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Riddle Website Offers Riddles That Rhyme and Challenge


									Riddle Website Offers Riddles That Rhyme and Challenge

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 New and original riddles, each written in verse, are now available at My Daily Riddle with a
 different riddle featured each day of the week

Online PR News – 04-March-2012 A recently launchedriddle website, My Daily Riddle, offers more than
just the typical riddles as many others previously seen and heard. These riddles are unique in they are
written in verse, rhyming along the way, with a certain cadence included in each and every line.

The site offers a new and original riddle each and every day for the visitor to solve. This results in seven
riddles being available at all times, one for each day of the week, with the newest riddle being the one on
the actual day the website is visited.

A typical riddle found at is as follows:

Right in front of you and easy to see
It starts at the top you have to agree.
Don't look to the right or down the middle
Don't forget the sound, much like a fiddle.
Look for all the caps, not ones on a head
Each letter will count, those left can be read.

The solution to each riddle is provided on the same page as the riddle itself and can be revealed by simply
clicking on the solution button. This allows the visitor to take as much, or as little, time as they want solving
the riddle before they choose to see the answer.

Dan Aranda, creator of the site says, "There is a certain mental exercise involved in creating and solving a
riddle written in verse. It needs to be challenging while providing clues that are both fair and reasonable.
The rhyming part is just for fun".

The riddles are either written by the staff at My Daily Riddle or are the result of submissions by the visitors
to the website. There is a page which allows visitors to submit their own riddles for consideration for posting
to the site.
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Dan Aranda
21601 Devonshire Street #116
United States

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