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									07.02.07                                                               Paper 06/RC/12

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Report for College Research Committee, 7 February 2007

1.     IASH Activities

Since my last report to CRC in mid-November, the Institute has organised the following
events, in addition to the Institute’s regular programme of Work-in-Progress seminars,
Enlightenment and Life Writing Workshops and STAR meetings:

30 November           A symposium to mark the launch of “The Edinburgh History of
                      Scottish Literature”

19 January            A Speculative Lunch on the topic of “Sacred Space”. Following this
                      meeting, the group is arranging to meet on a monthly basis to talk
                      further about the topic and explore common interests.

27 January            A seminar by Dr. John Calder, on “From Shakespeare to Beckett: pre-
                      Enlightenment to post-Enlightenment”

A leaflet has been produced with details of the Institute’s Spring Programme (copies
available at the meeting) and abstracts of the workshops are available on the IASH website.

2.     Meeting of Directors of UK and Irish Institutes for Advanced Studies

Following the event which IASH hosted in November, we have organised a second meeting
to be held at the British Academy on 6th February. 16 Institute Directors will be attending, an
indication of the considerable interest in the possibility of the formation of a Consortium of
Research Institutes. Dr. Robin Jackson, Chief Executive of the British Academy will be
joining the group for part of the meeting.

3.     Other Meetings and Links

I attended the Board meeting of the CHCI (Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes)
in Harvard in December. It was agreed that the 2009 CHCI Annual Meeting will be held in
Edinburgh, provisionally around the theme of “Enlightenments”.

I have had discussions with representatives of the University’s Emeritus Professors, led by
Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, who are seeking official recognition for their status within the
University. They will hold a meeting in the Institute on 22nd February and a regular monthly
meeting at IASH thereafter; I have made it clear that they are welcome to take part in any
Institute events which may be of interest.

The Institute is hosting the Tanner Lectures on Human Values, first delivered in Princeton
University in 2005-6, by Professor Emma Rothschild. The lectures entitled “The Inner Life
of Empires” will be given in the Playfair Library on 5th and 6th March at 5.15 p.m.
Professor Tony La Vopa, Leverhulme Visiting Professor at the Institute, with colleagues in
Philosophy and History, is organising a two-day conference on “Philosophy in the
Enlightenment” on 23rd/24th April.

07.02.07                                                               Paper 06/RC/12

Sally Hobson, the Edinburgh International Festival's Programme Development Manager, has
been appointed the 2007 Creative Fellow at IASH. Her appointment marks a departure in the
direction of the fellowship. She will undertake research to develop further the philosophy and
approach behind the outreach and educational work undertaken by the Edinburgh
International Festival, and explore this potential for the people of Scotland in future years.

4.     Conference on “Belonging in the New Europe: A Scottish Perspective”: 13-14
       September 2007

It was decided to postpone the conference, which had been provisionally scheduled for 2nd
May, until 13-14 September. The focus of the conference has been narrowed and will now
address “Belonging in the New Europe: A Scottish Perspective”. Neal Ascherson has been
invited to give a keynote lecture on 13th September and there will then be a full day’s
discussions on 14th September. These will centre on three panels: “Structures of Belonging”,
“Narratives of Belonging” and “Sites of Belonging”. I would welcome suggestions for
possible participants.

5.     Timetable for Processing Visiting Research Fellowships and Mellon Fellowships

As agreed at the last meeting, the timetable for the processing of Fellowship applications will
be as follows:

       28 February            Deadline for receipt of VRF applications
       9 March                Deadline for receipt of Mellon applications
       16 March               Applications sent to School Research Directors for assessment
       4 April                Deadline for return of assessments from Schools

We will accordingly be sending the relevant applications to each School Director of Research
and would be most grateful for your comments and gradings by 4 April.

If you know that you will not be available to look at the applications between 16 March and 4
April please let me know and nominate a deputy in your School who can undertake this task.

