The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide
                                        The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

                                               Table of Contents
Introduction ..................................................3         The Kidnapping [important] ...............24
How to Make ISK Quickly ...............................4                 The Mordus Headhunters ...................24
   Level 3 Combat Missions ..........................4                   The Rogue Slave Trader .....................25
      A Force To Be Reckoned With                                        The Score ...........................................26
      [important] ...........................................5           7.1.38 The Seven’s Prison Facility ......26
      Angel Extravaganza .............................5                  Unauthorized Military Presence ..........26
      Angel Strike ..........................................7           What Comes Around Goes Around .....27
      Black Market Hub .................................9              Level 4 Combat Missions ........................27
      Bring Back The Evidence ......................9                    A Case of Kidnapping [important] ......28
      Covering Your Tracks [important] ......10                          Amarrian Excavators [important] .......29
      Duo of Death ......................................10              Angel Extravaganza ...........................29
      Duel To The Death [important] ..........10                         Angel Surprise ....................................31
      Eliminate The Pirate Campers ............11                        Covering Your Tracks [important] ......31
      Fight For The Establishment [important]                            Duel to the Death [important] ............31
      ............................................................11     Duo of Death ......................................32
      Gone Berserk .....................................11               Fight for the Establishment [important]
      Guristas Extravaganza .......................12                    ............................................................32
      Guristas Strike ...................................13              Gone Berserk .....................................32
      Illegal Activity ....................................15            Guristas Extravaganza .......................33
      Intercept the Pirate Smugglers ..........16                        Intercept the Pirate Smugglers ..........34
      Intercept the Saboteurs .....................16                    Massive Attack ...................................34
      Intercept the Saboteurs .....................16                    Pirate Invasion ...................................35
      Missing Reporters – Caldari Smugglers                              Revenge is Sweet ...............................35
      ............................................................17     Sabotage the Supply Line ..................36
      Operation Hamstring ..........................18                   Sabotaged ..........................................36
      Pirate Invasion ...................................18              Serpentis Extravaganza .....................37
      Retribution .........................................19            Serpentis Ship Builders ......................37
      Revenge is Sweet ...............................19                     Serpentis Spies [important] ...........38
      Seek and Destroy ...............................19                     Smuggler Interception ...................38
      Sabotage the Supply Line ..................20                      Stop the Thief .....................................38
      7.1.25 Sabotaged ...............................20                 The Assault ........................................39
      Serpentis Extravaganza .....................20                     The Blockade .....................................39
      Silence the Informant .........................21                  The Guristas Spies .............................40
      Smuggler Interception ........................21                   The Kidnapping [important] ...............40
      Stop the Thief .....................................22             The Right Hand of Zazzmatazz ...........40
      Success Comes at a Price ...................22                     The Score ...........................................41
      The Angel Cartel Spies .......................22                   The Serpentis Spies ............................41
      The Black Market Hub ........................23                    Unauthorized Military Presence ..........41
      The Blockade .....................................23               Vengeance .........................................42

                            The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

T    his guide to Eve-Online is designed to better aid a reader of any skill level in achieving
     optimal performance from his or her character.

  First I would like to direct your attention to Please refer to the
official website for all basic information regarding the interface, tutorial questions, and
account information – all accessible through the left-bound menu.

  If you have specific questions, you can refer to the knowledge base here.

  If you’re still in need of clarification, please refer to the official community forums here.

  Within these forums is a marketplace where rarer and more sought-after items can be
found if you’re looking for something very specific. It’s also the best way to go about
searching and obtaining Capital Ships when that time comes.

                              The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

        HOW TO                                              The second section is a list of only the
                                                       level 4 missions that yield a good income.
                                                       All of the ones I don’t list are normally

       MAKE ISK                                        worth declining.

                                                            The last sections are designed to aid the

       QUICKLY                                         passive professions. Unfortunately, there

                                                       isn’t a lot I can offer along the lines of the
                                                       Scientist and Craftsman profession. These
               o now you have your skills              two normally revolve around corporate
               trained up and you’re working           goals and often aren’t very good on the
               towards   a   better   ship   for       profitable side until a lot of money is
combat, a better hauler for trade routes, or           invested in rare blueprint originals and such
a Capital Ship of your choice for some                 – or unless a BPO of a rare item, such as a
Alliance defense; unfortunately you need to            Tech II or even Capital Ship blueprint copy,
make some ISK quick to get in that position.           is   found    somewhere    along   the   lines.
Well, this section is just what you need to            Because of this, I strongly suggest either a
get moving along in your career as a                   mining       profession   or   a   tradesman
professional    Manufacturer/Tradesman       or        profession as a primary to help fund you
get you in a ship that will make you a                 along.
revered ally and a feared opponent.

