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Clanfield What for March 2012 updated

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Clanfield What for March 2012 updated

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     Copy date for the      Issue Number 173
       April issue:                                 March 2012
Thursday 22nd March 2012    email:


                              STOP PRESS
                            WODC Meetings on
                            14th & 21st March
                         Just as the press stopped
                        rolling the RAF announced
                       they need only 200 houses in
                        Carterton – not 780! Spare
                          land is now available for
                          general housing. Further
                         discussion on 1,000+ new
                        houses will now be made in
                           Full story next issue.
                           PLEASE IGNORE OUR
                             ‘CALL TO ARMS.’
 ‘I care deeply about our               We, involved in the Stop
    countryside and our                 Carterton West campaign, have
                                        worked tirelessly during the past
   environment and our                  12 months; we have lobbied
  vision is one where we                Councillors; put forward reasoned
 give communities much                  arguments with supporting
   more say, much more                  professional technical reports;
  control. What the fear                attended meetings/workshops to
                                        suggest alternative solutions;
people have in villages is
                                        presented our case to the WODC
   the great big housing                Council; engaged the local press
   estate being plonked                 and demonstrated our opposition
   down from above that                 in every way possible.
      they don’t want.’                 Your Parish Council too, has
David Cameron’s words on ‘Country
                                        repeatedly submitted strong
file’, BBC1, 6.30pm, 8th January 2012   objections to this proposal and,
                                        on your behalf, has been working
                                        closely with other villages to put
Here in Clanfield, we ARE
                                        forward robust arguments
 threatened with a great
  big housing estate of                 Quite simply, we have done all we
  1000+ being plonked                   can and now, as we near the date
down ….. on the beautiful               when the WODC Cabinet will
Alvescot Downs, just 2.3                convene to make its decision, its
 miles from Clanfield (as               over to you!
     the crow flies).                   If you don’t mind or are indifferent
                                        to this monstrous proposal you
The time is RIGHT NOW to                are of course at liberty to ignore
      have your say!!                   our plea. If you do care, please
                                        read on.
The WODC Cabinet meeting to finalise their             • Serious    flooding threat. Alvescot Downs
recommendation will take place in Witney on 14           (Carterton West) site is 22ms higher (3 modern
March and hopefully many of you will be there            double storey houses) than Clanfield. No study
with us to show your opposition to this                  has been made of downstream danger but it will
madness. In the meantime it is of critical               clearly shed water down to Clanfield.
importance that the residents of Clanfield             • Carterton residents do not want Carterton West.
demonstrate the strength of their opposition by
                                                         93% of those approached signed a petition
emailing or writing to as many of the Cabinet
                                                         against Carterton West.
members as possible. Their names, email
addresses and the areas they represent are as
                                                       • All the local villages are against it.
follows:                                               • Population trends show normal growth in the
                                                         area will be satisfied by infill. These houses are
Barry Norton       North Leigh                           not needed.
                                                       • The site will be owned by Crest Nicholson, now
Mark Booty        Bampton, Clanfield, Black Bourton      an American owned company, who made a loss                               last year and own a large land bank. They will
                                                         decide when and where they wish to build. It will
David Harvey    Witney South
                                                         lead to uncontrolled ‘blight’ on the area.
                                                       • The site is rock covered with approx. 1m. of top
Simon Hoare       Hailey, Minster Lovell                 soil. How will this support tall ‘protective’ trees in                              a high wind on an exposed site?
Verena Hunt       Brize Norton, Shilton                • The site is prominent, open, largely treeless. It                              will be an eyesore, seen for miles around.
                                                       • The countryside is populated by ancient, pleasant
Richard Langridge, Witney North
                                                         historical villages. It is completely the wrong
                                                         setting for a massive estate of 1000+ houses.
Warwick Robinson Chipping Norton                       • This area is striving to absorb the substantial                         growth of RAF Brize Norton, it needs no further
                                                         pressures. There are major problems of noise,
The full Council will confirm the decision at a
                                                         overflying and traffic at the moment. For instance,
meeting on 21st March so do also email lots of
                                                         the A4095 in Clanfield shows an increase in
Councillors. You can find all their email addresses
                                                         vehicles of 45%, every working week, in under 5
on the WODC web site under ‘Councillors’, or
                                                         years. This would be further increased by a
contact me. If email is a problem, let Lynda know
                                                         nearby large estate.
and she will be happy to send your views in for you.
Alternatively, write to the Cabinet members at         • It is a difficult to work, expensive, site at the end
WODC Council Offices, Woodgreen, Witney                  of the Brize Norton runway. Two bridges are
                                                         required and it will never integrate with Carterton.
WHAT to write?                                         • Expansion in the area should be through infill and
The following points have been the cornerstones          careful planning in local villages. This policy of
of the SCW opposition. Please feel free to               dispersal is supported by all the local villages.
choose some of these to include in your letter of      • Affordable housing should be placed in the
opposition. We have provided a choice so that,           villages where the people can be absorbed into
hopefully, Cabinet members will not all receive          village life. 33%-50% affordable houses
‘duplicate’ letters which would diminish the             (WODC’s request) in a large estate will produce
impact of your effort.                                   ghettoes.

WHEN to email or write                                                                John Bowler (810622)
                                                                                      Lynda Scott (810606)
TODAY please! This is our very last chance.

