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									         Ocean Road School P.T.O. - January 18th, 2011 Meeting Minutes

•Welcome 
•Pledge of Allegiance
•Approval of Minutes from prior 2 meetings – Michelle H & Deb H
•Treasurer’s Report
        General Account – $20367.50, Playground Account -
$2343.73, Crisis Fund- $613.26, Project 5th Grade- $5008.56
•Correspondence – letter from Mrs Buck – thank you for helping the community
•Old Business
        Holiday Store – kids enjoyed it! Made over $900
        Computers for Education –sent 104 totally full, 100 partial, we receive
        $.50/mailable card
•Crisis Fund Collection
            Food Chain list sent around
•New and Ongoing Business
        Calendar Raffle – ends Jan 31st - @3k this yr –scrips saved us $-def helped us
        Project 5th Grade- Jen H & Sue G
        Box Tops - Laura K-spring contest-products people buy anyway
        Pirate Bingo – March 25th (6-10pm)–need helpers! at Elks,mailer will be sent out
        Wingo – Kelly M –February 25th- need helpers! Night of & stuffing goody bags
        American Girl – Nicole S – 4/16 need helpers! Hawaiian theme
        Book Fair– 3/4-10 (10th is also night) coffee house!-MaryEllen– need helpers!
        TaiKwonDo Fundraiser – Donna A-if u sign up, & try 1 mo of classes, pto gets $
        School Store – 1/28 – added a date
        Officers for 2011-2012 – time to start thinking – put in writing-give to nominating
        committee,letters read in April, vote in May
•HS – Relay for Life-cancer fund raise
•Bd of Ed- Sue –Bd Member-Bd wants to partner up w PTO more, want to come to PTO
to explain stuff to us – maybe next mtg have Superintendent speak
        •Looking to do a pre-budget mtg -info posted on website
•Teacher’s Report –n/a
• Principal’s Report – all is fine
• Closing: Adjournment
•Public Comments
7 Attendees, 5 Bd Members, Total: 12

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