6.     RAE

I will table at the meeting a list of IASH Fellows, sorted by Schools and in some cases
subject areas, who have been at the Institute since the last RAE census date. I would
welcome CRC requests for other information that we might be able to provide that would be
useful for the RAE5 submissions that cannot otherwise be obtained from the IASH website.

7.     IASH Fellows – a list of current Fellows is attached (Appendix 1), for information.

Susan Manning
January 2007

07.02.07                                                             Paper 06/RC/12

                                                                            Appendix 1


Name                         Affiliation                          Research Project

Dr. Alexander          Croatian Institute of        David Hume's stay at the Viennese
Buczynski              History, University of       court, and the military organisation of
                       Zagreb                       the Scottish Highlands in the
                                                    Eighteenth Century
Ms. Kristin Cook       STAR Research Officer        Jefferson, 18th Century Literary Studies
                                                    and Transatlantic Performativity
Dr. Beth Cross         Centre for Educational       Migrations of Meaning in post colonial
                       Sociology, Moray House       and post industrial contexts: children's
                       School of Education,         perceptions of authority, identity and
                       Edinburgh                    agency in changing literacy landscapes

Professor William      Department of Classics,      Rewriting the Past: Rome in the Punica
Dominik                University of Otago          of Silius Italicus
Professor David        Social Sciences, Media and   Migration, Identity and Scots-New
Finkelstein            Communication, Queen         Zealand: Print Culture Traditions, 1860
                       Margaret University,         – 1980
Dr. Randy Gordon       Independent                  Connection between the core
                       Scholar,Dallas, Texas        Humanities, Law and Democracy
Dr. Claudia Heide      History of Art, University   The cultural appropriation of Islamic
                       of Edinburgh                 Spain: Anglo-American perceptions of
                                                    al-Andalus (c.1800-1900)
Ms. Sally Hobson       Edinburgh International      Edinburgh Festival Creative Fellow
Dr. Christopher Ivic   Dept. of English and         The British Union: The Production,
                       Communication, State         Circulation, and Reception of Ideas
                       University of New York,
                       College at Potsdam
Professor Tony         Department of History,       Conceptions of masculinity and the self
LaVopa                 North Carolina State         in the Enlightenment
Professor Simon        Evolutionary                 Gifford Lectures: "Darwin 's Compass:
Conway Morris          Palaeobiology, Department    How Evolution Discovers the Song of
                       of Earth Sciences,           Creation"
                       University of Cambridge
Dr. Marta Moskal       Centre for European          Migration, identity dynamics and
                       Studies, Jagiellonian        constructions of social differences, the
                       University, Krakow           case of Polish-speaking migrants,
                                                    migrants' mass media, migrants'
Dr. Roxana Preda       University of Edinburgh      American Gothic fiction in the 20th

07.02.07                                                         Paper 06/RC/12

Dr. Endre Sashalmi   Medieval and Early          State-building and Political System in
                     Modern History,             the Russian Empire, 1547-1864
                     University of Pécs,
Dr. Robert Savage    Irish Studies, Boston       Television and Irish Society, 1962-1972
Dr. Nóra Séllei      Institute of English and    Moments of Being, or Patterns of Self-
                     American Studies,           Creation in Virginia Woolf’s
                     University of Debrecen      Autobiographical Texts
Dr. Alexandra        Faculty of History,         Perceptions of worth and social status
Shepard              University of Cambridge     in early modern England
Dr. Scott Spurlock   New College, University     The Self-Construction of Lay Roman
                     of Edinburgh and Scottish   Catholic Identity in Covenanted and
                     United Reformed and         Interregnum Scotland (1638 -1660)
                     Congregational College,
Dr. Karina           Department of English       18th Century Studies, and colonial and
Williamson           Literature, University of   post-colonial Caribbean history and
                     Edinburgh                   writing.
Dr. Zhao Guangxu     Shanghai Maritime           A Hermeneutic Study of William
                     University                  Wordsworth's Incarnational Poetics


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