   The first section is designed to help you                  Level 3 Combat
be better prepared for level 3 combat
missions and give you a general idea of the                      Missions
kind of income you can look forward to. I
cover level 3s more extensively since you’ll                Next to the name I’ve tagged the
be running these for quite some time to                important missions with [important] so
work up the money for your Tech II gear                they’ll be much easier to spot. Important
and as you’re training your skills to use that         missions should always be done as soon as
gear. It’s very important to do this since the         you possibly can and as quickly as you
level 4 missions are very difficult to solo            possibly can. I’ve also given an estimate of
without well-placed tanking skills as well as          how much ISK can be gained from the
properly invested weaponry skills.                     bounties, if there’s any structures with loot,

                             The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

how many steps there are, if anything                    Any other missions not listed are due to
attacks after a warp-in, and if there’s a              the fact that either they are too time
shortcut to complete the mission quicker.              consuming to be worth the effort, you’re
Unfortunately there aren’t many important              facing drones, or it’s a new one that’s just
kill missions – most of them are courier or            been introduced into the game.
trade ones it seems; so the ones that do
exist often get repeated.

   To make the most ISK possible, accept
                                                             A Force To Be Reckoned
as many level 3 missions as you can from
as many agents as there are in your
                                                                With [important]
station. For instance, if 2 level 3 agents are           Estimated ISK: 300,000 ISK
in a station, get a mission from both and
complete them both while you’re out there.               Structures with Loot: None
This is a simple and effective way of
essentially doubling your income.                        Number of Steps: 1

   ALWAYS check to see what enemy                        Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
you’re up against. This way you’ll know
what type of resistances to bring along with             Shortcut: No
you. Some missions are quite obvious (such
as Angel Strike) while others are random                 You’ll be squaring off against a couple of
(such as The Score – so always figure out              frigates and a couple of cruisers – and
who it is you’re to kill – and if you don’t            they’ll all attack you upon entering the
know, then warp in with a shuttle to check             area. This is a simple mission that just
or simply decline the mission.                         requires you to kill everything – it doesn’t
                                                       get much more straightforward than this
   Note: I do not cover the mission “Port              mission.
to War” because that mission should be
declined. It destroys a large amount of
                                                              Angel Extravaganza
faction,   yields   no   bounties,   and    has
negligible loot. I also do not cover “Rogue              Estimated ISK: 1,613,354 ISK / 3,297,605
Drone      Harassment”       because       drone       ISK
missions are likewise a waste of time.

                            The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Structures with Loot: Casino / Storage              Area     2: There are 3 light missile
Silo / Angel Harvester / Angel Storage Silo /       batteries   here     and    they’ll     immediately
Angel Battlestation / Terzam’s Station.             begin firing at you once you warp in. Aside
                                                    from those, there are 10 or so ships in this
   Number of Steps: 5 / 6                           area, much like the first. There’s also a
                                                    Casino in this area with random loot in it.
   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
                                                       Area 3: You’re not initially attacked
   Shortcut: No / Hidden Area Present               here and you’re only facing off against
                                                    about 8 ships. This shouldn’t take you long
   Okay, there’s a lot to take in here, but         at all to run through. There is a Storage Silo
there’s a lot of money to be made. There’s          here with loot that occasionally contains a
a special gate (described as “hidden”) at           low-end hardwiring         – not       really worth
the very end of this mission that’s entirely        stressing over if you don’t find one – and it
optional. To access this gate you’ll need an        contains        random     other      loot,    usually
Angel Palladium Tag. The area beyond has            something worth looting.
some difficult spawns (including a couple of
battleships) so if you’re not prepared for a           Area 4: There are 5 sentry guns here
mass attack including those big guns. You’ll        and they’ll automatically begin firing once
be in a world of pain. I don’t recommend            you’re here, just like area two. There’s only
tackling the last fate unless you’re in a HAC       1 ship here aside from those sentries.
or Battleship equipped with Explosive and           Sentry guns have a tendency to hurt when
Kinetic resistances and are capable of              there’s a handful or more, so raze those
fending off several ships and sentry guns –         first before assaulting the pirate. There’s an
otherwise it’s a waste of your time.                Angel Harvester here with loot, but it’s
                                                    normally nothing impressive and you may
   Area 1: You’ll initially warp in to a few        wish to save your ammo.
cruisers and frigates, totaling 10 or so
ships. There are two groups and one will               Area 5: This area has roughly 20 pirates
attack you upon entering. Make quick work           in it. A group will attack once you warp in,
of them both and jump to area two once              so take them out first. From there you can
you’re done.                                        systematically take out the following groups
                                                    (there’s    6    groups;    5   after    the    initial
                                                    attacking one). The last group you attack

