that receive
         collaboration, including links between
                                                     BL-NCE funds must meet the general
         researchers and firms, to meet
                                                     eligibility requirements of at least one of the
         business needs by addressing the
                                                     three federal granting agencies supporting the
         significant research challenges.
    •    High quality graduate and postdoctoral
         training in innovative applied research,    As a condition of eligibility, organizations
         and increase the business skills and        receiving BL-NCE funds must have an
         know-how of the young researchers.          established Board of Directors responsible for
Commercialization–Related Benefits                   the approval of its annual financial reports and

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                            Page 2
Competition Budget and Size of                       1. Research Costs (up to fifty percent paid
                                                     from BL-NCE funds)
                                                     As a general guideline, the regulations of the
A total of $46 million is available for the 2008-    granting agencies regarding allowable direct
09 Competition ($11 million 2008-09, $11             research expenses will also apply to BL-NCE
million 2009-10, $12 million 2010-11,                awards. The direct costs of research include:
$12million 2011-12) and is expected to fund a           • Salaries       of    research   personnel
total of five BL-NCE networks over a four-year              (students,           PDFs        and/or
period at an approximate level of $2 million                technical/professional assistants);
per year.                                               • Equipment or facility (purchase or
                                                            rental, operation and maintenance
Multiple sources of funding for projects are
                                                            costs, and user fees);
expected. Total assistance being provided to
a project will be carefully monitored to ensure         • Materials and supplies;
all sources of funding do not exceed the                • Travel (conferences, field work,
eligible costs.                                             collaboration/consultation); and
                                                        • Dissemination costs (publication costs,
                                                            other activities).
Eligible expenses
                                                     The payment of stipends to students and
The BL-NCE program may provide funding for           postdoctoral fellows follows the regulations of
up to fifty percent of the total eligible direct     the granting agency under whose mandate
research costs, and up to seventy-five percent       the network research falls.
of other total eligible costs (as described
                                                     Please refer to the 2007 Tri-Agency Financial
below). Total federal government assistance
                                                     Administration Guide.
for eligible expenses of the Network shall not
exceed seventy-five percent. The balance of          nav&lbi=toc_fin
the funding must come from non-federal
sources.                                             2.    Networking,    administration    and
                                                     outreach costs in support of the operation
The balance of the funding can be made up
                                                     of the Network (up to seventy-five percent
of direct cash contributions, or cash-
                                                     paid from BL-NCE funds)
equivalent in-kind contributions, made to the
BL-NCE by the private sector. This funding
                                                     It is expected that the not-for-profit consortium
must be clearly indicated on the application
                                                     will provide the necessary infrastructure
                                                     required to support the operation of the
A discussion of eligible in-kind contributions is    proposed BL-NCE.
available on the granting agencies websites:
                                                        2.1 Administrative costs
NSERC:        •   Network Leader salary and benefits
                                                     The BL-NCE funds can be used to partially
CIHR:         support the salary and benefits of a Network
                                                     Leader who will undertake a leadership role to
Government scientists and researchers can
                                                     coordinate and direct the activities of the
not directly receive BL-NCE funds.
                                                     Network over the four-year funding period. A
All capital expenditures are ineligible.             maximum of $100,000 per year of BL-NCE
                                                     funds can be used to support the salary of this
The program will provide support for the             position. The final salary, which may be
following eligible expenditures:                     partially funded by industrial contributions, is
                                                     subject to the approval of the Network Board
                                                     of Directors. The salary support provided to

