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									Fiza hails women commission bill passage

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): The unanimous passage of National Commission on the
Status of Women Bill, 2012 by the Senate is a great leap forward for the
cause of women empowerment in the country.

The Bill was already passed by the National Assembly on January19, 2012.
The Women’s Commission, with complete administrative and financial
autonomy, will go a long way in empowering women in all facets of
national activity.

Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Women Empowerment, Syeda Fiza Batool
Gilani, expressed these views on the eve of passage of historic National
Commission on the Status of Women bill from the Senate.

The Goodwill Ambassador said that the Women’s Commission, armed with
financial and administrative autonomy with powers of a civil court, will
be a huge improvement over its predecessors, which have largely remained
toothless due to lack of their independent status.

She also pointed out that the role of Parliamentary Committee in the
formation of Commission will bring transparency, impartiality and
consensus in its working.
Coming on the heels of “ Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Bill, 2008”
and “ Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act, 2011”, this bill, once
enacted into law after presidential assent, will herald a significant
change in the condition of women across the country.

Through the passage of this bill, the democratically-elected government
has fulfilled one of its promises for the emancipation and empowerment of
Pakistani women, Fiza Gilani emphasized.

Fiza Gilani hailed the passage of the bill as the fruit of years of
effort of Parliamentary Women Caucus. The Caucus was established by the
Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Fahmida Mirza, for taking up the
women-related issues more vigorously and relentlessly.

The Caucus has been pursuing the passage of this bill for the last three
years and eventually they have made its mark. She also appreciated the
women’s rights bodies’ lobbying for the passage of the bill.

Fiza Gilani expressed her commitment for the protection and promotion of
social, political, economic and legal rights of women as provided in the
Constitution and also in accordance with international declarations,
treaties and agreements relating to women, including the Convention on
the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

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