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									                                  Process Matrix -- BUSD Project Manual
Item    Description                                                                         Responsibility *

       Pre-Design Phase

 1 Define needs and scale of project; review Project Manual for applicable sections         Principal/PM
 2 Define "site" committee responsibilities and select members accordingly                  Principal/PM
 3 "Site" committee "kick-off" meeting; i.e. who, how selected, committee goals, site       Principal/PM
   needs, established parameters, etc.
 4 Define for "site" typical project phases; i.e. design, documentation, construction       PM
 5 Define for "site" typical project roles; i.e. architect, engineer, contractor            PM
 6 Develop Basic Scope document - verify goals; i.e. "site" expectations                    Principal/PM
 7 Confirm project's budget parameters                                                      PM
 8 Confirm project's schedule expectations                                                  PM
 9 Architect selection process - includes RFQ, interviews, meetings, etc.                   Principal/PM
10 Review architect's qualifications and proposed team as pertains to the project           Principal/PM
11 "Site" recommendation for architect                                                      Principal/PM
12 Approval of architect by board                                                           PM/Board

       Programming Phase

 1 "Site" analysis                                                                          Principal/PM/Arch
 2 Data collection                                                                          Principal/PM/Arch
 3 Design constraints                                                                       PM/Arch
 4 Restoration/preservation issues                                                          PM/Arch
 5 HAZMAT survey - AHERA (asbestos)                                                         PM
 6 Needs Assessment - outline "site's" project expectations and/or goals, i.e. the          Principal
   most important things this project is expected to change"
 7 Issue preliminary Program Document based on above items and issues                       Arch
 8 Review budget expectations vs. program data                                              PM/Arch
 9 Review schedule expectations vs. program data                                            PM/Arch
10 Compare "DSA" standards vs. program data                                                 Principal/PM/Arch
11 Reconcile all expectations with established project parameters and requirements          PM/Arch
12 Deliver final Program Document                                                           Arch

       Design Phase

 1     Establish "site" committee meeting dates and relevant topics                         Principal/PM/Arch
 2     Define major decisions and/or priorities to be determined by the "site" committee;   Principal/PM/Arch
       i.e. list of "bullet points" (the main choices of the project) on which all
       committee members sign off before the project goes to the board for
       schematic design approval.
 3     Publish minutes for all "site" meetings (use architect and/or appoint someone if     Principal/Arch
 4     Prepare Schematic Design drawings                                                    Arch
 5     Review and modify Schematic Design - expectations, budget, scheme                    Principal/Arch

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 6   Approval of Schematic Design by board (includes estimate)                              PM/Board
 7   Prepare Design Development drawings                                                    Arch
 8   Review and modify Design Development Drawings - expectations, budget, scheme           Principal/PM/Arch
 9   Value engineering workshop                                                             PM/Arch
10   List items considered but eliminated due to budget, schedule, etc.                     Principal/PM/Arch
11   Verify all project consultants (update monthly)                                        PM/Arch
12   Prepare Construction Documents                                                         Arch
13   Cost estimate at 90% complete; both architect & PM                                     PM/Arch
14   Coordinate and/or confirm outside agency (DSA, COB health, etc.) approvals and         PM/Arch
15   Coordinate and/or confirm scope of utility work and schedule                           PM/Arch
16   Updates on status of "site" committee issues (as required); i.e."bullet points"        Principal/PM/Arch
17   Complete Construction Documents                                                        Arch
18   Submit Construction Documents to DSA for approval                                      PM/Arch/DSA
19   Develop Phasing Plan (if required)                                                     PM/Arch
20   Develop Relocation Plan for "site" (if required due to project phasing)                Principal/PM/Arch
21   Confirm room assignments                                                               Principal
22   Develop "site" F&E program (if required)                                               Principal/PM
23   Execute any MOU (If required)                                                          PM
24   Issue full set of documents to "site"                                                  Principal/PM/Arch