The SCW campaign has been continuing and there has been a recent flurry of activity
as we near the date when the Cabinet will convene to make their recommendation
about the proposed strategic site at Carterton. This meeting is scheduled for March
14th in Witney, the exact time and place is yet to be confirmed. Their
recommendation will then be considered at a full Council meeting on 21st March
where the final decision will be made.
This is the final opportunity for you all to come and show the support which many of
you have previously shown for the campaign against a strategic site of 1000+ houses
on Alvescot Downs. Your presence at September 14th 2011 public meeting had a
significant effect and made the extent of opposition very clear to Councillors.
Please come along to both meetings; it is vital that our opposition is
demonstrated once again at this critical time.
Even if you cannot spare the time to stay for the whole of the meetings, (though we
trust some of you will), we hope you will all come and meet us outside before the
meeting begins to demonstrate our continued opposition, and unity .
It would be very helpful if you would let me know of your intention to join us and I will
then provide details of times and venue. It might even be possible to share cars and
provide lifts to anyone who has no transport.
                                                                          Lynda Scott
                                                                          Tel: 810606

Go-Ahead For Flood Relief Project
Work on a long-awaited scheme to help reduce the risk of flooding in Bampton and
RAF Brize Norton has started. The scheme, driven by West Oxfordshire District
Council, has involved several agencies including the Ministry of Defence, Thames
Water, Oxfordshire County Council and local flood forum groups.
Flooding has been a problem in the area for many years due to the existing
watercourse system being unable to cope with storm water running off from NE
Carterton after heavy rain. Areas most affected by previous flooding are the road
around the BP garage in Brize Norton, the RAF base and the downstream village of
A new ditch will divert all but a minimal flow of water, away from the watercourse into
an under-used balancing pond owned by Thames Water.
Construction work for a new ditch was given the go-ahead, following agreement with
Thames Water giving Oxfordshire County Council consent to use the balancing pond.

Councillor Anne Harris and I attended another co-operative meeting at RAF in February
where we continued discussion of the concerns of some residents regarding the
increased aircraft activity over and around Clanfield. I thought you may like to know what
actions are being taken at the air base to address some of those concerns. A summary
of the meeting outcomes and actions is as follows:
• To try and alleviate the noise experienced by the villages in the local area we have
  instructed Air Traffic Control to monitor the direction and number of circuits flown. We
  have also instructed them to change the circuit direction throughout the day to ensure
  that villages to the North or South of the airfield experience an equal amount of traffic.
• When Runway 26 (taking Off to the West) is in use, aircraft fly straight ahead to 1,000
  ft before turning downwind but still climbing to 1,500 ft. Regardless of the circuit
  direction North or South there is a brief period when the aircraft is flying away from
  Clanfield still climbing under power, this could cause a brief increase to the noise level
  experienced. When we are on Runway 08 (taking off to the East) the noise level will
  be reduced in the vicinity of Clanfield because the aircraft are configured to land and
  the power setting is reduced.
• The local avoids to the South of the Airfield, Aston, Bampton and Clanfield cause the
  aircrew to fly slightly different routes downwind and C-130s and C-17s may fly inside
  these villages where the Tri-Star and VC-10 fly a wider circuit. The workload in the
  cockpit whilst the aircraft is downwind is considerable as the aircraft is being slowed
  down and configured for landing. Additionally during training sorties this is when crews
  will practice emergencies, which further increases their workload.
• The Documents that contain the regulations that aircrew and ATC operate to are the
  Brize Norton Air Orders and the Military Aeronautical Information Publication. The
  local avoids are contained within this document, it is important to realise that avoids
  are not mandatory but the phrase ‘Where possible aircrew are to avoid over flight’ is
  used. We try very hard not to overfly any built up area but at times it is unavoidable.
  The Station Commander would take a very dim view on a pilot that risked safety of
  flight to avoid overflying any village or town. Avoids are also capped by altitude and
  although aircraft in the visual circuit (1,000, 1,500ft) should where possible avoid over
  flight, aircraft in the radar instrument pattern at 2,500ft may do so.
• We also discussed helicopter over flights. We have seen an increase in the number of
  complaints associated with low flying helicopters and have decided to be more
  prescriptive in the clearances and routings that helicopters take. As I explained the Air
  Navigation Order permits Military Helicopters to transit at 50ft. The process to change
  this procedure has to undergo a safety review before it is incorporated but this should
  happen in the coming weeks. Helicopters will transit the area at 500ft and 1,000ft and
  not the treetop height that has given rise to many of the complaints.
                                                                               Lynda Scott
                                                          Clerk to Clanfield Parish Council

Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations
1st – 4th June 2012
No doubt you have been wondering what, if anything, Clanfield will be doing about the
Queen’s Jubilee. Well the Clanfield Festival Committee have been working hard over
the last few months to come up with a programme of events that will, it is hoped,
include the whole village. The following is the programme so far. If you have any good
ideas or would like to get involved we would be pleased to see you at our next
meeting on Monday 12th March 7.30pm at the Primary School.
Friday Evening 1st June
50’s Dance. Dress up in 50’s style. Don’t worry if you can’t dance - help will be on
hand for an enjoyable evening.
Location: Marquee on the Carter Institute Lawn
Saturday AM 2nd June
In the morning, bring along the photos of your house and yourself for the photo
exhibition of the village, also any memorabilia you may have of the Coronation. There
will be a section devoted to “who is that baby?”, your baby pictures of long ago and
the 1911 census of the village. The exhibition will be open during the whole weekend.
We will be collecting photos for a time capsule too.
Location: Marquee on the lawn Carter Institute and later in the Institute.
Saturday Evening 2nd June
Film show. A nostalgic look back at one of the golden oldies followed by a Fish & Chip
Location: Marquee on the Carter Institute Lawn
Sunday PM 3rd June
Street Party on the Lawn. Tea Party 3-5pm book your table and bring your own 1950’s
style food along. Dressing up competition.
Location: Marquee on the Carter Institute Lawn
Monday AM 4th June
Service of Celebration with the Rev David Lloyd
Location: Marquee on the Carter Institute Lawn
Monday PM 4th June
Family games on the lawn and BBQ. 50’s Milk Bar - the children’s chance to see what
it was like for their grandparents, milk shakes and cup cakes as well as a film.
Location: Marquee on the Carter Institute Lawn

