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					                                                 Minute of meeting of Inverness Area Sports Council

                                                                 held at Inverness Leisure on

                                                        Thursday 27th April 2006 at 8.00pm

1. In Attendance:
Denis Bell (Chair), Inverness Highland Bowling Club                    Liz Forbes (Treasurer), Ritsons
Alan Hoseason (Secretary), Coaching Highland                           Dorothy Shanks (Vice Chair), Inverness Swimming Club
Cllr Angus J. Dick, Highland Council                                   Aleks Mazurek, Inverness (Clachnacuddin) SBRC
Lillian Davidson, Inverness Orienteering Club                          Sandy Dunbar, Inverness Taekwondo Club
Dougie Mackenzie, Clachnacuddin FC Youth Development                   Clare Cuthbertson (Inverness Trampoline & Gymnastics Club)
Colin Duncan, Rollerbowl Youth Bowling Club                            Lorraine Russell, Rollerbowl Youth Bowling Club
Iain Gillies, Inverness & District Pool Association                    Alan Bell, Glenurquhart Shinty Club
John Brown, Inverness Nordic Ski Club                                  Dolina Ross, Highland Karate
Ronnie Paterson, Inverness Ki-Aikido Club                              Donnie MacLeod, Inverness Ki-Aikido Club
Sheila Noble, Fraser Park Bowling Club                                 Marie Maclean, Fraser Park Bowling Club
Abigail Leonard, Dows Angling Club                                     Les Matthews, Craig Dunain Bowling Club
Colin Ross, Craig Dunain Hospital Bowling Club                         Phil Swainson, Highland Council
Suzy Hamilton, Active Schools Co-ordinator                             Sharon Asher, Active Schools Co-ordinator
Robbie Paulin, Inverness Blitz                                         David Paulin, Inverness Blitz
Dagmar Heyer, Volunteering Highland / HiMBA                            Rosemary Woodhouse, GlenBal Football & Inveross Hockey Clubs

2. Apologies:
Cllr Janet Home, Cllr Peter Corbett, Billie Weallans, Ian Cameron, James Martin, Paula Dick, Alan Gillies & Margie Sieczkarek.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
Denis Bell thanked Kirsten Grant for taking the March minutes.
One correction was noted by Clare Cuthbertson who reported that the £10,000 mentioned in point 7 was for Inverness
Trampoline Club and was jointly sourced from the Scottish Community Foundation and Awards for All.
The minutes of 30 March 2006 were proposed by Aleks Mazurek and seconded by Lilian Davidson.

4. Matters Arising
There were no matters arising from the previous minutes which would not be covered by the agenda.

5. Secretary’s Report
    23 clubs have yet to renew their affiliation to the sports council by the deadline of 30 April and those present were
    asked to remind them if in contact. Any club not renewing by this date would be considered new members and be
    ineligible for grant aid until they have remained so for 12 months.
   Nominations are sought for the office bearer and executive committee positions at the AGM in May. Nominations are
    also sought for the Coach / Administrator of the Year Awards to be held at the AGM. The nomination papers were
    issued with the March minutes and all clubs are encouraged to respond.
   The General Development Sub Committee will be presenting a ‘Notice of Motion’ at the AGM regarding the venue,
    timings and plans for changes to the sports council meetings and this notice will be issued with the AGM papers.

6. Finance
The following grant awards were made:

 Club                                            Grant 1        Grant 2       Grant 3
 Rollerbowl Youth Bowling Club                   £350
 Clachnacuddin FC Youth Development              £124
 Craig Dunain Hospital Bowling Club              £347 *
 Inverness Gymnastic Club                        £292
 Inverness & District Pool Association           £531
 Inverness Trampoline Club                       £80            £369
 Inverness Ki-Aikido Club                        £225
 Inverness Swimming Club                         £42            £230          £280
 Inverness (Clach) Small Bore Rifle Club         £370
 Inveross Hockey Club                            £87
 Inverness Blitz                                 £151           £79
 Dows Angling Club                               £???
 Inverness Taekwondo Club                        £558

* This grant was for a heavy duty marquee and the club agreed to make this available to other member clubs for hire at a
reasonable rate.

7. Inverness Leisure Development
Denis Bell reported that some upgrades in the centre are about to take place including new spinning bikes and general
decoration. The QLM report has been received by the sub group appointed by the Board and after initial comments are fed
back, the report will be finalised and after going to the full Board of Directors, will be made available towards the end of May.

8. Active Schools and Sports Development Update
        Sharon Asher (ASC Culloden) explained that the Inverness ASCs have been working with a number of sports and
         clubs including rugby, shinty and American football.
        The national cross country championships resulted in a trophy for Crown Primary School.
        Any club wishing to work with the ASCs are invited to make contact (details at end of minutes).
        The Inverness ASCs are currently working on their summer programme and distributed a form at the meeting for
         clubs to register their own activities they wished advertised in the programme or to request a joint project with the
         co-ordinators – a copy of this form is available from the Secretary.
        Phil Swainson (Inverness Sports Development Co-ordinator) informed the meeting that he has been writing the
         annual report for the sports development co-ordinators team which he plans to share with the sports council.
        Across Highland, 20 new sports clubs have been established with support from the sports development team.
        Denis Bell asked about the progress of the review of local sports council funding guidelines and Phil confirmed that
         the consultation questionnaire will be issued to the Highland Sports Development Association on 3 May 2006.

