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									CASE STUDY

World Wide Technology, Inc.

PROJECT OVERVIEW                                From ‘mission impossible’ to $1 million in
Company                                         savings: World Wide Technology’s database
World Wide Technology (WWT)
                                                For World Wide Technology (WWT), database performance is everything. The
St. Louis, Missouri, USA                        company does $4.2 billion in business a year providing technology products,
                                                services, global supply chain solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies
                                                around the globe. Proactively seeking a new infrastructure to support in-
Provides OEM customers around                   creasing business capacity, WWT called on Pythian’s expertise. The mission:
the world with technology products,             a massive database upgrade and migration to be completed quickly and
services and supply chain solutions,            with the absolute minimum downtime possible.
including unified communications,
security, datacenter, wireless
                                                The Stakes
mobility and e-commerce.
                                                WWT uses Oracle E-Business Suite to automate most of its business processes.
Key Technologies                                However, it was running its mission-critical enterprise resource planning
• Oracle E-Business Suite                       (ERP) application on a four-year-old server. All of the company’s global                                     warehouse operations interfaced with this platform — one that couldn’t scale
• Oracle Database 11g                           easily or deliver the higher availability offered in Oracle Real Application
                                                Clusters (RAC) architectures and no longer provided a cost-effective disaster
• Oracle Real Application Clusters
                                                recovery solution. With processing capacity maxed out—and 500,000 to
• Oracle Automatic Storage                      3,500,000 transactions an hour on the line — WWT had grown to the point
  Management                                    where its hardware could not scale much further to meet the needs of the
• Microsoft SQL Server                          business.
Services provided by Pythian
                                                The Technology
• Consulting
                                                From November 2010 to February 2011, Pythian helped WWT upgrade its
• Database administration
                                                database to the latest version of Oracle Database 11g, migrate from a
• System administration                         single-instance to a three-node clustered database, move from Solaris 9
• ERP upgrade expertise                         to RedHat Linux 5.5, and change from SAN-based storage to Oracle Auto-
• ERP migration expertise                       matic Storage Management. All very involved projects on their own, they
• Database upgrade expertise                    become even more complex when attempted simultaneously—especially
                                                when everything needed to be completed within a tight 40-hour mainte-
• Project management
                                                nance window.

                                                Expertise in Action
                                                         Given the complexity of the migration, WWT had struggled to find a partner
                                                         with the experience and capacity to formulate a practical plan and meet
                                                         the project’s aggressive schedule. Leveraging its ‘follow the sun’ model —
Contact Us Today                                         where database administrators (DBAs) around the world collaborate on a
                                                         single project and consulting for Oracle, Oracle Applications, SQL Server and MySQL.
Pythian is a global industry-leader in remote database administration services24/7 — Pythian needed just one week to solve the problems
                                                         that WWT had been wrestling with for more than a month.                                                                                         

World Wide Technology, Inc.

To minimize downtime, Pythian helped WWT determine a more efficient implementation plan, cutting 22 hours
from the initial timeframe. While WWT’s DBAs handled the migration itself, Pythian was on standby every step of
the way, ready to provide support as needed. As work progressed, Pythian was asked to provide several out-of-scope
items, including Oracle Single Client Access Name (SCAN) implementation — a reflection of the level of trust that
had quickly been established.

           “Pythian was brought in on short notice to solve difficult challenges and they
          did a fantastic job… They’ve quickly become my ‘in case of emergency, break
         glass’ support and my most trusted advisors – I have the confidence that when
          I call Pythian, they’ll give me an answer than isn’t just plausible, but correct.”
                               – Todd Carlson, Manager, DBA/ERP Teams, World Wide Technology

The Outcome
With Pythian’s expertise, WWT beat its downtime window by four hours — even with additional project scope. Its
new architecture offers:

    • Capacity: Reduced CPU utilization across all nodes provides 60 percent more capacity than the previous system.

    • Performance: Nearly all business processes run up to four times faster.

    • Cost: By removing 14 servers from its datacenter, WWT will recognize substantial savings in annual maintenance.

    • Uptime: An Oracle Real Application Clusters environment provides high availability, scales easily (simply by
      adding a new server into the cluster) and offers a cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

    • Manageability: With hundreds of new features to work with, WWT’s DBAs can easily improve application and
      database efficiency.

The project will also save WWT more than $1 million over three years compared to its old platform — significant
savings that make such a migration worthwhile for any enterprise facing a similar situation.

Your Trusted Database Partner
Pythian is a global database and application infrastructure services company for Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.
Since 1997, companies have entrusted Pythian to keep their database infrastructures running efficiently and to
help them strategically align their IT and business goals. Pythian’s unparalleled DBA skills, mature methodologies,
best practices and tools enable clients to do more with fewer resources. Pythian’s corporate headquarters is in
Ottawa, Canada, with offices worldwide.

                 To learn more about working with Pythian, visit

Contact Us Today
Pythian is a global industry-leader in remote database administration services and consulting for Oracle, Oracle Applications, SQL Server and MySQL.                                                                                                          

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