                               The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

should be the one with the Spider Drones.                •   Part 4: 0 ISK
These are fast little buggers that’ll drive
you insane if you have no drones with you                •   Part 5: 300,000 ISK
and can’t hit fast moving targets. You’ll
either need to dock and reequip a webber                 •   Part 6: 0 ISK
or bring a couple of light or medium drones
back with you. There’s an Angel Silo Here                •   Part 7: 75,000 ISK
which is a bit better than the Silo in area
three, so definitely blow that up and loot it.           •   Part 8: 460,000 ISK

   Area 6 (Hidden Gate): There are 14                    •   Part 9: 500,000 ISK
ships and 1 sentry drone here. Everything
will attack at once, so be ready for that.               •   Part 10: 5,500,000 ISK
You’ll want to begin flying away from the
pack of ships once you get in and take                  (My numbers may be slightly skewed
down the sentry drone in the meantime if             here for Parts 8-10 since there are several
you can. After that, take down the frigates          small frigates that add up and some ships
and cruisers, leaving the battleships. Tank          are optional, but these numbers are close
those and take both of them out while                as possible and as accurate as I can give.)
moving towards the Stash. Be sure to loot
those      battleships   for     some    good            •   Structures with Loot: Yes (too many
reprocessing items or good marketable                        to list, mentioned in the steps).
                                                         •   Number of Steps: 10 Parts Mission

               Angel Strike
                                                         •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
    •    Estimated ISK: 7,920,000 ISK
                                                         •   Shortcut: Yes
    •    Part 1: 385,000 ISK
                                                        This is a LONG mission. So be prepared
    •    Part 2: 0 ISK                               to work hard for this and I would strongly
                                                     advise you attempt this in a battleship.
    •    Part 3: 700,000 ISK                         With that caution given, I’ll start walking
                                                     you through.

                                The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Part 1: You’ll immediately be attacked                 Part 5: There are two groups here, and
by the two sentry drones and the two                   the closest group (of 5 pirates) will attack
pirates near them; Take’em out and the last            you upon arrival. The second group is
remaining group. There isn’t any loot from             composed of 6 more pirates. This should be
any structures in this part. Don’t forget              another   simple    tackling     mission.   The
your item to complete this mission.                    structures here have some ammunition and
                                                       commodities; nothing major of note here.
   Part    2:   Simple   and     quick   courier
mission.                                                  Part 6: Yet another courier mission.

   Part 3: There are two areas here.                      Part 7: Two areas to this one.

   Area 1: Just kill off the three groups                 Area    1:   Don’t    engage      anything;
here. There’s no initial aggression, so you            scenario plays out; warp through.
can pick and choose. I’d suggest taking
down your named target last. Once you’ve                  Area 2: No initial aggression when you
dispatched them, take the keycards from                enter this area. Take out the Transports in
the habitat to activate the gate.                      the middle, loot the 5 prisoners and you’ll
                                                       be done here. Your choice if you want to
   Area 2: You’ll get attacked by the 4                take out everything else, but you may be
pirates here. Just clear them out and take             getting tired of this mission…
the prisoners to end this part. There are a
few      commodities     from     the    storage          Part 8: You’ll be instantly assaulted by
container here, but it’s really not worth it.          8 ships here at roughly 20lm out. Tackle
                                                       them and you’re done. There’s a lot of
   Part 4: Quick and easy courier mission              structures with loot here, but none of them
again.                                                 have any loot – bummer.