Monday Evening 4th June
Youth dance with local band.
Further details of the programme of events will be confirmed in future issues of The
The Clanfield Festival Committee will not be stopping after the Jubilee Celebrations.
There are to be a variety of events happening over the rest of the year too. Details of
the events will be available nearer the time in The What.
The events include the following:-
A Pampering Evening for Ladies, at the Primary School, date to be decided - an
evening including massage, make up, nail bar, gossip and fun.
3rd Annual Clanfield Artists Exhibition 23 – 24 June and 30 June - 1 July. Open to all
the artists of Clanfield, so get painting. The exhibition includes a children’s exhibition
on the theme of the Olympics.
The School Fete will be on Sunday 24th June.
The Annual Knock-Out Rounders Competition Friday Evening 29th June
Why not make up a team from your friends or neighbours?
A Village Garage Sale will be held on Saturday 30th June. A good chance to clear out
all those things you no longer need.
A Barn Dance is planned for later in the year (has anyone got a barn we can use?)
                                                 Clanfield Festival Committee Contacts
                                                               Glyn James Tel; 810569
                                                               Peter Farley Tel; 810604

    FREE ESTIMATES                          GUTTER REPAIRS

                                               LEAD/ASBESTOS/CAST IRON GUTTERING
    CLANFIELD (01367) 810380                   & DOWN PIPES FOR HOUSES/FACTORIES.
    SWINDON (01793) 527171                     DUTCH BARNS/BARNS & FARM
                                               BUILDINGS MAINTENANCE OR
    CHELTENHAM (01242) 26151                   REPLACEMENT OF
    WITNEY (01993) 841193                      ROTTING FASCIAS, BARGE BOARDS
                                               OR SOFFITS
    OXFORD (01865) 724127
                                               MAINTENANCE FREE UPVC


Wise Memories - Wild Flowers
When I was a little girl there was nothing I liked better than picking wild flowers. There
weren't many wild flowers in the street I grew up in, in Holyhead, but not far away
there was Salt Island and there, there were buttercups and daisies and clover in
abundance. Not only did I enjoy picking them but I learnt to make daisy chains too.
Later on in my life when I was twelve years old we moved Red Campion
from the town to a house on the island of Anglesey and next
to the house was a field full of wild flowers, not only
buttercups and daisies but red campions, ragged robins,
forget-me-nots, milkmaids and best of all, orchids. According
to my Collins Little Book of Wild Flowers, I see that the
orchids I mostly came across were the Southern Marsh
Orchid, a beautiful deep pink pyramid of a flower. There were also tall yellow irises
growing in a wet corner of the field. Sadly, today this field is built over.
On walks with my Auntie Nell across the farm fields towards the nearest beach, we'd
come across foxgloves and, in the springtime, primroses that seemed to like the
shelter of the rocky outcrops, a feature in the Anglesey fields on the west side of the
island. Once, only once, we came across a deep blue cornflower growing on a bank. I
didn't pick it.
                                There are few woods on the west side of Anglesey, but
                                there is one called Penrhos Woods, and in the spring
                                looking through the large gateway towards the house
                                where the Stanleys of Alderley lived in the middle of
                                the woods, there are masses of snowdrops, but of
                                course they were not for me to pick!
    Ragged Robin                  When, in the early 1940's I came to live in
                                  Oxfordshire, Grafton, to be precise, I noticed that there
were few wild flowers other than the buttercups and daisies but my husband told me
about the fritillaries that grew in the river meadow close to Grafton Lock. Miss Kinchin,
one time teacher at our village school, also told me that children would sometimes
bring her "armfuls" of fritillaries when they were in bloom. I think they disappeared
during the war when many meadows were ploughed up to grow corn. Here there were
cowslips too, I remember, in a field down Langley Lane. I picked a pint of cowslip
heads to make cowslip wine. I only made a gallon, but it was one of the best wines I
ever made.
It seems to me, but I could be wrong, that there are fewer wild flowers about now. But
here in Clanfield we do have snowdrops and primroses in season on the banks of our
brook and a few clumps of marsh marigolds. Speaking of primroses does anyone
know if Primrose Copse still exists? I visited it once and there were primroses - but
that was years ago.
                                                                            Dorothy Wise