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                             Page 3
the BL-NCE Network Leaders must enable                  •   When a grantee is successful in
them to dedicate corresponding time to                      attracting other funding, the additional
network-related activities. The application                 funds do not displace the grant
should clearly demonstrate that the Network                 provided by the BL-NCE Program. The
Leader is prepared to put considerable time                 network will use the additional funds to
and effort into leading the proposed Network.               complement BL-NCE funded activities,
It is recommended that a minimum of seventy                 by conducting additional work, hiring
per cent of the Network Leader’s time be                    more research personnel, or by
devoted to the Network over the four years.                 widening the scope of its activities;
    •   Salaries and benefits for network staff.
    •   Contracting of professional services,           •   The network must have a control
        only where necessary; to provide                    framework to ensure that expenditures
        services and expertise not available                charged to its accounts are for the
        within the network.                                 purpose intended by the grant.
   2.2 Costs related to networking                   The current principles and practices related to
    •   Communications activities.                   stacking of assistance are as follows:
    •   Travel accommodation for network                •   Access to program funds should be
        personnel, researchers, and members                 fair for all applicants, regardless of
        of network boards and committees.                   their other sources of funding;
   2.3 Commercialization related costs
                                                        •   Applications are evaluated according
    •   Intellectual property: on an annual                 to the program’s selection criteria; and
        basis up to fifty percent of the total
        cost of protection for intellectual             •   Applicants must provide a statement of
        property resulting from network-funded              other sources of funding with their
        research.                                           application on an annual basis. There
    •   Market studies: subject to approval                 must be no duplication of funding for
        by the Board of Directors, market                   the same items. However, when
        studies to determine the market                     Networks are supported by multiple
        potential for a BL-NCE-generated                    sources, the additional benefits of BL-
        development or to determine the                     NCE support must be well explained
        appropriate         market(s)       for             and justified. The maximum level
        development.                                        (stacking limit) of total government
    •   Prototype development: subject to                   assistance for this program will not
        approval by the Board of Directors,                 exceed seventy-five percent of the
        provided that due diligence has been                costs being covered. In the event total
        used to find a partner to share in the              government assistance to a recipient
        costs of development, normally on a                 exceeds the stacking limit, it will be
        matching basis.                                     necessary for the relevant federal
                                                            agencies to adjust their level of
Stacking Provisions                                         assistance so that the stacking limit is
                                                            not exceeded.
Research funding is administered in the
following environment:                               The onus is on the applicant to provide
                                                     sufficient information to enable review
    •   For each approved grant, the BL-NCE          committees to evaluate the relationship with
        Program only funds a portion of the          other sources of support (held or applied for)
        amount requested due to financial and        and to recommend the appropriate NCE
        budgetary constraints. Because of this,      funding level. If adequate information to
        the networks are encouraged to seek          enable a selection committee to assess the
        other sources of funds to finance their      relationship to other research support is not

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                           Page 4
provided, then the committee can recommend           Competition Process
the reduction or cessation of funding.
                                                     Based on a review of the Letters of Intent
                                                     (LOI), selected applicants have been invited
Intellectual Property                                to submit full applications by the deadline of
                                                     August 19, 2008. Decisions reached by the
                                                     NCE Steering Committee are final. There is
The ownership and disposition of intellectual
                                                     no appeal process.
property,     arising   from   network-funded
research, must be governed by the
arrangements described in the Network                Timetable: 2008 Competition for
Agreement. Intellectual property resulting from      BL-NCEs
network funded research must be promptly
and concurrently disclosed by researchers to                Dates               Milestone
the not-for-profit consortium and the industry
liaison office of the employing or contracting        November 6, 2007
Dissemination                                                             Letter of Intent (LOI)
                                                      January 30, 2008
Normally, the results of research funded                                  deadline
through public sources must be published or                               Private Sector
otherwise disseminated to the community in a                              Advisory Board
timely manner.        Since the transfer of           March 2008          (PSAB) review of LOIs
knowledge and technology to the user sector                               and Steering
is of paramount importance in the BL-NCE                                  Committee Decision
program, it may be necessary to obtain
protection for intellectual property resulting                            Invitations for Full
                                                      May 2008
from network funded research prior to                                     Applications
disclosure in a public forum. Provision for
reasonable publication delays (usually not                                Full Application
                                                      August 19, 2008
exceeding      six    months),     or    other                            deadline
arrangements, may be made to avoid
jeopardizing the commercial potential through         September 2008      Expert Panel Review
premature disclosure.
                                                      November, 2008      Recommendation by
Sharing of Benefits and Costs                                             PSAB/Decision by the
Agreements made regarding the ownership of                                NCE Steering on
the intellectual property, resulting from                                 selected Networks
network-funded research, must take into                                   Funding released and
account the BL-NCE objective of creating              Early 2009          new BL-NCEs
partnerships. This implies a sharing of                                   announced
eventual benefits between the partners
commensurate          with    their   respective
contributions, as well as the sharing of costs
to protect the intellectual property.
The industrial partners' contributions to the
network must be recognized by allowing them
access to the commercial exploitation of the
intellectual     property      under       terms
commensurate with the nature and level of
their contributions.