                                                          Part 9: A couple of pirates will agro you
                                                       here out of roughly 20 in all. Kill everything
                                                       in this area and loot the 5 prisoners that

                             The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Part 10: There are three areas to this                      Black Market Hub
                                                          •   Estimated ISK: 950,000 ISK
   Area 1: You’ll be getting hit by a couple
of heavy missile batteries and small pirates              •   Structures with Loot: Yes (for the
upon arrival. Take them down and the                          mission)
cruisers in this area. After that you can
jump to area two.                                         •   Number of Steps: 2

   Area 2: There’s roughly 15 ships here                  •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
mixed with cruisers and frigates. One group
will initially attack; simply systematically              •   Shortcut: Yes
take out the remaining groups (3 more).
                                                         Area 1: You’ll be hit by 4 pirates upon
   Area 3: There are three groups in this             arrival. There are 4 cruise missile batteries
area – including a battleship one. There’s            here, but they won’t aggro unless you’re
no initial aggression here and attacking              within 40km of them. These are 5 more
won’t cause everything to jump you at                 pirates here, and then you’re done.
once, so it’s safe to pick and choose your
fights. Either way, you’ll want to save the              Area 2: There are some sentries here
battleship group for last. Take down the              that will attack immediately. Clear those
frigates first, cruisers next, and finally take       and then there are a small handful of
down the battleship cluster. This is going to         pirates that’ll aggress. Your loot is in the
take some time, and you may need to warp              docked bestower here.
out and repair your armor or recharge your
shields at a station by docking. This area               Shortcut: Alternatively you can ignore
has a good payoff not only on ISK but also            the towers and pirates, heading directly for
on the security status. Take down the                 the docked bestower, destroy it, loot it, and
Chapel and collect your spoils of war – you           then just dock for completion.
sure as heck earned it.

                                                         Bring Back The Evidence
                                                          •   Estimated ISK: 60,000 ISK

                             The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

    •   Structures with Loot: None                            Duo of Death
    •   Number of Steps: 1                           •   Estimated ISK: 350,000 ISK

    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes               •   Structures with Loot: None

    •   Shortcut: No                                 •   Number of Steps: 1

   This is a simple mission that has you             •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
squaring off against 6 frigates. Nothing
here    you   can’t    handle   quickly   and        •   Shortcut: No
effectively. Remember to loot the reports
before reporting back to your agent.               You’re in a two-on-one situation here
                                                 with your targets – but they also have a
                                                 little help from a couple of spider drones
        Covering Your Tracks
                                                 and sentries. It’s best to take down those
            [important]                          sentries quickly and stick your drones or
    •   Estimated ISK: 250,000 ISK               small guns onto those spider drones. From
                                                 there you can move onto the Duo of Death
    •   Structures with Loot: None               and send them into the afterlife. Don’t
                                                 forget to loot them for the item you’ll need
    •   Number of Steps: 1                       to complete this mission.

        Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
                                                           Duel To The Death
    •   Shortcut: None
                                                     •   Estimated ISK: 100,000 ISK
   All of the pirates will attack once you
arrive – 5 pirates in all, including the named       •   Structures with Loot: None
one you’re after. A straight-forward kill
mission once again. Be sure to loot the item         •   Number of Steps: 1
to complete this mission.
                                                     •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

                                       The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

      •    Shortcut: No                                        Fight For The Establishment
     You’re          going      one-on-one          here
supposedly, but he has a couple of spider                        •   Estimated ISK: 300,000 ISK
drone II escorts – the cheater! Come
prepared to hit these fast little pains in                       •   Structures with Loot: None
the… anyway, your target is a pushover
aside from those little nuisances.                               •   Number of Steps: 1

                                                                     Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
            Eliminate The Pirate                                 •

                 Campers                                         •   Shortcut: No
      •    Estimated ISK: 250,000 ISK
                                                                You’ll be facing 4 little frigates and a
      •    Structures with Loot: None                        Battleship – an odd mix for sure. Take out
                                                             his little friends and should be easy to
      •    Number of Steps: 1                                exterminate this little pest.

           Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
                                                                          Gone Berserk
      •    Shortcut: No                                          •   Estimated ISK: 325,000 ISK

     You’ll warp into a pocket of 8 pirates.                     •   Structures with Loot: None
Soon       after     your    arrival    there’ll   be   a
message that pops up, and then they’ll                           •   Number of Steps: 3
target and attack you. There’s just a couple
of        cruisers      and       a      handful        of       •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
destroyers/frigates - simple kill task on this
one.                                                             •   Shortcut: No

                                                                Area 1: You’re only facing 5 frigates in
                                                             this spawn, so this should be a quick step.