Clanfield And Bampton Historical Society
Roman Catholics who, for nearly 300 years, refused to submit to the law that
prohibited their religious practice – who came to be called recusants, from the Latin
for to refuse - faced penalties ranging from fines to the most gory of executions, being
hanged, drawn and quartered.
But, as Tony Hadland told the Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society in a most
detailed and illuminating discourse, with particular reference to our area, though
some, like Edmund Campion, did end their days as martyrs, many others found a
variety of ways of escaping punishment despite disobeying the edict that followed
Henry VIII’s break with Rome, and his proclamation that he, not the Pope, was the
head of the church in England..
From the Papal Bull in 1570, excommunicating Henry, until the Catholic Emancipation
Act of 1829, recusants had to escape nosy neighbours, bounty hunters – who were
paid £1,000 for the conviction of a priest – and even sometimes members of their own
households, but many did, and there was even an official survival strategy, planned at
a meeting at Harleyford, near Marlow, in 1586.
Many great estates housed priests in the guise of stewards or tutors; at Lyford
Grange there was even a nunnery – supported by some at St Beornwald’s Church in
Bampton; Sir John Yate, of Buckland Grange, has a memorial in the church there
stating him to have been a ‘pious Catholic’. For those who want to know more, a new
edition of Tony Hadland’s book on Thames Valley Papists is now available from
Mapledurham House.
The society’s next meeting, at 7.30pm on Wednesday, March 21 st , will be at
Bampton Village Hall, when Shaun Morley will talk to us about Oxfordshire Friendly
Societies: ‘The Wise in Heart Shall be Called Prudent’.
For any information or queries, please contact Alan Smith, chairman, on 01367

Photo Call
There is an intention to create a photographic record or archive of residents in the
village showing where they live. This is an ambitious project and some people will
perhaps not have the means to provide a photograph or at least find it difficult to
produce one that they are happy with.
At the same time I am working towards the next level of qualification for the Royal
Photographic Society. I thought it would be a good opportunity to kill several birds with
one stone.
I am offering to make what is called an ‘environmental portrait’ of you and your family
in or outside your home. There will not be any charge for this and I am happy to give
you a copy of the best shot. I will be selecting 15 of the photographs to present to the
Royal Photographic Society as part of my application for Associate membership of the
For your information The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 'to
promote the Art and Science of Photography', a mission it continues to this day. The
second level of The Society's Distinctions is the Associateship - a significant step up
from Licentiateship. While in the Licentiateship they are looking for basic competence
and skill, to be successful at Associateship level you need to demonstrate a high
standard of technical competence as well as provide evidence of creative ability and
the development of personal style. You also need to be able to show that you are in
                                       complete control of technical aspects which
                                       allows you to produce quality which is entirely
                                       'Fit for purpose' i.e. suits the subject. No
                                       pressure on me then!
                                       Anyway from your point of view it should be
                                       easy and you will be getting a lovely record of
                                       your home and family in this Jubilee year.
                                       Please do give me a call if you want to
                                       volunteer to take part and an arrange a
                                       photoshoot at a mutually convenient time.
                                                         Caroline Crisp of Crisp Images

                                                       MALC NEWMAN
                                              FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
                                                         TRACKS ETC
                                               VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
                                                 BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
                                                       TEL: 01367 810558
                                                       MOB: 07984 602093
                                                  OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
                                                (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )

                  The Newman Consort
                       A talented group of young
                        musicians from Oxford

  A Concert of Sacred Music and Readings
             the season of Lent
     Saint Stephen’s Church, Clanfield
                  6.30 p.m.
          Sunday 11th March 2012
Tickets priced £5.00 are available from church members
                or telephone 01993 851222
                     Interval refreshments

    Clanfield Primary School PTA
       Duck Race & Spring Fair
Sunday 25th March at Clanfield School
Mill Lane
I was reading the last two copies of What? on the net this afternoon and saw the
photo of the bottom of Mill Lane, presumably taken in the mid 30s going by the van. I
was interested to see Fred Farmer’s handcart standing outside his house.
It reminded me of the two Freds and the fact that they were both Special Constables
during the war and we lads used to ride around at night with no lights on our bikes.
Half the time we could not get batteries for the lights anyway. Fred Senior was very
strict on the rules about lights and he
used to lurk in dark places and would        Audrey Jackson
stop us if he could, he always carried a
walking stick and some say that if you       John, Patricia and Linda would like to
did not stop when he said "Where's yer       thank all family and friends for their
lights?" he would put his stick through      support, cards and messages of
your front spokes and stop you that          sympathy. Thank you also to all who
way!                                         attended Mum’s funeral. We were
                                             overwhelmed to see so many of you
I can still see, in my mind's eye, Fred      there. Your generous donations raised
Junior pushing that handcart down the        £490 for ‘Help for Heroes’ for which we
street past the garage where I worked        are grateful.
from the age of fourteen. Happy days.                               Patricia Krzywiec
                         Geoff Saunders

                          PATRICK STRAINGE
                              QUALITY MEAT
                          FROM OUR FAMILY FARMS
     National Finalist Sausage                   Voted Best Sausages in South Of
          Championships                          England as seen on National TV

                    Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon, OX18 2HA
                                Tel 01993 850350
The Parish Council have recently
commissioned a ROSPA safety
report for the Children’s Playground
on the Recreation Ground and have
replaced some of the broken or
damaged equipment. There is still
some work to do which involves
painting, pruning, removal of
wooden posts and general tidying
up and the Parish Council is
seeking to bring together a small
working group to complete the
work. Could you spare a couple
of hours to help with this? If you
would be willing to help, please
contact Councillor Melanie Andrews
on 01367 810114 as soon as

                             LINDSEY ALLAN
                     Quality Cordon Bleu Cuisine
   I provide a flexible service tailored to meet all your
    requirements, from the simple supper party to the
                   more formal dinner.
                     My other services include –
                         Business Lunches
                          Cocktail parties
                  Telephone 01367 810340 mobile 07799 777107

