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									The Void or Vacuum

      One of the most powerful questions that a person can ask is, "Why
do I do this?" This is a very important question for a psychotherapist to
ask when inquiring of a client to explore the origins and reasons for
certain behaviors. The use of background music and ultraviolet light
sources in a therapy session should enhance and facilitate cathartic and
deep feeling answers to this question. For example, asking the client why
they overeat, abuse drugs, engage in alcoholic behavior or suffer from
depression should reveal insights and connections to significant
experiences. The client may reveal that the reason for their behavior has
its roots in the loss of a parent, through divorce or death. Such a
trauma, plus a series of tough or unpleasant experiences, may leave the
client feeling as if there has been a void or vacuum left in their lives.
They may also experience such a void within their own bodies.

      The adoption of maladaptive behaviors, such as overeating,
alcoholism and other addictions, may serve as an attempt, by the client,
to fill the vacuum or void in their bodies and their lives. The same may
hold true for mood, anxiety, personality and more serious mental
disorders. Separation from family and loved ones, in late adolescence,
may create a void in a young person's life; which they may try to fill
with extensive drug use, psychotic breakdowns, antisocial behavior and
alcohol abuse. This void has its counterpart in the superconscious,
transpersonal realm. It may be hard to fathom, that a person who
overeats, compulsively gambles, and engages in destructive sex, is trying
to fill a metaphysical or cosmic void. I have already stated that a human
being is a microcosmic replication of the entire universe. If there is a
physical void in the universe, with its counterpart in the spiritual
cosmos, then such a phenomenon has to exist inside human beings. Thus, it
holds true that the causes for certain behaviors have their roots in
real-life situations and cosmic realities.

      What is this VOID? On the cosmic level, it is a vacuum in
transpersonal, cosmic space. Nothing exists there and yet something is
there and it is usually a sense of a soul or self that is alone and
undetected. This cosmic vacuum may have its counterpart in certain stages
of prenatal and perinatal life. This relationship between cosmic
elements, perinatal experiences and life experiences, in general,
substantiates the connectedness of all aspects of life. Yes, a person may
overeat, abuse alcohol or do many other things in order to fill a void
precipitated by transpiritual, evolutionary and real-life events. By
inducing an Altered State of Consciousness (ASC), through free
association or other mind-altering methods, a person can get in touch
with the root causes of the void.

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