Western Civilization II by 3XV6y0m


									Western Civilization II
Professor Knight
Fall 2004

                                 Final Exam Review Sheet.

The final exam will consist of four sections, all of which will already be familiar to you from the
two previous exams. Two of the four sections (chronology and essays) will be cumulative,
encompassing all the material covered since the beginning of the semester. The remaining two
sections (identifications and short answers) will focus on materials covered since the last exam–
the period from World War I to the present day (chapters 25 to chapter 29 in Spielvogel).

If you like to receive your grade for the exam and for the semester feel free to send me an inquiry
via e-mail any time after January 1.


The Exam time is: April 30, Period 2 (10:45-12:25) in our regular classroom

Sections of the Exam:

I. Chronology. (10 points) This part will be cumulative. The format will be somewhat different
than the previous chronology. You will be given a list of major periods and topics (i.e. French
Revolution, World War II, Age of Imperialism, etc.) marked with letters and list of specific
events with two blank columns. Your task is twofold: first, place the specific events within one
of the major periods or topics by writing the letter denoting the period or topic in the column
next to the event. Second, number the events in chronological order.


       A. The Enlightenment
       B. The French Revolution
       C. World War I

Period Order
____         ____Voltaire writes Candide
____         ____The Jacobin Terror
____         ____Sinking of the Lusitania
II. Identifications. This section should be quite familiar to you from the previous exams. As
always you should try to provide as precise an identification as possible addressing the basic
questions: Who? What? Where? And When? as well as the eternal “So What?” (i.e.
significance). Remember to always write something. All of the terms for identification will be
taken from the lecture outlines posted on the web site and will have been discussed in some
detail both in class and in the textbook. This section will only include materials covered since
the last exam.

III. Short Answers. I will give you a set of factual questions focusing on specific historical
events or processes. You should be able to answer these questions in three sentences or less.
Here are some examples.

1) What were some of Hitler’s first steps after taking power in 1933?

2) What were Germany’s military objectives at the outset of World War I?

All of these questions will concern the material covered since the last exam.

IV. Essay questions. You will be three questions of which you will choose two to write on.
Your essays will be graded on the basis of the strength of your argument and the amount and
accuracy of the factual evidence with which you support your point of view.


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