                               The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Area 2: 3 frigates and 2 cruisers now –            Area 1: 1 of 4 groups will attack once
still not much a fight even if it takes a little   you warp in. You’re facing off against
longer.                                            frigates and cruisers here, so not much of a
                                                   challenge. No structures in this area with
   Area 3: Just facing 2 cruisers here –           loot.
quick and easy kill task.
                                                      Area 2: There are 3 sentry guns and 3
                                                   light missile batteries here along with a
        Guristas Extravaganza
                                                   single cruiser. The sentries and batteries
    •     Estimated ISK: 4,100,000 ISK             will aggress immediately. Take out the
                                                   sentry guns first, next the cruiser, then the
    •     Structures with Loot: Yes                batteries. You should be able to tank the
                                                   light missiles easily enough to neglect them
    •     Number of Steps: 5 / 6                   while you take out the cruiser.

    •     Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes              Area 3: A couple of heavy missile
                                                   batteries await you here. The pirates won’t
    •     Shortcut: No / Hidden Area Present       attack you when arrive, so you can pick off
                                                   those batteries first with no interruptions.
   This is strikingly similar to the Angel         You’re against quite a few cruisers (and for
Extravaganza        mission.   Guristas    deal    some reason there’s 2 transport ships –
primarily Kinetic and Thermal damage, so           which drop narcotics usually) so you won’t
come equipped and ready to tank that.              have as many frigate nuisances here.
There’s a 6th gate, labeled as “hidden”
here, that will require a Guristas Palladium          Area 4: Nothing seems disturbed by
Tag to access. This area is loaded with            your barging in, so you can pick and choose
ships, including battleships, which will all       your fights here – and there are plenty of
attack you upon entering, so be prepared to        fights to be had. The personnel transport
for that. I would strongly advise a battleship     often drops militants. The structures here
for this mission.                                  yield only commodities and/or narcotics, so
                                                   not really worth the ammo usage.

                               The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Area 5: Oddly enough, no one is here to              •   Part 1: 350,000 ISK
greet you right away, so you’ll have to
knock. Just start systematically taking down            •   Part 2: 0 ISK
each group. Save the spider drone group
for last, since those little drones will be a           •   Part 3: 800,000 ISK
big thorn in your side. It’s best to use small
drones on them or to use a webber with                  •   Part 4: 0 ISK
either small guns or medium guns with fast
tracking. The storage silo here usually has             •   Part 5: 300,000 ISK
some good loot in it, so be sure to blow that
up before you leave.                                    •   Part 6: 0 ISK

   Area 6: This is the optional area of                 •   Part 7: 800,000 ISK
interest. Once you warp in, you’ll have
everyone’s attention, so be prepared to                 •   Part 8: 650,000 ISK
take an onslaught. Take out the sentries
first, because they’ll rip through your ship            •   Part 9: 400,000 ISK
the fastest. You can get out of range of the
missile batteries quicker than you can kill             •   Part 10: Varies Tremendously
them, most likely. Take out the frigates
(which web you) and then the cruisers,                  •   Structures with Loot: Several
finally taking down the battleships. If you
blow up the war installation, you’ll get                •   Number of Steps: 10
some decent loot here. And just snag the
stash and you’ve got your spoils of war!                •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

                                                            Shortcut: Yes
               Guristas Strike                          •

   This   is     a   Long   mission,   which   is      Part 1: You’ll get attacked upon entry
composed of several smaller missions rolled         by sentries and cruisers at close range. Just
into one. So get ready to sink some time            clear this area and you’re done.
into this one.
                                                       Part 2: Simple courier mission.
    •   Estimated ISK: 2,580,000 ISK+

