School Finance Update #28 on Legislative Session by CLsp2J3r


									School Finance Update
 #28 on Legislative

   House Bill 604 -> Equity
 House Bill 5 -> The What if
    TEA’s Proposal for
        12.5% Cut

• Reduction to school districts
• Between $811,667 and $6,395,711
• Depending on TEA Proposals
   Potential Budget Cuts
      affecting LISD
• (1) ADA Funding = Reduction in
  Basic Services
• (2) NIFA Funding = Reduction in
  new furniture for new
  replacement schools
• (3) CATE allotment = Reduction
  in CATE funds
• (4) State Comp weight =
  Reduction in state comp. funds
   Potential Budget Cuts
      affecting LISD
• (5) Bilingual allotment and
  reduce the CATE weight. =
  Reduction in bilingual funds
• (6) Transportation and gifted
  and talented allotment by 50% =
  Reduction in transportation
  costs and GT funds
Possible Contingency Plan
1. Budget Freeze May 1st
2. Restrict Travel
3. Reduce allocation to schools
   by reduction in allotment
   (after legislative session)
4. Eliminate programs not needed
5. Possible reduction in force
 Update on House Bill 604
1.Provides for a complete sunset
 1. CH 41 –Robin Hood
 2. CH 42 –Equalization
 3.CH 45 – IFA
 4.CH 46 –EDA
 Makes changes in school funding
 Update on House Bill 604
• Provides for 3% for 2 year
  guarantee of increased funding
  on a per student basis
• No formal financial plan yet
 Upcoming events and Follow
1. Watch Committee Meetings on HB 604 and HB
2. Possibly provide testimony on problems
   with HB 5 and HB 604
3. Watch for consolidation of these bills. In
   other words, watch the problems with HB
   604 and new good things of HB 5
4. Make sure that we do not settle for one
   time increases that appear good, but lack
   Equity and Adequacy
5. Let’s do not mortgage the future for a
   quick dollar today…..

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