   Rollerbowl Youth Bowling – Despite the team getting an illness at the European Championships in Denmark, the girls
    did very well with 1 making the Masters (top 24 in Europe) and 3 others finishing in the top 24 of 200 competitors.
   AGM Details – The next meeting of the sports council is the Annual General Meeting which will be held in Inshes
    Church, Inshes Retail Park. Sir Walter Scott Drive, Inverness starting at 8pm.
   SALSC Events – The Chair provided an update on the Scottish Association of Local Sports Councils annual events
    with the details available to date being: ▪ U-18 Boys Golf – 4 July 2006 - Dunfermline Golf Club
                                               ▪ Junior Bowls – 4 August 2006 – Bathgate              ▪ Ladies Golf – TBC
                                               ▪ Ladies 50+ Bowls – 24 August 2006 - Tillicoutry      ▪ Gents Bowls – TBC
   Free Weights Facility – Clubs are now able to access the jointly funded free weights facility in Inverness Leisure by
    adhering to set guidelines including club personnel holding appropriate qualifications. These details are available from
    Denis Bell and support will be made available by the sports council to enable clubs to comply with these. The Highland
    Institute of Sport have negotiated the following core times which will not be available to other users: Monday 5.30 -
    9.00 pm; Wednesday 5.30 - 9.00 pm; and Thursday 6.00 - 8.30 pm. The facility will be bookable outwith these hours
    provided that the user(s) can demonstrate current acceptable coaching qualifications". Robbie Paulin confirmed that
    John Coogans at Inverness College can run the British Weight Lifters’ Association qualification if required.
   Dagmar Heyer (Volunteering Highland) – Dagmar informed the meeting that Volunteering Highland are the agency
    responsible for connecting potential volunteers to clubs who need volunteers. She also promoted the ‘Millennium
    Volunteer Awards’ which are for young people between 16 and 25 years of age and were set up by the Scottish
    Executive to reward young volunteers. Clubs are not required to complete any paperwork to make a nomination - which
    can be backdated - and should contact Dagmar (see details at end of minutes). A big awards day has been arranged
    with players from Inverness Caledonian Thistle making the presentations.
   Clachnacuddin FC Youth Development – In Maastricht, Holland the U-19 team won the Geusselt Cup and the U-17
    squad finished in second place. The club is also very proud to announce that 6 of their coaches have successfully
    obtained the SFA Level 4 Coaching Award.
   Aleks Mazurek – Aleks enquired whether there was any news on the potential 10% reduction in funding from Highland
    Council to the sports council. The 2006-07 funding letter has been received by the sports council which confirms a 10%
    reduction in grant (2006-07 award - £23,373) but until the funding guidelines have been reviewed, there will be no
    reduction in the amount clubs can apply for.
   Inverness Taekwondo Club – Sandy Dunbar expressed the clubs’ gratitude that Denis Bell attended their awards
    evening on behalf of the sports council in the Lochardil Hotel in March and presented some of the prizes.

    The next meeting will be the AGM in Inshes Church, Inshes Retail Park, Sir Walter
              Scott Drive, Inverness on Thursday 25th May 2006 at 8.00pm.
If you wish to intimate your apologies, please contact:
Alan Hoseason (Secretary) on 01463 718009 or by e-mail: secretary@sportinverness.co.uk

Sports Development Co-ordinator       Phil Swainson        phil.swainson@highland.gov.uk    01667 458523
Highland Institute of Sport           Chris Hildrey        chrishildrey@hisport.org.uk      01463 242922
Coaching Highland                     Alan Hoseason        alan@CoachingHighland.co.uk      01463 718009
Disability Sports Development         Charlie Forbes       charlie.forbes@highland.gov.uk   01463 729662
Volunteering in Sport                 Dagmar Heyer         sport@volunteeringhighland.org   01463 711393

Charleston Cluster                     Kirsten Grant       kirsten.grant@highland.gov.uk    01463 234324
Culloden Cluster                       Sharon Asher        sharon.asher@hcs.uhi.ac.uk       01463 791606
Glenurquhart / Kilchumen Cluster       Matthew MacIver     matthew.maciver@hcs.uhi.ac.uk    01456 459134
Inverness High School Cluster          Peta Law            peta.law@hcs.uhi.ac.uk           01463 232636
Inverness Royal Academy Cluster        Suzy Hamilton       susanne.hamilton@hcs.uhi.ac.uk   01463 230435
Millburn Cluster                       Carolyn Ward        carolyn.ward@hcs.uhi.ac.uk       01463 232636

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