                              The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Part 3: There are two areas here.                 Area 2: There’s no aggression upon
                                                  entering. There are 14 ships here including
   Area 1: You’ll get jumped once you             3 battlecruisers. Handle the smaller ones
enter, but just clear the area of pirates and     first or tank them while taking down the
blow up the habitat for the key to the gate       bigger ones (the veterans will web you) -
in order to continue on. This habitat also        straight-forward fight scenario.
drops a few drugs.
                                                     Part 8: No aggro upon entering. There
   Area 2: Not a big fight here, but pick off     are 10 ships in total here and an easier
the named pirate’s grunts and then work           overall fight than the last step.
him over. He often times drops a random
implant. The storage facility located in this        Part 9: Aggro upon arrival – simply clear
area likewise drops random loot (often            the area and leave.
ammunition and/or weaponry).
                                                     Part 10: There are 4 areas here.
   Part 4: Courier.
                                                     Area 1: You’ll get aggro immediately
   Part 5: You’re squaring off against 5          from pirates and towers alike. Clear out the
frigates and 4 cruisers. Either tank the          towers as quickly as possible, and then
frigates   while   tackling   the   lower-end     focus on the pirates.
cruisers (the veterans), then take out the
frigates – or take down all the frigates first.      Area 2: There’s no aggro here. Just
These cruisers move fast, so you may have         clear the area at your leisure and you’re
some tracking issues without a webber pr          set.
tacking computer backing you up.
                                                     Area 3: You’ll get jumped by only two
   Part 6: Courier.                               ships. Just clear those out.

   Part 7: This part has two areas.                  Area 4: There are several battleships
                                                  and others here, so this is quite a fight
   Area 1: There’s an optional battleship         you’ll be in. I would strongly advise taking
fight here. Entirely up to you.                   down any frigates that get in your way,

                                The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

since      they’ll   web     you,   making   the         Area 3: 4 Tech II frigates and a couple
battleships have an easier time tracking           of cruisers await you – rather easy steps.
you. Your goal is to destroy the tower and
loot it.                                                 Part 2: There are 3 areas here – they
                                                   aggro immediately in all.
   Shortcut: You can just equip yourself for
a little more speed here and quick damage-               Area 1: 6 Frigates; 3 are Tech II.
dealing – fly to the tower, blow it up FAST,
loot it, and warp out. That’s all you’re                 Area 2: 3 Sentry guns will begin firing
required to do.                                    immediately       here,   so   take   those   out
                                                   quickly. There are no cruisers, but there are
                                                   23 frigates total and none of them are Tech
               Illegal Activity
     •     Estimated ISK: 0 ISK (you’re facing a
           faction’s navy)                               Area 3: 8 Frigates and 2 transport ships
                                                   here; nothing Tech II.
     •     Structures with Loot: None
                                                         Part 3: Just like the others, there are 3
     •     Number of Steps: 3                      areas.

     •     Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes                Area 1: Just 1 lone cruiser awaits you –
                                                   he’s either very brave or very stupid.
     •     Shortcut: No
                                                         Area 2: 3 Sentry guns are waiting to
   Part 1: There are 3 areas here – there’s        greet you. There are 8 cruisers this time
just 1 spawn per area and they aggro               with 2 Tech II frigate friends. Take out those
immediately in all.                                sentries and frigates quickly to avoid taking
                                                   too much damage.
   Area 1: There are 6 Tech 1 frigates
here. This couldn’t be simpler.                          Area 3: 5 Tech I frigate and 2 transport
                                                   ships – an easy end to this chain.
   Area 2: 6 more frigates here – 3 of
which are Tech II.

                               The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

            Intercept the Pirate                      •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

                Smugglers                             •   Shortcut: No
      •   Estimated ISK: 500,000 ISK
                                                     Something of note here is it seems that
      •   Structures with Loot: None              the last transport you take out has the viral
                                                  agent in it. Seems they want to make sure
      •   Number of Steps: 2                      you wipe out all the opposition in the area
                                                  while you’re at it.
      •   Pirates Attack after Warp: yes
                                                     Area 1: 5 frigates and 2 Cruisers here
      •   Shortcut: No                            along with 1 transport ship.

