Huron Intermediate School District by 7SN062C3


									                                                                                                                                                   Form C

                                         Huron Intermediate School District
                                             Teacher Observation Form
                                 School Year ___________________________________

Teacher                                                  Evaluator                                           Date of Observation

I. Planning and Preparation
                                                                                                                Needs         Meets                       Not
                                                                                              Unacceptable   Improvement   Expectations   Outstanding   Observed
     a.   Demonstrates Knowledge of Content and Resources
          Content, prerequisite relationships, content-related resources
     b. Demonstrates Knowledge of Students
          Characteristics of age group; students’ varied approaches to learning, skills
          and knowledge, interests, and cultural heritage; multiple intelligences and
          learning styles; differentiated instruction
     c. Designs Coherent Instruction/Pedagogy
          Learning activities, instructional materials and resources, instructional groups,
          lesson and unit structure
     d.   Assesses Student Learning
          Alignment with instructional goals, criteria/standards, use for planning
     e. Follows Prescribed Curriculum (general curriculum)
          Value, clarity, suitability for diverse students, balance; instructional
          goals/lesson plans address Michigan Curriculum Framework standards
          and benchmarks
     f.   Uses Preparation Time to Support Teaching and Learning
          Time applied to mastery of standards and benchmarks
     g.   Provides Instructional Materials for Substitutes
          Substitute packet—materials and plans

II. Classroom Environment
                                                                                                                Needs         Meets                       Not
                                                                                              Unacceptable   Improvement   Expectations   Outstanding   Observed

     a. Creates an Environment of Respect and Rapport
          Teacher interaction with students, student interaction
     b. Establishes a Culture for Learning
          Importance of the content, student pride in work, high expectations for learning
          and achievement, student motivation
     c.   Manages Classroom Procedures – posted classroom expectations
          Management of instructional groups, transitions, materials and supplies,
          performance of noninstructional duties, supervision of volunteers/parapros
     d.   Manages Student Behavior – direct teaching of behavioral expectations
          High expectations, monitoring of student behavior, response to student
     e.   Practices School Health and Safety Procedures
          Knowledge of fire, disaster, and crisis procedures; supervision of students
          during emergency drills; procedures for securing and dispensing medication
          and associated record-keeping; recommended precautionary measures related
          to bloodborne pathogens
     f.   Organizes Physical Space
          Safety and arrangement of furniture, classroom appearance, use of physical

3/5/12                                                                                                                                                       1
                                                                                                                                                            Form C
III. Instruction
                                                                                                                   Needs             Meets                         Not
                                                                                                Unacceptable    Improvement       Expectations    Outstanding    Observed
      a.     Communicates Clearly and Accurately
             Directions and procedures, oral and written language
      b.     Uses Effective Questioning and Discussion Techniques
             Quality of questions, discussion techniques, student participation
      c.     Engages Students in Learning
             Lesson content, activities, and assignments; grouping of students, motivation,
             participation; instructional materials and resources; structure and pacing
      d.     Provides Feedback to Students
             Quality—accurate, substantive, constructive, and specific; timeliness
      e.     Demonstrates Flexibility and Responsiveness
             Lesson adjustment, response to students, persistence
      f.     Uses Instructional Time Productively
             Use of entire class period for teaching and learning
      g.     Assigns Meaningful Homework Tasks
             Appropriate duration and frequency, relevant, connected to standards and
             benchmarks, enhance learning
      h.     Uses Higher-Level Thinking Skills
             Critical thinking, problem-solving strategies as tested on MEAP
      i.     Uses Research-based Effective Instructional Methods and
             Materials (i.e. Read Naturally, Rewards)
             Establishes and maintains instructional planning with colleagues for shared

IV. Professional Responsibilities
                                                                                                                   Needs             Meets                         Not
                                                                                                Unacceptable    Improvement       Expectations    Outstanding    Observed

      a. Maintains Accurate Records
             Instructional and noninstructional records, forms
      b. Communicates with Parents and Families
             Information about instructional programs, student information, engagement of
             families in instructional program; interaction with customers
      c. Contributes to the District/Building
             Relationships with colleagues, service to the building, supports district
      d.     Cooperates with Colleagues and Support Staff
             Respectful, courteous interaction with instructional and non-
             instructional staff; team player; fair share of ideas, materials, committee work
      e.     Cooperates with/Supports Administration
             Positive participation in staff meetings, committees, school improvement
             initiatives; administrative decisions upheld
      f.     Follows Huron ISD/Building Policies and Procedures
             Knowledge, execution of policies/procedures outlined in Personnel Handbook
      g. Works Toward Professional Growth and Development
             Implementation of essential curriculum; commitment to ongoing learning
      h. Shows Professionalism
             Confidentiality in all matters; service to students, advocacy, decision making;
             dress and grooming; attendance, punctuality

Post-Observation Conference
Suggestions for Improvement

Teacher’s Signature                                    Evaluator’s Signature                          Post-Observation Conference Date (within five days of observation)
Optional staff comments (see attached)
3/5/12                                                                                                                                                                 2

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