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					Air Pollution

Air pollution is a very serious issue all over the world. It is worse in
some areas than others but it still has long term effects that are
widespread. Industrialization resulted in a significant increase in air
pollution. This is due to the amount of chemicals being released back
into the environment. Too many people feel this is simply a trade off
that has to be made if we want to continue advancing as a society because
we rely on those industries for goods and services.

The biggest promoter of air pollution comes for the vehicles we drive
every day. Most of us drive a car to and from work and then to get to our
other activities throughout the day as well. You may think there is no
way to cut down on air pollution due to the need for your vehicle. Yet
there are plenty of times when you can carpool or take public
transportation instead of driving your own vehicles.

At the same time manufacturers are working hard to lower the amount of
air pollution that is released from vehicles. Many areas of emissions
laws and if you vehicle doesn’t pass you aren’t allowed to drive it until
it does. These types of laws are mainly in the large cities where air
pollution is extremely high.

Some individuals have to relocate from areas that suffer from a high
volume of air pollution. They have respiratory problems as a result of it
that make it difficult to function on a daily basis. They amount of
carbon dioxide that ends up on the air is also responsible for global
warming. That is an issue as it depletes the ozone layer. Many scientists
believe air pollution has lead to the shift of normal weather patterns as

You may live in an area where it has become increasingly dry and hot.
This can lead to drought issues to deal with. There have been plenty of
huge disasters due to hurricanes, tornadoes, and other types of
problematic weather. The changes in the environment due to air pollution
can be partly to blame for all of this taking place. It is the
responsibility of everyone to do all they can to reduce the amount of air
pollution out there.

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