   Area 1: Two sentry guns open fire                 Area 2: 7 Cruisers and 2 transport ships
immediately and there are 6 frigates here.        here.
This should prove to be simple enough.
                                                     Area 3: 3 Cruisers and 1 Transport ship
   Area 2: 4 destroyers, 1 cruiser, and 1         here.
transport ship here. You can opt to keep the
contraband the transport ship drops, so              Area 4: 2 Cruisers and 4 frigates here
that’s your call, instead of “destroying” it as   with a single transport ship (usually has the
the       mission   notes.   Take   down   the    agent you need).
destroyers, transport, and cruiser in that
order and you should take the smallest
                                                      Intercept the Saboteurs
amount of damage.
                                                      •   Estimated ISK: 3,000,000 ISK

      Intercept the Saboteurs
                                                      •   Structures     with   Loot:   Overseer’s
      •   Estimated ISK: 1,215,000 ISK                    Stash (Hidden Area)

      •   Structures with Loot: None                  •   Number of Steps: 5

      •   Number of Steps: 4                          •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

                                  The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

    •   Shortcut: Yes / Hidden Area (Silver              Area 5: This is the hidden area requiring
        Tag Needed)                                   the silver tag. You’re only up against a
                                                      handful of other ships and they’re easy to
   Area 1: 7 frigates here, not too much              take down. In the middle of it all is the
trouble to dispatch them.                             overseer’s stash, which is a structure you
                                                      can blow up and loot. This loot is rarely
   Area      2:    There     is     a     LOT    of   impressive in any way however.
turrets/batteries here (8 of them). You’ll
want to simultaneously attack the nearby
                                                       Missing Reporters – Caldari
pirates and the turrets/batteries – primarily
the batteries and turrets of course. These
structures have no loot.                                  •   Estimated ISK: 0 ISK (faction navy,
                                                              so there’s no bounties)
   Area 3: Quite a few frigates and a
handful    of     cruisers   will       aggro   you       •   Structures with Loot: Yes
immediately. There’s another group here
that doesn’t initially aggress as long you                •   Number of Steps: 3
don’t move too close to them.
                                                          •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
   Area 4: 4 turrets and literally a battalion
of little 5K cruisers – these respawn at an               •   Shortcut: No
alarming rate – but due to the ease of
killing them, you can more or less farm this             Part 1: Only one area here. You’ll be
– that is, you can just sit here and kill them        attacked by 6 ships upon arrival. There’s a
as they spawn to make money. It’s a slow              2nd group quite a few km away with a
income, but if you can tank the damage                couple of Tech II frigates. Just clear the area
and just use drones, you can sit here while           to complete this step.
you eat dinner or make a few phone calls.
The giant war installation drops nothing.                Part 2: Only one area here. There are 6
                                                      structures here – the local prison is your
   Shortcut: Just kill the overseer here, loot,       target – the rest drop commodities and just
and leave.                                            junk. There are 27 ships in total; ranging

                                 The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

between 3 and 7 defenders per structure.                        Pirate Invasion
Clear out the pirates, loot the prison, and
you’re done here. I’ve not tried to shortcut            •   Estimated ISK: 650,000 ISK
this, but I think it can be done.
                                                        •   Structures with Loot: War Installation
   Part 3: Only one area here. 4 cruisers
and 3 frigates aggro immediately with a                 •   Number of Steps: 5
second non-aggro group quite a ways
away; clear everything, loot, and you’ve                •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
completed it!
                                                        •   Shortcut: No

        Operation Hamstring
                                                       Area 1: 7 frigates aggro; simple task.
    •   Estimated ISK: 450,000 ISK
                                                       Area 2: There are several frigates and
    •   Structures with Loot: Armory (for the       destroyers here (roughly 16), 7 cruisers,
        mission)                                    and 1 battlecruiser – these ships compose
                                                    two groups - neither aggroes upon entering.
    •   Number of Steps: 1                          The installation here can take a severe
                                                    beating and it’s on a VERY random loot
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes              table. It could drop small hybrid charges, or
                                                    a named large gun, so it has a broad
    •   Shortcut: No                                spectrum of loot. So it’s up to you whether
                                                    you want to take the time to sit there and
   This is one of the easiest missions you’ll       wear it down.
ever have.
                                                       Area 3: 9 ships aggro you – take down
   Warp in and take out the 6 mercenary             the initiates, they web and occasionally
cruisers waiting     for   you. Once you’ve         scramble. There are two other groups left
cleared the out, blow up the armory, loot it,       after that. One has 8 cruisers in it; the other
and that’s all there is to it.                      has 5 cruisers and 3 battlecruisers. Clear
                                                    everything and you’re done.

                              The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

                Retribution                          Area 1: 6 Frigates and a single cruiser
                                                   await you here. This should prove to be an
     •   Estimated ISK: 750,000 ISK                easy task.