Clanfield Football Club
In this season’s F A Vase Clanfield beat Newbury 5-3 away from home, but then lost 2
-0 to Flackwell Heath in the next round, with both of their opponents being current
Hellenic League clubs.
Clanfield first played Newbury Town when they were promoted to the Premier Division
of the Hellenic League in 1970, and the two clubs were Hellenic League Premier
Division adversaries for 10 of the next 12 seasons, a sequence only broken by
Newbury's relegation in 1973, and Clanfield's relegation in 1980, although both teams
returned to the top flight after one season.
Generally Clanfield's results at Newbury's ground were poor, and I cannot recall a
Clanfield victory at their Faraday Road Ground since I started following Clanfield's
results in 1973, so the F A Vase victory was welcome. Even in 1972/73 when
Clanfield finished runners up, and Newbury Town finished bottom of the table, they
still beat us 1-0 at home.
For the three seasons 1974/75 to 1976/77 Clanfield finished just above Newbury in
the table, but in the next five seasons Newbury finished first twice, and second once
before being promoted to the Isthmian League.
When Newbury Town were wound up in 1995 Ecchinswell moved into their ground
and renamed themselves AFC Newbury. When however AFC Newbury lost the lease
of the Faraday Road ground in 2006 Reading League club Old London Apprentice
moved to the ground and renamed themselves Newbury. The current Newbury boss
is Steve Melledews who scored prolifically with several league clubs, and was at
Everton when they won the football league championship in 1970 without actually
Flackwell Heath whom Clanfield played in the next round were promoted to the
Premier Division of the Hellenic League in 1977, and were in this division alongside
Clanfield for four of the next five seasons, before leaving to join the Athenian League.
In each of these seasons they finished above Clanfield in the table, and although I do
not have the results of the games in the 1978/79 season to hand they achieved four
wins and two draws in the other six. They also beat us in a league cup tie in 2009/10,
as well as the F A Vase tie.
The club's search for a first home league win of the season goes on. As I am writing
this they achieved two 2-2 draws and a 3-2 loss in successive home games against
three teams they had already beaten on their travels, although in two of these games
they managed to level the scores after being 2-0 down, and in the other they twice
came from behind to force a draw.
 Footnote: Clanfield finally recorded their first home league win of the season with a
                    3-0 success against Trowbridge on Saturday.
                                                                        Malcolm Clarke

    Simms Property Maintenance
                                             A C Smart Tiling
                                          Reliable and Professional Service
                                              from 18 years experience.
                                             For the fixing of Ceramic,
                                           Porcelain, Mosaic, Terracotta,
Experienced and Fully Qualified City        Slate, Marble, Natural Stone
and Guilds Painter and Decorator. For              and Glass Tiles.
all your Interior and Exterior
paintwork, minor plastering, repairs            All work guaranteed.
and odd jobs. Fully Insured. Excellent        Free quotes, tile quantity
references from previous clients. Very    calculations and advice available
competitive rates. For a free no                 with no obligation.
obligation quote please call Tony:
                                                   01993 851694
        (01367)810152 (Home)                           Adrian Smart
                                            1 Primrose Cottage, Weald, Bampton
        07879 335123 (Mobile)

                      20 years experience
     Garden services provided                   Property Services
          Grass Cutting                              Plumbing
            Clearance                                Electrical
         Hedge Trimming                         Tiling, Decorating
          Leaf Clearing                           House clearing
             Fencing                     Kitchen & Bathroom Installation
                                               Guttering, Odd jobs

           We provide a friendly & professional service for
                 Private and Commercial properties.
     We use qualified tradesmen for Gas & Electrical work and
            certificates are issued where appropriate.
     Call Stuart or Karina on 01367 810397 or 07823 337029

St. Stephen’s Church
A concert of music and readings for Lent, given by the Newman Consort will be held
in St Stephen’s, Clanfield at 6.30 p.m. on Sunday, 11th March. Tickets are priced at £5
and will be available from church members or at the door.
The Newman Consort was founded in 2011 to sing at Roman Catholic masses and
other occasions. Many of its members are current or former students of Oxford
University who perform to a very high standard indeed. A range of music, from ancient
plainsong to recently-commissioned religious works, will be performed, and the
evening is definitely not to be missed! If you would like to hear some of the Consort's
recent performances, their website is:
Our congregation has celebrated two very special events over recent weeks: on 29th
January Francis and Andrew Bradley, both regular attenders and helpers at our
services, were confirmed in St. Mary’s, Bampton, by Colin Fletcher, Bishop of
Dorchester. Clanfield was very well represented with nearly the whole congregation
joining the Bradley family in this momentous and lovely occasion. This was followed
on 12th February at St. Stephen’s by Benedict Bradley taking Holy Communion for the
first time and, again, this was very special for the Bradley family and the rest of us.
Thank you to all the Bradleys for allowing us to share in these significant moments in
your Christian pilgrimage as a family.
Please remember Friday 2nd March is the annual Women’s World Day of Prayer. This
year the theme is “Let justice prevail” and the readings and songs have been chosen
by Christian women from Malaysia. Special services will be happening that day
worldwide and our local one is at St. Mary’s, Bampton, at 7.30pm. Please contact Liz
Stevens (01367 810255) or Judith Hillier (01367 810474) if you would like a lift.
Finally, Saturday 17th March is the date for annual St. Stephen’s spring-cleaning.
Please meet us at the church at 10am ready to make our church and grounds look
tidy and well-maintained ready for all the weddings and Jubilee celebrations that lie in
the year ahead.
Dates for your diary
Friday 2nd March:      7.30pm Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at St. Mary’s,
Sunday 11th March:     6.30pm Newman Consort concert in St. Stephen’s.
Saturday 17th March: 10am annual church spring-clean!
Mondays: Delicious lunches available 12noon to 1.30pm every week at the Carter
Institute, Clanfield. Come along and enjoy a bowl of home-made soup and a roll,
followed by tea/coffee and biscuits. If you are interested in making soup or helping to
serve, please contact John or Nancie Greatrex on (01367) 810609 for more details.