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                               Page 5
Program Criteria                                            private sector to carry out and achieve
                                                            the research objectives;
To ensure that the program objectives are
met, proposals are assessed against the three           •   The ability of the private sector
selection criteria outlined below.                          partners to assist in the training, and
                                                            potential hiring, of innovative and
                                                            internationally competitive researchers
1. Benefits to Canada:                                      in areas and technologies critical to
    •   The extent to which the network will                Canadian       productivity,  economic
        contribute to increasing private sector             growth, public policy and quality of life.
        R&D capacity (including among SMEs)             •   The ability of the applicants to attract
        and receptivity to the results of R&D.              investment.
    •   The potential to strengthen public-          3. Strength of the Business Plan
        private sector collaboration, including
        links between young researchers and             •   Excellence, focus and coherence of
        firms, to address significant research              the research program.
        challenges that meet business needs.            •   The ability of the applicants to outline
    •   Likelihood that the network will provide            a clear path to market, or provide
        high-quality graduate and postdoctoral              business     applications    for,    the
        training in innovative research and                 proposed research.
        provide business skills.                        •   The extent to which the BL-NCE can
    •   Evidence that the network will lead to              leverage funding from partners and
        commercialization    benefits     that              other    government     and    non-
        position Canadian firms in the high-                government sources.
        value segments of production chains.            •   The likelihood that the BL-NCE will
    •   The opportunity offered by the network              stimulate support to continue beyond
        to create, grow and retain companies                the four-year funding cycle.
        in Canada that are able to capture new          •   The effectiveness of the plan to
        markets with new innovations.                       manage,      protect   and     exploit
    •   The opportunity to accelerate the                   intellectual property resulting from
        commercialization of leading edge                   network-funded research.
        technologies, goods and services in             •   The quality and appropriateness of the
        priority areas where Canada can                     proposed organizational structure with
        significantly advance its competitive               suitable representation on the Board of
        advantage in the global market.                     Directors and management team.
    •   The applicants’ ability to strengthen           •   Evidence that the applicants have in
        domestic        and        international            place an accountability framework
        collaborations and ensure that benefits             likely to result in effective leadership
        spill over to a wide array of firms,                and sound financial decision-making.
        sectors and regions of the country.
                                                     Review and Decision Process
2 Track Record and Potential of the
                                                     Stage 1: Letter of Intent
    •   The achievements of the applicants
        and their ability to lead and direct the     Applicants submitted Letters of Intent, which
        network’s research program.                  were assessed by the PSAB and the NCE
    •   Ability to identify and select the best      Steering Committee, who then decided on a
        possible     expert    researchers   in      recommended short-list of applicants who will
        academia, government and/or the              advance to Stage 2.

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                            Page 6
The names and affiliations of the members of         Guidelines for Completing a
the Private Sector Advisory Board have been
announced.                                           Full Application
                                                     Invited applicants are requested to submit full
Stage 2: Full Application                            proposals that will expand on the vision of
                                                     their sector’s shared needs over the next five
Networks advanced to Stage 2 will develop            to ten years, the major R& D and
full project applications.                           commercialization challenges and barriers to
Full applications will undergo review by Expert      that vision, and how the proposed network will
Panels established by the NCE Secretariat,           address these research challenges and
comprised of domestic and international              barriers to enhance their innovativeness and
experts, who will evaluate the project               competitiveness as described in their original
proposals, meet with applicants and produce          letters of intent. All partnership arrangements,
in-depth written assessments of the                  contributions and allocations of benefits (such
applications. The Private Sector Advisory            as intellectual property) among parties must
Board will read the full applications, review        be fully described for a proposal to be
each Expert Panel report, assess the                 considered complete.
comments from the parties consulted and
                                                     A full BL-NCE proposal consists of the
then recommend to the NCE Steering
Committee a short list of Networks for
approval and decision. Networks failing to be        I. A business/research plan addressing the
endorsed by Expert Panels as having the              BL-NCE selection criteria (including a detailed
potential to achieve excellence in their             proposed budget);
research or commercialization plan will not be
eligible for program funding.                        II. Biographies of the key individuals involved
                                                     with the Network.
Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the
projects, funding for a given Network may            III. Contribution Confirmation Letters and
come from more than one granting agency,             Summary of Contributions from the Industrial
and so the NCE Secretariat will be the primary       Partners.
point of interaction for all project applicants
throughout the life of their projects. Funding       The full proposal must be developed in
disbursements will be managed by the NCE             collaboration with relevant stakeholders.
Secretariat and disbursed to the recipient(s)        Industrial supporters must be prepared to
against a funding agreement under the legal          indicate their financial support in cash or in-
authority(ies) of the relevant granting              kind for the proposed BL-NCE.          Current
agency(ies) (NSERC, and/or SSHRC and/or              contribution letters (dated close to the
CIHR).                                               application date) indicating the level of
                                                     support must be included with the application.
The names and affiliations of the members of
the Private Sector Advisory Board, who also          Complete proposals received at the NCE
reviewed the CECR applications, have been            Secretariat by the established due date will
announced and are available at                       then undergo a consultation and assessment .                                      process. Proposals may be distributed by the
                                                     NCE Secretariat to relevant Science-based
                                                     Departments and Agencies (SBDA) to allow
                                                     them to provide a contextual briefing for the

