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					                              Elders Meeting Minutes
                                     April 30, 2008
Members present:
       Mike Wnorowski, chairman
       Norm Steen, Secretary
       Clyde Awtrey
       Kevin Farlee
       Chuck Pierce
Members Absent:
       Dan Crowbridge, out of town
       Ken Mall, out of town
       Bob Olsen, leave of absence
       Burl Ryding, out of town
Guests present: none

1. Norm opened the meeting in prayer at 7:15pm. Mike challenged us to consider the
time we spend communicating and listening to God, especially amid the busy-ness of our
daily lives. Consider what gifts God has given us, Ephesians 1:3-5. God has a purpose
for us, according to His will, sealed with the promised Holy Spirit. He blesses and equips
those He calls.

2. Guest discussion. None.

3. Elders schedule for May.
               8:00                  10:30                  Sat/ 5:30
May 4          Kevin/Chuck           Mike/Norm              Mike

May 11         Chuck/Kevin           Norm/Bob               Mike

May 18         Burl/Chuck            Mike/Ken               Mike

May 25         Burl/Kevin            Dan/Bob                Clyde

4. Communications received. Received email from Jane Campbell, requesting contact.
Other communications received and follow ups signed.

5. Membership actions. Eric and Debbie Ward requested transfer to Trinity Lutheran
Church in Olympia, WA. Approved. Luke Kunze requested transfer to Trinity Lutheran
Church in Greeley, CO Approved. Krista Means and children request release to attend a
non-LCMS church in Colorado Springs. Approved.

6. Pastor’s Report. Clyde reported on his and Mike Wnorowski’s ability to provide the
Lord’s Supper at the request of members attending the Saturday evening service. Clyde
will coordinate with Dan Crowbridge, congregational president, to seek permission
for Mike to officiate at the Saturday service. Clyde has been approved by Pastor Golter,
the LCMS Rocky Mountain District President, to provide Word and Sacrament ministry
at Abiding Word Lutheran Church in Falcon CO until an ordained pastor can serve that

7. Business.
        a. First communion service, May 4. Five new communicants: Karl Akerberg,
Zach Butler, Allie Cunningham, Cassie Dallmann, and Ben Magnuson.
        b. New member update, May 10 get acquainted and May 18 welcome and cook
out: Ron & Denice Fisher, Helen Gould, Patty McRae, Greg & Pam Nichols (transfer),
Amanda Hobson, Maureen Enget.
        c. Mothers Day/Pentacost, May 11. Kevin Farlee will coordinate details with
Pastor Reiner.
        c. Capital campaign update. Put on hold until a new pastor is here.
        d. Letter to Congregation concerning care givers. Tabled, following discussion
with Pastor Reiner.
        e. Vacancy discussion. Clyde moved, and Kevin seconded, that the Board of
Elders invite Pastor Mark Reiner to serve as a part time vacancy pastor, and that the
Church Council approve a suitable compensation plan for him.
        f. Worship and Music Advisory Group. Group membership consists of Pastor
Reiner, Lori Lays, Mary Heller, Dan Scherling, and Mike Wnorowski. Group is working
        g. Care giving update. Discussion on elder care assignments to members.

8. Search Committee update. Norm reported on work of the committee, and distributed a
final draft version of the congregational survey. One addition was made, to add “care
giving” to the list of professional qualities of our next pastor.

9. Closing. Clyde closed the meeting in prayer at 9:35pm. Next meeting is May 27,
2008 at 7:00pm.

Norm Steen

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