The Pledge of Allegiance by itpQkVtj


									       Paraphrasing to Understand the Pledge of Allegiance
The Pledge of Allegiance is something we say every morning in school, but we don’t
usually think about what we’re saying. It’s just something we were taught to say, and
there are words and concepts in it that many of us don’t understand. It’s just empty

Some History: The Pledge was written for the popular kid's magazine Youth's
Companion by author and Baptist minister Francis Bellamy on September 7, 1892. The
owners of Youth's Companion were selling flags to schools, and approached Bellamy to
write the Pledge for their advertising campaign. It was marketed as a way to celebrate the
400th anniversary of Columbus arriving in the Americas.

Instructions: Our mission is to break down the pledge and put it into words that more
specifically describe what we are pledging. Look up words you are unclear on; break
down complex concepts disguised as simple words and explain those concepts in more
specific language; write your new pledge in a way that sounds good to the audience
you’ll be presenting to (and don’t forget a snazzy new title). You’re paraphrasing the
entire pledge, but give special attention to the words in italics. Also, you can order the
parts of your pledge like the original, or be creative in transforming it (as long as you get
in all the sections).

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance

to the Flag

of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands,

one Nation

under God,


with liberty

and justice

for all.

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