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					Noise Pollution

Some individuals don’t believe that noise pollution should be a serious
issue. However, ask someone that is affected by it daily and they will
tell you just how serious it is. Noise pollution can lead to hearing loss
in many instances but mainly it is just annoying. It is something that
can grate on a person’s nerves and affect their quality of life with
continued exposure.

As an area continues to expand there are additional issues with noise
pollution. A person may have purchased a home years ago but now they are
faced with a busy highway or even an airport in their immediate area. As
a result they can hear cars or planes at all hours of the day. Many
industrial areas have also become problematic due to the amount of noise
that they create.

In order to help offset such events it is important for areas to be well
planned. You may think it is annoying when you travel somewhere to find
the airport is miles from town. Yet this is done to reduce the noise
level for those that would have to deal with it daily. Many highways have
beautifully designed scenic barriers and walls as you drive down them.
They are specially designed to help reduce the amount of noise that is
carried over into residential areas.

At the same time manufacturers of vehicles, trains, airplanes, and other
forms of transportation are trying to develop quieter engines. This way
the fact that they are in the area isn’t going to be such a huge problem
for everyone. Workers in construction and factories are also provided
with ear plugs in order to reduce the amount of noise pollution they are
exposed to.

The amount of noise pollution that a person is exposed to can increase
their levels of stress. If this is an ongoing issue then the person can
suffer from adverse health issues. It can be hard to concentrate, sleep,
or go about a normal routine when you are bothered by noise pollution.
Animals have very sensitive hearing so we also need to be concerned about
what the noise levels are doing to them even if their natural habitat is
being well preserved.

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