Services in March
Sunday 4th March:           10.30am Family Service, led by Judith Hillier
Sunday 11th March:          9.15am Holy Communion Service, led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 18th March:          10.30am Family Communion and Mothering Sunday service,
                            led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 25th March:          10.30am Family Communion, led by Rev. David Battersby.
Sunday 1st April:           10.30am Palm Sunday Holy Communion Service, led by Rev.
                            David Battersby.
Friday 6th April:           2.00pm Good Friday “The Last Hour” Service, led by Rev.
                            David Lloyd.
                                                                            Judith Hillier

Fuelling your community
home heating oil
fuels for agriculture and industry
monthly payments scheme
boiler servicing                                                Brize Norton                                           01993 851122

Are you part of / do you run a community café or coffee morning or
other social meeting point for people in your community?
As part of ORCC’s ‘Community Action Project’ we are trying to get in touch
with people that are either part of or run community café type projects. This
could be anything from a full social enterprise project that runs a full time café
to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly group that provides a meeting place for
people to get together informally on a regular basis.
If you are part of one of these groups we would love to hear from you so we
can gain a better understanding of what is being done, how these activities
benefit the local communities and how they have been set up, so we can
produce some guidance that may help other communities looking to start up
something similar in the future.
Please contact Beth Weston, Community Development Worker at ORCC on
01865 883488, to arrange a suitable time to
have an informal chat.

Clanfield 85 Football Club
The recent bad weather has badly effected the world of football and as these notes
are prepared the Club has played no football in February at all. The Uhlsport Hellenic
Football League postponed the complete programme on their own initiative on
February 4th 2012 which was a very sensible move. However there is always one
and following the blanket postponement one Club went to press claiming that their
ground was playable at the appointed kick-off time. For the following week the
League invited Clubs to report on the afternoon before the day fixed for the match to
advise the League Office as to whether the playing areas would be fit to play the
following day. Not one Club got back to the League to say that they hoped to play
and therefore for the second week running the complete programme was postponed.
From our Club’s point of view this was a sensible decision on both occasions. Radcot
Road was not going to be fit for play and the League’s blanket postponement meant
that there was no need to arrange and attend a ground inspection by a qualified
Referee and thereafter carry out all the formalities of calling the game off. As these
notes are prepared the weather has improved and we are looking forward to our next
As a result of the postponements the Club remains in the Uhlsport Hellenic League
Supplementary Cup which is a Competition for Clubs eliminated from the Uhlsport
Hellenic League Blue Fin Insurance Brokers Challenge Cup. We were due to play
Didcot Town Reserves on February 4th 2012. This game will now have been played
on Tuesday, February 21st 2012.
Unfortunately the postponements mean that there will be a backlog of fixtures. As
these notes are prepared the First Team have ten League matches, the
Supplementary Cup match, and the Semi-Final of the Faringdon Thursday Memorial
Cup to fit in before the end of the Season. Happily our investment in a floodlighting
system means that for games that we have to play at home there should be no
The Under 16 Team, who play in the Oxfordshire Football Association Invitation A
League have a few games to play and are also through to the Semi-Final of the
Oxfordshire County Under 16 Cup.
The Under 13 Team have continued their good form and are well placed in their
League which is the Giles Sports Witney and District Youth Under 13 C League.
The League in which the Club plays is part of the National Pyramid of Football. We
play at Step 6 in the pyramid. The Football Association who control Non-League
Football are currently investigating and consulting on the re-organisation of Non-
League Football at Step 5. The proposals for Step 5 (in which Witney Town play) are
radical and may well involve considerable travelling for Clubs in the Competition. The
Club awaits with interest the knock-on effect because the following year the Football
Association will be re-organising and consulting on Step 6. At the present time
looking at the proposals for Step 5 the Club are on the fringes of what will be a

Western-based League. We await with interest the proposals but the Club’s intention
is as always to maintain as high a standard as possible at Clanfield 85 Football Club.
We have a Quiz Night on Saturday, March 10th. This commences at about 8 o’clock
and everyone is welcome to take part.
Full details of the Club’s forthcoming fixtures from First Team to Under 13 Team can
usually be found on a Friday evening on the Club Website.
The regular Monday night Bingo continues and all are welcome to attend. We hope
to have a full programme of social events in the Club in the near future.
Spectators for matches at all levels will be very welcome and a very warm welcome
awaits anyone who wants to come along either to matches or to the Club functions in
the Clubhouse.