     Bid Phase

1  Develop bid alternates                                                                   Principal/PM/Arch
2  Approval of bid package by board                                                         PM/Board
3  List of all firms receiving "bid" sets                                                   PM
4  List three low bidders - provide copy to "site"                                          Principal/PM
5  Any adjustments to scope due to budget overrun; i.e. identify impact on "bullet          Principal/PM/Arch
 6 Award recommendations                                                                    PM
 7 Award of contract                                                                        Board
 8 Co-ordinate "site" moves based on Phasing &/or Relocation Plans (if required)            Principal/PM
 9 Prepare & issue F&E specifications for bid                                               Principal/PM/Arch
10 Confirm for "site" ongoing approvals and responsibilities, if any, during                PM/Principal
   construction; i.e. colors, signage, F&E, etc.
11 Identify "site contact" person for construction; clarify communication process.          Principal
12 Issue Project Directory (update as required); define for "site contact" the roles and    Principal/PM
   responsibilities of construction team and how contracts are structured

     Construction Phase

1    Schedule "pre-construction" meeting - attended by all responsible parties              Principal/PM/Arch
2    Schedule "site" meetings - verify frequency, day & time                                Principal/PM/Arch
3    Start weekly project team construction meetings - provide "site" committee w/ copy     PM/Arch
     of minutes
4    Proceed with interim moves as required by Phasing &/or Relocation Plans                Principal/PM
5    Verify schedule "site" decisions - i.e. colors, signage, F&E, etc.                     Principal/PM
6    Review clarifications &/or RFI's for impact, if any, on "site" concerns; i.e."bullet   Principal/PM
7    Review shop drawings &/or submittals for impact, if any, on "site" concerns;           Principal/PM
     i.e."bullet points"

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8    Review change orders &/or field orders for impact, if any, on "site" concerns;          Principal/PM
     i.e."bullet points"
 9   Co-ordinate delivery &/or installation of all "site" F&E items                          Principal/PM
10   Issue "Punch List" of non-conforming items                                              PM/Arch
11   Coordinate installation of all work by district; i.e. data, telephone, security         Principal/PM/Arch
12   Coordinate delivery &/or installation of all "site" F&E items                           Principal/PM
13   Bidding & selection of moving company (if required)                                     Principal/PM
14   Coordinate move logistics with "site"; i.e. date, procedures, expectations, etc.        Principal/PM
15   Coordinate retrieval &/or installation of any off-site storage items                    Principal/PM
16   Complete correction of "Punch-list" items                                               PM/Arch
17   Review with "site" how to run the building; i.e.demonstration by vendors to             Principal/PM/Ven-
     district and "site", proper operation and maintenance of equipment                      dors
18   Deliver to "site" applicable as-builts, manuals &/or warranties for future use          PM/Principal
19   Hand-off of project to Maintenance; i.e. "site" accepts responsibility for ongoing      PM/Prinicipal
     operations and maintenance of project
20   Move-in; i.e."site" occupies project                                                    Principal/PM

     Closeout Phase

1    Finish any ongoing "Punch List" work; review any warranty questions                     Principal/PM/Arch
2    Conduct "Post-Occupancy" review to determine how project has performed in               Principal/PM/Arch
     relation to stated goals and expectations; i.e. specifically "bullet points"
3    Remove any trailers &/or "portables" if applicable                                      PM
4    Determine final cost of construction; source of funds                                   PM
5    Close-out & archive Project Manual                                                      Principal/PM

     Additional Issues to Consider:

1    CEQA document (we had quite a bit of discussion about whether the CEQA                  PM/Arch
     document should be included)
2    Are there "sign outs"?                                                                  Principal/PM
3    Need for temporary facilities or "portables"                                            Principal/PM
4    How to handle ongoing warranty issues                                                   Principal/PM

     * Note: The RESPONSIBILITY column notes the person or organization involved
     in decision process for each item. The bold type indicates the person or
     organization that shall deliver the specific item to the district in conformance with
     the project's criteria and/or specifications.

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