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Medical Assistant Cover Letter
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      Cover letters are an integral part of any job application. Without it, the
prospective employer will not know what position is being applied for. The
objectives of the cover letter are to introduce oneself to prospective
employers and give them a basic overview to present qualifications and
credentials      while    simultaneously     underscoring      one’s   notable
accomplishments in the past in order to capture their interest and elicit an
invitation for interview.

     An excellent cover letter can likened to a knock on opportunity’s door.
A shoddy and unimaginative cover letter is like a timid tap that no one hears
or pays attention to. An interesting and concise cover letter is comparable to
the insistent rapping that grabs one’s attention until that door is finally
opened. An example of a good cover letter follows.

                                 Alice A. Keys
                            240 West 35th Street
                                  18th Floor
                             New York, NY 10001
                               (555) 555-5555

February 14, 2012

Jack Black, MD
General Manager
Black & White Polyclinic
1234 Main Street
New York, NY 12222

Dear Mr. Black:

     I was delighted to learn of a job opening for a medical assistant in your
prestigious polyclinic and believe that I am the perfect candidate for that
position. I am a recently certified medical assistant, having completed my
diploma course at the New York University just last December. During the
course of my training, I believe that I have acquired all the requisite skills
that were specified in your job posting.
      I am exceedingly adept at word processing and medical transcribing
using a variety of software, and am very meticulous when it comes to record
keeping, filing, and accounting. My extensive experience with clinical tasks
during my practicum, such as obtaining concise medical histories, taking
patient vital signs, performing blood extractions, and applying splints and
bandages, among other, have made me more competent and comfortable
with regards to their successful execution. Furthermore, I have also received
certification in Basic Life Support training.
       I have excellent interpersonal communication skills, and have a
working knowledge of conversational Spanish. My proficiency in both
organization and time management enables me to multitask with relative
ease. Finally, I am very open to learning all that I possibly can under your
tutelage and supervision.
      Enclosed are my resume and recommendations for your review. I
welcome the opportunity to further discuss my skills and qualifications as a
possible member of your staff at your earliest convenience. I plan to follow
up after a two to three business days, however, should you wish to contact
me anytime, you may also do so at (555) 555-555 or email me at

Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Awaiting a positive response,

Alica A. Keys
   Several Simple Tips for a Successful Medical Assistant
Cover letter
     Make it simple for the prospective employer to contact you by
incorporating all the pertinent personal information such as your name and
contact details in the cover letter. Make it clear what position you’re
applying for and why, and don’t forget to sign your cover letter.

     Address the prospective employer by name to show that you did your
research. Make sure to use his or her entire name is properly spelled, and
don’t forget to include his or her official designation.

    Start your cover letter with a strong declarative statement that will
make your prospective employer want to read all the way through.

      Tailor your cover letter to meet the specific requirements entailed by
the job by identifying your qualifications and skills to address each point
identified by the job posting. Again, thorough research can put you ahead of
the competition.

     Introduce variety to your letter by refraining from saying “I” too often.
Restructure your sentences to add emphasis to the skills and qualifications
you are highlighting.

     Keep it short but sweet. Prospective employers may be put off by
extremely long cover letters and may decide to pass yours over in that case,
especially if there are numerous applications to go through.

     Reiterate your interest in the position by declaring your intent to follow
up your application. Including a specific time frame will strike your
prospective employers as a sign of commitment to the job.

    Last but most important of all, do not sabotage your chances by failing
to meticulously proofread your cover letter. Careless mistakes may be
translated into carelessness at work, and a single error can effectively render
your application unacceptable.

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