                                                     Full proposals will be evaluated according to
                                                     the BL-NCE program criteria discussed

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                            Page 7
General Presentation                                       Section A: Summary Information
Print must be in black ink, of letter quality              Complete and sign Section A of the BL-NCE
(minimum standard), with no more than six                  2008-09 Full Application Form available on
lines per inch. The type size for fonts                    the NCE Web site at The
measured in points (pts) must be no smaller                following information must be provided:
than 12 pts. If measured in characters per
inch (cpi), it must be no more than 10 cpi.                   •   Network Leader: title, name, mailing
Condensed        type    is    unacceptable.                      address, telephone and fax numbers,
Use white paper, 8½ x 11 inches (21.5 cm x                        and e-mail address for the proposed
28 cm), with margins of 3/4 of an inch (1.75                      Network Leader. Proposals must
cm) minimum all around. Enter the title of the                    identify a single Network Leader;
BL-NCE at the top of every page and number                    •   Identification of the Not-for-Profit
the            pages            consecutively.                    Consortium: title of the incorporated
Graphs and illustrations may be included, but                     body or, if not yet incorporated at the
will count as part of the page limits set out                     time of submission of the full
below. Either single or double column                             application, the potential title. (Note:
presentation of text, graphs or illustrations is                  The not-for-profit consortium must be
acceptable. Any extra material will be                            incorporated before funding will be
removed.                                                          released.)
The Full      Application      must    include       the      •   Title: name and acronym of the
following:                                                        proposed Network (in both official
                                                                  languages) as it will be used for
                                                                  publication  and     communication
Book 1 Overview (bound – original                                 purposes.
plus thirty-five copies)
                                                              •   Keywords: up to ten keywords related
1.1 Covering letter (maximum two                                  to the proposed Network.
pages)                                                        •   Anticipated number of researchers:
A letter, signed by the proposed Network                          anticipated number of researchers
Leader and the President, or CEO, of the                          involved in Network activities at
consortium or one of the major contributing                       participating institutions that would be
private sector companies, should include the                      funded by the proposed Network
details of the not-for-profit consortium, or                      (including      graduate        students,
association, that proposes to lead and                            postdoctoral fellows and research
manage the network. This letter should outline                    associates).
the nature of anticipated support from the not-               •   BL-NCE Funds Requested and Total
for-profit consortium to the BL-NCE and the                       Industry    Cash      and      In-kind
expected support from industrial sponsors.                        Contributions: from section B.

The signatures on the letter should match the                 •   Signatures: The Network Leader and
signatures on Section A of the Application                        the Chair of the Board of Directors of
Form.                                                             the consortium or, if not yet
                                                                  incorporated, the President or CEO of
1.2 Full Application Form                                         one of the major contributing private
                                                                  sector companies.
Complete the BL-NCE 2008-09 Full
Application Form (Excel file) available on the             Section B: Budget allocation
NCE Website ( )
                                                              •   Use Section B of the BL-NCE 2008
                                                                  Full Application Form to indicate the
                                                                  anticipated expenditures of BL-NCE
                                                                  funds for the Network. Provide
                                                                  estimates for years one through four.