                                APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
           A PHONE CALL
               AWAY             ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING WORKS
                                CLANFIELD                01367 810512
                                MOBILE                   07711 427497

Clanfield WI
What a wonderful plant is Aloe Vera! Members were fascinated by the talk on this
succulent plant which was given by Jane-Marie Harrison. Problems with her own
health led her to explore the healing properties of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera which
originates from Africa has been used around the world for medical purposes, and now
it is being grown commercially to make into cosmetic and health products. The gel
can be used for any skin problems and is wonderful for soothing sunburn. The drink
(although considered by some as tasting rather bitter) is great for everything! The
plant can’t cure but it does appear to help the healing process.
Lots of outings and talks are coming up and there is an interesting programme of
meetings planned for the rest of the year. The next WI meeting will be on Tuesday
13th March at 7.30 pm when the Annual General Meeting will be followed by a talk on
hypnotherapy given by Pippa Shay.
If you want to come to a meeting with a view to joining this national women’s
organisations, please just turn up, telephone Heather Clarke on 810655 or visiting .
                                                                          Liz Stevens

An “appeal” for the bells
Did you know that the last time any major work was done to the bells at St. Stephen’s
Church was in 1905 when three bells were added? The other five bells were made in
the 17th century so have done very well. An inspection of the bells and their hangings
has revealed that work needs to be done. The bells will be lifted down from the tower
and the headstocks and wheels taken away for work at the church bell hangers –
Whites of Appleton. Of course, it goes without saying, this is going to cost BIG
money! Approximately £18,000 plus VAT.
The congregation of St. Stephen’s and all the bell ringers would like to see the
continuation of ringing for services and special occasions, but need your help! An
‘appeal’ has been launched and there will be a number of fundraising activities
organised, but if in the meantime you can suggest sources of funding, we would be
most grateful. Donations can be made to Bryn Torrington (Treasurer) at Isengard,
Bakery Lane, Clanfield, OX18 2SD. Tel: 01367 810510– cheques payable to
Clanfield Community Church Council. Thank you!
                                       Liz Stevens – Church Warden (and bell ringer!)

Reducing Energy Bills Through Thermal
A thermal imaging camera that shows heat loss in homes is helping West Oxfordshire
residents reduce their fuel bills.
With training for volunteers organised by West Oxfordshire District Council, seven
community groups are now surveying homes and capturing thermal images showing
where heat is escaping. Householders taking part in this free service will be supplied
with a heat loss report, which will also give them advice on how to make
improvements and save money on energy bills. The images produce their best results
when there is a significant difference in temperature (around 10 degrees) between the
interior and exterior of homes and the process is carried out from the outside of the
Volunteer groups taking part in the project are: Hailey PACT, Sustainable Charlbury,
Sustainable Stonesfield, Sustainable Witney, Sustainable Woodstock Sustainable
Wychwoods and Green TEA (Transition Eynsham area). Details of these groups,
including how to arrange a survey are on West Oxfordshire District Council’s website,, or call 01993 861000.

                                          Planning a Party, or maybe you
  G . P. J O N E S                        would just like to have friends or
       Clanfield                           family to stay and are short of
                                          space; why not book a room at
  GENERAL BUILDING &                             your local B & B?
                                            WHEELGATE HOUSE
Brick & Stonework    Pergolas & Decking    BED AND BREAKFAST
Extensions           Closeboard
Driveways            Stock Fencing
Patio & paving       Chain Link
Plastering           Post & Rail
Rendering            Panels
Drainage             Gates
Guttering & Fascia   Boat Moorings        Elizabeth Gooddy, Wheelgate House,
                                                Market Square, Bampton,
Call for a free estimate                         Oxfordshire, OX18 2JH
Telephone: 01367 810464                    Tel: 01993 851151 / 07747 466151
  Mobile: 07790 501181                      Website:

    Nick Rowland
      CARPENTRY                              For straight
            &                              forward advice
                                             on buying,
       Kitchens etc
     made to individual
                                          selling or letting
       requirements                         property, call
       Tel: 01993 840347
     Mobile: 07971 514540                 01993 771077

                                 Body Talk
                                       Hair and Beauty Salons
                                11 High Street, Eynsham. Tel: 01865 880820
                                Harvest View, Buckland Marsh. Tel: 01367 870444

 Body Talk is an established business since May 2000.
 We pride ourselves with our excellent customer service
           and commitment to our clients
At ‘Body Talk’, we promise that our treatments are the best
available locally. At either one of our salons, the friendly and
professional staff guarantee you will receive a calm, restful,
soothing and relaxing treatment.
Apart from our expansive treatment menu, to include all general
beauty and hairdressing, we always have special offers available on
selected treatments and our famous pamper days which take place
at the end of each month.
Call us now for more information about our fantastic offers or to
book an appointment. Our experienced and welcoming staff will
be pleased to help you.
 (Offers not available with any other promotion or discount vouchers.)
                    Decleor, OPI and Tigi stockists
                       Gift Vouchers available
           Body talk, for all your hair and beauty needs

Neighbourhood Policing: Carterton, Bampton
and Burford
There has been an increase in the number of reports of dogs not being under control
in a public area. Several dogs have been attacked and received nasty injuries. Please
could we ask all owners to take responsibility, keep your dogs under control and clear
up after them.
There have been a number of complaints received in relation to people cycling on the
footpaths and cycling without lights. As a cyclist you should always have lights on
your bike when it is dark and should cycle on the road or cycle paths as indicated. If it
is not safe to cycle on the road then please dismount and push your bike to reduce
the risk of injury to pedestrians. Penalty notices will be issued to those who ignore
A burglary took place this month on Aston Road, Bampton. We are asking all
communities from Bampton, Burford and Carterton to remain vigilant and if anything
appears suspicious then please contact the police on 101. Following on from this
please be mindful of parking vehicles in beauty spot areas and leaving items such as
handbags and sat navs on display. Ensure your vehicles are locked.
We are appealing for witnesses to a number of criminal damage incidents that have
occurred at the end of January to the units on West Oxfordshire industrial park by the
BP garage in Carterton. We would like to speak to anyone who has information about

     Charles                                                   NO CALL OUT
                                                              CHARGE WITHIN
         HICKMAN Ltd.                                        LOCAL emergency call
           Heating & Plumbing Engineer

