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If, after considering your prospective options and understanding your assets
and limitations, you’ve finally made your decision to become a medical
assistant, then this simple guide will be able to help you through the steps of
how to become a medical assistant.

Learning the Ropes
The beginning of your quest on how to become a medical assistant starts with
developing a strong medical foundation. Medical assistants are expected to
perform a variety of specialized tasks that necessitate proper education and
training. In order to pass that medical assistant certification exam, the first
step is to select and enroll in a training program duly accredited by the
American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).
At the moment, there are 25 accredited medical assistant training programs
that confer degrees, diplomas or certificates in the state of Michigan. Factors
to consider when selecting a program include the academic requirements,
program cost, as well as its duration, coverage, and the practicum training
The training course normally covers a wide variety of fields such that are
clinical (human anatomy, physiology and pathology), technical (accounting,
record keeping), and practical (patient relations, medical ethics) that will
instruct you on how to become a medical assistant. The implementation of an
individualized and habitual study method at the onset would exponentially
increase your chances at acing the medical assistant certification exam.
Simple memorization of the long list of commonly used medical terms will
not be enough to get you through. You would have to correlate these terms
with the conditions they denote, and this will become easier the earlier and
more frequently you use them.
The next step in how to become to a medical assistant is the requisite
practicum, a sort of unpaid internship or on-the-job training that will allow
you to apply the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained, as well as pick up
practical tips and tricks to becoming excellent and efficient medical
assistants. This is the last time that you are given the leeway to make
mistakes, but be sure to learn from them. Always remember to ask if you are

in doubt. Your supervisors are responsible for not only evaluating you, but
also teaching you how to become a medical assistant.

Taking the Medical Assistant Certification
Once you’ve completed the accredited training program, you become eligible
to take medical assistant certification exam. The only obstacle to taking the
exam at this point would be if you had any previous history of felony. Only
after you’ve been accredited can you begin work as a medical assistant.
The only requirements for recent graduates of accredited training program are
the application for exam and the examination fee of $200. For graduates who
apply more than twelve months after they graduated, they are also required to
submit their official transcript of records.
You may take the medical assistant certification exam within the 90-day
period following approval of your application. These exams may be taken at
any Prometric center of your choice. The medical assistant certification exam
is computerized test that consists of 200 questions administered in four 40-
minute segments. You will be given the option to breaks in between these
segments, not exceeding a total of 20 minutes.
An unofficial exam results (pass or fail) will be released immediately upon
completing the exam, while the official scores will be mailed 10 days after
the exam. You will receive your Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
certificate and wallet nine weeks later. On the other hand, if you fail the
medical assistant certification test, you can opt to retake the test up to three
times within 60 months of graduation.
The road towards becoming a medical assistant is not easy, but neither is it
too difficult for most. Hopefully, this brief guide has been effective in
informing you on how to become a medical assistant.

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