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                                  Page 8
        Also indicate on the form the sources           •   Materials and supplies;
        of funding available to cover the
        proposed expenditures and the                   •   Travel (conferences, field            work,
        request from the BL-NCE funding.                    collaboration/consultation);
    •   Please note that the budget must be             •   Dissemination costs (publication costs,
        fully justified and the sources of                  other activities); and
        funding must be clear.
                                                        •   Other (Field Pilot Projects, Technical
                                                            Roadmapping and other related
Section C: Matching Funds (Cash and
                                                     Administrative Costs: (maximum twenty
In-kind) from Industrial Partners (One               percent of the overall budget)
page per private sector contributor)
                                                     For each of the line items given below, give a
Using one page per private sector contributor,       detailed breakdown of how the amounts in the
provide details on cash and in-kind                  budget allocation table (Section B of the BL-
contributions that will be dedicated as              NCE 2008-09 Full Application Form) were
matching funds to the Network. A current             arrived at.
letter (dated close to the date of the
application submission) from each private            1. Administrative Costs
sector      contributor    confirming     their
contributions must be included in Book 3.               •   Network Leader salary and benefits;
Section D: Summary of the application
for public release (Maximum one page)                   •   Salaries and benefits for network staff;
Use Section D of the BL-NCE 2008-09 Full
Application Form to give a clear overview               •   Contracting of services.
summary of the vision of the proposed BL-
NCE. Provide highlights from the three criteria      2. Costs related to networking
for the program.
                                                        •   Communications activities;

                                                        •   Travel accommodation for network
1.3 Full Justification of the Budget                        personnel, researchers, and members
                                                            of network boards and committees.
Research Costs:
                                                     3. Commercialization related costs
For each of the line items below, give a
detailed breakdown of how the amounts in the            •   Intellectual property protection
budget allocation table (Section B of the BL-               (up to fifty percent of the cost);
NCE 2008-09 Full Application Form) were
arrived at.                                             •   Market studies;

    •   Salaries    of   research     personnel         •   Prototype development; and
        (students, postdoctoral fellows and/or
        technical/professional assistants);             •   Other (describe).

    •   Equipment or facility (purchase or
        rental, operation and maintenance
        costs, and user fees);

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                               Page 9
                                                      •   Describe the partnerships that will exist
Book 2 Main Proposal (bound –                             and     involve   various   levels     of
original plus thirty-five copies)                         government and the private sector to
                                                          complement the funding available
                                                          through the granting agencies or other
2.1 Discussion of the Vision                              federal funding sources.
(Maximum three pages)                                 •   Elaborate on the plan to manage,
Provide     a    vision   of    the    industrial         protect and exploit intellectual property
sector/cluster’s shared needs over the next               resulting from network-funded research.
five-to-ten years and the major R&D and               •   Describe the proposed organizational
commercialization challenges and barriers to              structure with appropriate representation
that vision. Describe how the vision was                  on the Board of Directors and
arrived at including detailing any technology             management team.
road-mapping exercises, or like methods, that
were used to arrive at the stated vision.             •   Describe the accountability framework
                                                          that will be used to result in effective
                                                          leadership and sound financial decision-
2.2 Articulation of the Proposed                          making.
Network’s Benefits to Canada
(Maximum five pages)                                 Book 3 Applicants (bound – original
Describe what the Network proposes to                plus thirty-five copies)
achieve in a four-year time span, including
specific goals and objectives in order to            3.1 Information to help assess
address key elements of the vision detailed in       applicants track record and potential
Section 3. The expected end results of the           (Maximum five pages)
research and commercialization activities (if
appropriate) over, and following, the course of      Background information about the lead
the funding period should be clearly described       applicants is required to assist in the
with respect to potential economic, social           assessment of their ability to guide and
and/or environmental benefits to Canada.             manage the network to ensure that the
                                                     articulated business-research needs are being
                                                     met. As well, the main research providers,
2.3 The Business/Research Plan                       who have been identified as being committed
(Maximum fifteen pages)                              to working with the private sector partners, will
                                                     be assessed to ensure that they have the
Network        research       and      potential
                                                     track record to deliver a quality research
commercialization       programs    must     be
developed in collaboration with relevant
stakeholders, and must integrate private             Network leader:
sector priorities. Include the following in the
Network’s proposed business/research plan:           Describe in detail the make-up of the already
                                                     established, or to be established*, not-for-
  •   Provide the details of the research            profit consortium, representing a collection of
      program, including the major research          private sector enterprises, that will lead this
      topics with objectives and milestones.         initiative. Give a brief biography of the
                                                     proposed Network Leader (up to two-hundred
  •   Outline the path to market, or provide         words) and outline the location and resources
      business applications for the proposed         of the proposed administrative centre of the
      research. Include (if appropriate) a fully     BL-NCE.
      developed business plan with all
      expected elements fully described.             * The not-for-profit consortium that represents
                                                     the interests of the for-profit companies must
                                                     be incorporated before the grant can be