      Central heating installation        With over 30 years experience of
      New bathrooms/showers                 installing Heating & Plumbing
      Upgrade heating controls                 systems, small works and
      Outdoor taps                       maintenance, please call Charles for
      Washing machine installation        a professional and reliable service
      Small works

             (Clanfield) 01367 810457 or Mobile 07760 170625

  Save money on the cost of your heating oil!
                             Free Membership
ORCC is giving away 250 FREE memberships for Bulk Oil Buying Scheme between
now and 31st March.
ORCC, Oxfordshire’s long established community charity, has set up a social
enterprise that will reduce the cost of your domestic heating oil each time you place
an order! The scheme is designed to help purchasers of central heating oil to save
money by buying in bulk. By operating county-wide, the scheme makes it possible for
new or existing local community oil-buying groups to make the most of their collective
purchasing power. Under the Warm Homes Healthy People scheme households at
risk can benefit from cheaper heating oil with FREE membership. Households at risk
are households unable to meet the cost of fuel prices over the winter, perhaps
families with young children, older people, people with a disability or long term illness,
or out of employment. If you are worried about the cost of your heating, or if you think
that there might be people in your community who could benefit, please get in touch.
For free membership please contact or telephone 01865 883488

                     WHAT?’s On in Clanfield
     Clanfield Pre-school                         Monday Drop-in Lunches
For children in the age range 2–5 at the      Drop in at the Carter Institute every
Methodist Church Hall. Open every             Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm (excluding
Monday to Friday from 8.45am - 2.45pm         Bank Holidays) and you can be assured
during term-time. Call Jane Brown on          of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
01367 860848 (home) or 01367 810365           and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
(pre-school) for details                      Contact John Greatrex - 810609
     Clanfield Baby & Toddlers                    Historical Society
Every Wednesday at the Carter Institute       Monthly meetings between October and
from 10.00am until 11.30am. Contact           May in either Clanfield or Bampton.
Sharon 07776 252314 or Simone 07914           Details from Alan Smith on 01367
539613                                        810245
     Women’s Institute                            Carter Institute
Meetings are held every second                For bookings contact Mrs.           Kate
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in the      O’Donnell on 01367 810440
Carter Institute. Notices giving details of
the meeting will be on display in the Post        Art Classes
Office and village notice boards. All         Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further
welcome. Contact Heather Clarke, 12           details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on
Manor Lane, Clanfield 01367 810655.           810553
     Mobile Library Service
The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield
every other Thursdays; by the Church
                                               JON LODGE & SON
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm
                                                  General Builders
     Bell Ringing                               Extensions, driveways,
Practice night each Wednesday from               patios, fencing, upvc
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.
New ringers always welcome. Contact             windows + doors, roof
Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367
810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
                                                   repairs, laminate
01367 810587                                            flooring
      Snooker Club
                                                 27 years experience
7:30pm – 10 pm every Tuesday,
Thursday & Friday evening, upstairs in
the Carter Institute. Contact Barrie
                                                  01367 810189 or
Rawlinson on 01367 810265                           07870 196178

                                                          Advertising Rates
WHAT? To Trade                                              (as from April 2006)
Advertise for FREE anything you’d like to     Full page   (128 x 190 mm) £24.00
sell or give away - from children’s clothes   ½ page      (128 x 85 mm)    £12.00
& toys to books & DVDs; furniture to          ¼ page      (128 x 40 mm) OR
surplus garden plants.                                    (60 x 85 mm)     £10.00
 Ten striped mahogany internal doors c/       Eighth page (58 x 40 mm)     £6.00
   w brass hinges, handles and locks              Adverts can be sent by email in either
          circa 1985 - £75 ono.                   MS Word, MS Publisher or as a JPEG.
           Telephone 810510
                                                Email letters and articles to:
    Television – 17inch Alba – needs
         Freeview Box - £30 ono
        Telephone 01367 810483
                                               Deliver Handwritten Articles to:
                                               Caroline Crisp, The Grange, Bourton Road,
                                                Clanfield OX18 2PB Tel: 01367 810452
                                              (all handwritten articles must have a contact
                                                      name and telephone number)
                   Clanfield                                  Treasurer:
                                                             Jan Smith,
                  Pre-school                        12 High House Close, Clanfield
                                                          For general queries
 Small and friendly pre-school,
providing learning through play                             please contact:
                                                    Liz Gaertner    01367 810465
    in a fun environment for                        Caroline Hudson 01367 810452
   children aged 2 – 5 years.                       Charles Willmer 01367 810206

Open 8.45am-2.45pm offering a range           The WHAT? would like to remind
           of sessions.                       readers that it does not accept
                                              responsibility for the content of
       ‘Good’ OFSTED report                   any article printed. Views printed
  We are a Forest School and offer a          are solely those of the contributor.
        summer play scheme.                   The WHAT? will publish all
For further details contact Jane Brown        contributors’ names unless
          on 01367 860848                     anonymity is specifically
                                              requested. Anonymous articles              and or letters will not be printed.
                                              The WHAT? reserves the right to
                                              edit any article, where
                                              appropriate, according to the
                                              available space.
       Spring into Spring and visit
               The Plough
                    Gin Pantry
     22 different Gins (and growing) with lots of
                  interesting tonics.

         Why not try them all (not at once of course)

         Bar and Restaurant menu available
        From casual dining to private dining
              Children’s menu available
        Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

             The Plough Hotel and Restaurant
                 Bourton Road, Clanfield
                     01367 810222


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