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									                                                     Item No : 07
                                                     Page No : 27

    Sub : TTD- Engg. Dept – CE’s office, Tirupati – “ Construction of
         TTD Kalyanamandapam at Rajapalyam, Virudhunagar
         District, Tamil Nadu State” – Amendment to TTD Board
         Res. No. 369, dated. 19-12-2009- Requested –Regarding

       TTD Board in its Res.No. 387, Dt. 22-08-2008 has accorded Administrative
sanction for Rs. 193.00 Lakhs for the above work and also resolved as the donor
has to pay for Rs. 151.00 Lakhs to TTD out of Rs. 193.00 Lakhs and the Balance
amount of Rs. 42.00 Lakhs will be born by TTD. As per the request of the donor,
TTD has permitted the Donor to deposit the donation amount of Rs. 151.00 Lakhs
in three equal instalments and accordingly the donor has paid Rs. 50.33 lakhs as
1st instalment to TTD.

      Accordingly, an Estimate for Rs. 193.00 Lakhs was technically sanctioned
based on TN SSR of 2008-2009 and registered vide CER.No. 67/CE/2009-10.
Subsequently, Tenders were invited and the single tenderer of M/s Garuda
Roofings, Tirupati has participated and quoted @ (-) 1.50% less than the
Estimated rates.

       While circulating the file for tender acceptance for the above work, TTD
Board has resolved in its Res. No. 369, dated 19-12-2009 as follows.

     “Decided to permit the Donor to execute work at his cost not less
than Rs. 1.77 Crores. TTD will contribute its share Rs. 42.00 lakhs for
the work and the value of the work for Rs. 42.00 Lakhs will be recorded
certified by Engineering department before releasing the further

    The money already deposited by the group may be adjusted
towards our contribution and balance released.”

     In this connection, it is to submit that the donor has already paid for
Rs. 50.33 Lakhs as 1st instalment to TTD towards public contribution. This is not a
TTD’s contribution and can not be adjusted as TTD’s contribution. TTD
contribution for Rs. 42.00 Lakhs towards construction of Kalyanamandapam is to
be released only, when the Donor has executed the work and it’s cost not less
than Rs. 1.77 Crores and the same is to be recorded and certified by the
Engineering department.

     While circulating the file for refunding the contribution to the Donor, the
Executive officer, TTD, Tirupati has opined as “the amount deposited by the
donor may be released back to the Donor. After check measuring the
final work and establishing it is at a value of not less than Rs. 1.77
Crores, T.T.D
                                                   Page No : 28

  share of Rs. 42.00 Lakhs may be released. The last Para is in the
  resolution was a mistake, take it to next Board for amendment”.
  Accordingly, the contribution amount of 1st instalment for Rs. 50.33 Lakhs paid
  by the Donor is released back to the donor.

       In view of the above, the subject matter is placed before TTD Board for
  resolving the following amendment for the 2nd para of the resolution which was
  already resolved vide TTD Board Res. No. 369, Dt. 19-12-2009 for the above
  work as follows.

1) The money already deposited by the group may be refunded to them.

2) To ratify the action taken in having refund the contribution amount of
   Rs.50.33 lakhs to the Donor.

                                -      -      -

                Res. No. 07 dated 17-07-2010


                                           Sd/- Chairman,
                                              TTD Board.

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