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                           Page 10
Researchers:                                            •   indicate current and past associations
                                                            with the applicant.
Provide a list (or table) of the names and
affiliations of the proposed researchers, their      The signatures of authorized officers of
affiliation and their main research area.            supporting organizations certify that the
The research providers may be experts from
academia, the private sector and/or from
                                                        •   agrees with the content of the
government as deemed necessary and                          application and will provide the
appropriate.                                                committed resources; and
Note: Government scientists can not receive
direct funding from the BL-NCE.                         •   agrees to publication of the
                                                            organization's name as a supporter of
Management:                                                 the BL-NCE (if funded).

Provide a list (or table) of the names and
affiliations of the current or proposed
members of the Network’s Board of Directors.

3.2 Short biographies of
Lead Applicants and members
of the Board of Directors.
Biographies must be provided for the lead
applicants (including the proposed Network
Leader) and for members of the Board of
Directors, including the Proposed Chair. Each
biography is not to exceed two pages.

3.3 Contribution Confirmation Letters
from Industry (Maximum ten letters,
two pages per letter)

Summary list of the Confirmation Letters
included with the application

Provide letters confirming the contributions
entered in Book 1. For each industrial
organization, the letter should be recent and
must make explicit reference to the proposed
BL-NCE, and should:

    •   come from a senior executive;

    •   make commitments, especially in
        terms of financial and/or in-kind

    •   indicate how the proposed BL-NCE
        would help the organization; and

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                             Page 11
Submission Procedures:                               b) The complete application as a single PDF
The Deadline for the Full Application                file containing all of the material, including the
submission is 4:30 PM EST, Tuesday,                  application form, budget and scanned letters
August 19, 2008.                                     of support in order.
The following must be mailed or couriered to         2. One complete original copy unbound.
this address:
                                                     3. Thirty-five extra printed copies.
Networks of Centres of Excellence
16th floor, Mailroom
                                                     An email will be sent confirming the receipt of
350 Albert Street
                                                     the Full Application Form to the identified
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
                                                     Network Leader.
K1A 1H5
                                                     If you do not receive this confirmation in the
1. A CD containing:                                  week following your submission (by August
                                                     29, 2008), please contact the NCE Secretariat
a) The Full Application Form in Excel format         at:
and includes a summary report of the
proposal and details of the requested BL-NCE         Telephone: 613-995-6010
Budget.                                              Fax: 613-992-7356

A full application consists of three books, prepared as follows. Each book must be fully
paginated with tabs for each section.

Book 1 (original plus thirty-five copies)

1.1 Covering letter                                        2 pages
1.2 Full Application Form:
         A. Summary page                                   2 pages
         B. Budget allocation page                         1 page
         C. Contribution page                              1 page per industry sponsor
         D. Summary sheet                                  1 page

1.3 Full justification of the budget                       5 pages

Book 2 (original plus thirty-five copies)

2.1   Summary of the proposal for public release           1 page
2.2   Discussion of the vision                             3 pages
2.3   Benefits to Canada                                   5 pages
2.4   Business/Research Plan                              15 pages

Book 3 (original plus thirty-five copies)

3.1 Track Record and Potential of Applicants          5 pages
3.2 Short biographies – Lead applicants and Chair and Members of the Board of Directors
                                                      2 pages per biography
3.3 List of Confirmation Letters                      1 page
    Contribution Confirmation Letters from Industry   Up to 10 letters (2 pages per letter)

Full Application Guide For the 2008-09 Competition                                            Page 12