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The Link


									                The Link!
                (“No, it’s not a song or dance”)


1. What happens when you become “Unhooked”
   from God and disregard His Spiritual principles
   because you don’t want to take the time to develop
   your Relationship with the Lord, Reverence and
   Embrace Godly Principles and Advice, or simply
   refuse to Take things of God Seriously??

2. Do you allow yourself to become linked with
   other ungodly ideas and people, and if so,
   how do you break this linkage? Is the bond
   too strong for you or anyone else to break?
3. Are you easily swayed by what you see and
   hear and get “linked” before you realize the
   consequences of what you have done? Are
   you so curious about “The Wrong” that you
   disregard “The Right” and join the link for
   just a trial run?
                         “HEY BABY, LET’S HOOK-UP!”

“Yes, I know you see my glitter and flash and are starting to wonder if our
relationship will ever last. But, don’t listen to the haters who are trying to tell you
to kick me to the curb, because you know come Friday night, you’re gonna be
intoxicated by the urge. Yes, the urge to be back under my Gucci-licious spell,
with all of my thug-lovin that you love so well. So, let’s stop playing this game of
cat-and-mouse, and why don’t you just let me crash at your house. Yes, I’ll let you
rap to me about all of those churchy things, but just remember, “Baby-girl”, that all
that stuff is merely a dream. And, I’m your reality, standing right before you like a
Mac-daddy King. So, unleash your mind and unhook yourself from that “I’m-a-
saved-girl” link, because I’ll be with another “Halle-Berry” before you can even

What will be your Response??
(With you team member, write a response to “Mr. Linkon Flash” )
(The response must rhyme, make sense, and clearly free you from this “Bad Link”)
“Mr. Linkoln Flash, with the 4-1-1”               “Your boo, Shariff, – yeah it had to be done”

                             “HEY BABY, LET’S HOOK-UP!”
                                          Part 2

“Aaaaah, yeah, you thought you could diss me with all of your whack rhyming phrases
dripping like honey so sweet, so I thought that I would check out your background by
getting the 4-1-1 from my home-boy Shariff. Yeah, Shariff pulled the covers from your old
life that was supposed to be, as you often stated, “Covered-under-the-blood”, and he told
me how you liked to play “Saved” in the daytime while keeping your night-life dirt swept
under the rug. So, before you try to get rid of me again by merely flapping your lips with
trite words and a so-called new lifestyle that is utterly weak, you’d better bring proof that
you’re a true “Woman of God” before you try to start up a beef with me.”

Why Didn’t you get rid of Linkoln Flash last week?? And now
Shariff is back in the picture kicking up old dirt! How did you get
Linked up with this mess???
(With you team member, write a response to “Mr. Linkon Flash”)
(The response must rhyme, make sense, and clearly free you from this “Bad Link”)

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