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					                                                                                            Expanded Premium Ads

Building EssEntial ConnECtions:
Premium ads on Facebook
At Facebook, we believe that businesses will be better in a connected world. We connect 800 million
people and their friends to the things they care about. Your Page is the place where your business
connects with people, and Facebook Ads help you reach those people, and their friends, more often.

Our expanded Premium Ads in particular can be twice as effective as before. These ads put your Page’s
voice on the Home Page, in front of your ideal audience. For your fans and their friends, your ad will
expand to show how friends are connected to your brand alongside your message, all in one. The ad
expands to include this enhanced social context at no additional cost to you.

When people see the combination of your brand’s message and what their friends are saying about your
brand, ad recall can double and engagement increases.

When people hear about you from friends, they
listen. We’ll expand your ad with stories from
friends who have already connected.

Ads are better when they come from your Page
posts. These Premium ads appear on the Home
Page and create a seamless experience between
your Page and your ads.

                                                                  People can interact with your brand
                                                                  throughout the ad. Their interactions will
                                                                  generate stories about you in friends’
                                                                  News Feeds, as well as on your Page.

                                                                 Facebook: Building Essential Connections
                                                                                                  Expanded Premium Ads

How these Premium ads work
Premium Ads built from your Page are flexible, simple, and social. They create a seamless experience
between interactions on your Page, in your ad, and in the News Feeds of people and their friends.

1   Create a post on the brand Page.                        2 Promote it as a Facebook ad.
    Choose from 6 kinds of Page posts: status updates           The ad is created from the contents of your Page
    (text), photos, videos, links, questions, and events.       post. Anything you can post on your Page, you can
                                                                turn into an ad.

3   show more social ads for friends of fans.               4   Provide more points of engagement for fans.
    When people see your ad and have friends who                Fans will see an expanded interface below the ad
    are fans of your Page, we’ll automatically expand           that lets them like or comment on the post directly
    the ad with enhanced social context about those             from the ad.
    friends, at no extra cost to you.

                                                                         Facebook: Building Essential Connections
                                                                                           Expanded Premium Ads

Premium ad specifications
All of the ad formats below are made from the text and media of your Page posts. As you post, consider
what it will look like as an ad. Optimize your ads by choosing formats that match your marketing
objectives, and capturing your core message in the first 90 characters of your post.

Photo                                 Video                                  Question
Up to 90 chars of text                Up to 90 chars of text                 Will show exactly 4 answers, or
168 x 128 px thumbnail                185 x 104 px thumbnail                 3 plus a “see more” link
4:3 aspect ratio                      16:9 aspect ratio

status                                Event                                  link
Up to 150 chars of text               Up to 90 chars of post text            Up to 90 chars of post text
No additional media                   75 x 75 px thumbnail                   75 x 75 px thumbnail

                                                                    Facebook: Building Essential Connections
                                                                                                    Expanded Premium Ads

   Best practices for Page posting
   Effective Facebook Ads start with strong Page posts. You should focus on posting content to your Page that
   people will want to engage with and share with their friends. Here are a few best practices:

    1    Post succinct content.
         Shorter posts drive higher engagement. Make sure your core message is clear and concise. Keep in mind
         that your ad will show the first 90 characters of your post. If the post is longer, viewers will have the
         option to click to see more in an overlay on the same page.

    2    Enhance your message with a photo or video.
         Ads with rich media are larger and more engaging than simple text. Whenever you want to share a
         message on your Page, consider using related pictures or videos to make your message stand out.

    3    ask questions.
         Your Page should be a place for conversations between
         you and your fans. Ask your fans and customers for
         their ideas and feedback. Create Questions posts or
         ask questions in the text of your posts. Boost them as
         Premium Ads to reach more people and get them talking
         to and about your business.

    4    Be timely.
         Your audience will be more likely to engage with your
         posts if you are talking about topics that are already top
         of mind for them, such as current events, holidays or
         news. For example, we’ve found that posts mentioning
         Independence Day on July 4th generated about 90% more
         engagement than all posts published on that day.

    5    Boost posts for at least a day to reach as many people as possible.
         If you’re posting multiple times/day to engage your fans organically, make sure that you promote your
         most important posts individually so that they run long enough to reach a larger audience.

        The best way to get people to engage with your ads is to understand what your audience cares
        about. You should visit Page Insights regularly to track which posts resonated with your audience and
        generated the most engagement, then post and promote more of this type of content.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

                                                                            Facebook: Building Essential Connections

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