     •   Structures with Loot: Armory                Area       2:    4   Tech   II   frigates   are
                                                   accompanying your target. They’ll prove to
     •   Number of Steps: 1                        be an annoyance and not much more. Clear
                                                   those frigates and your target and you’re
     •   Pirates Attack after Warp: No             done with this mission.

         Shortcut: No
                                                             Seek and Destroy
    There is no aggro when you enter the               •   Estimated ISK: 500,000 ISK
area; the mobs are split into 4 groups, all of
which are roughly 30km+ from you. In                   •   Structures with Loot: None
total, there are 3 frigates, 11 cruisers, and
1   battlecruiser    (your    target).    Simply       •   Number of Steps: 1
systematically pull the groups, saving your
battlecruiser friend until last. The armory in         •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
this area drops some ammunition, but it’s
negligible.                                            •   Shortcut: No

                                                     There is only one area in this mission
          Revenge is Sweet
                                                   with two groups in it. The group that
     •   Estimated ISK: 335,000 ISK                aggroes      you   immediately     is   composed
                                                   mostly of frigates, a couple of destroyers,
     •   Structures with Loot: None                and a couple of cruisers. The other group is
                                                   composed of a battlecruiser and frigates
     •   Number of Steps: 2                        and is a few km out from your position.
                                                   Both groups need to be cleared to complete
     •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes            the mission.

     •   Shortcut: No

                                  The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Sabotage the Supply Line                              •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

    •   Estimated ISK: 500,000 ISK                       •   Shortcut: No

    •   Structures with Loot: None                      Area 1: You’ll initially warp to the
                                                     destination and find distressed comrades –
    •   Number of Steps: 4                           do not attack ANY of these people.
                                                     They will give you 3 more locations you’ll
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes               need to warp to. In one of these areas
                                                     (usually   the   last   one   you   warp    to,
    •   Shortcut: No                                 regardless of the order you go in, has the
                                                     item you’re after.
  This    is   a   surprisingly    easy   mission
considering there’s 4 areas involved.                   Area 2: 3 Cruisers here and that’s it.

  Area 1: 1 cruiser, 6 Tech 1 frigates, 2               Area 3: 2 Cruisers and 5 Tech 1 frigates.
Tech II frigates, and a transport ship await
you here.                                               Area 4: 1 Cruiser and 2 Tech 1 Frigates.

  Area 2: 5 frigates and a Cruiser this
                                                          Serpentis Extravaganza
                                                         •   Estimated ISK: 4,000,000
  Area 3: 3 little frigates here.
                                                         •   Structures with Loot: None worth
  Area 4: Simply 2 cruisers.                                 mentioning

                                                             Number of Steps: 3
          7.1.25 Sabotaged                               •

    •   Estimated ISK: 500,000 ISK                       •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

    •   Structures with Loot: None                       •   Shortcut: No

    •   Number of Steps: 4

                                 The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   This is one of the easier extravaganza               Area 1: Two drones will initially attack
missions, though a little time consuming             you; another group of 8 drones is quite a
since there are several ships packed into a          distance away – all need to be dispatched.
few areas instead of being spread out over
several areas. It still pays well however.              Area    2: This area is consisted         of
                                                     mercenaries. There are two groups here;
   Area 1: 3 light missile batteries greet           group 1 has 2 cruisers and 2 frigates; group
you when you warp in. There are 23 other             2 has 3 cruisers and 2 frigates.
ships here including a few webbers that
you’ll need to take down quickly to avoid               Area 3: There are 4 sentry guns here
too much damage.                                     that attack immediately, along with your
                                                     target. Take out him and the sentries, and
   Area 2: There are 5 sentry guns here              you’re done – though the sentries are not
and a single cruiser and all will aggro once         required to be destroyed.
you arrive. Take down the sentries as soon
as possible, then the cruiser.
                                                             Smuggler Interception
   Area 3: 19 ships are in this area,                    •   Estimated ISK: 500,000 ISK
including your target, which is flying a
battlecruiser.     The   other    18   ships   are       •   Structures   with     Loot:   Warehouse
separated into two groups, so just finish                    (your target), Silo
those off first.
                                                         •   Number of Steps: 2

        Silence the Informant
                                                         •   Pirates Attack after Warp: No
    •   Estimated ISK: 600,000 ISK
                                                         •   Shortcut: Yes
    •   Structures with Loot: Pleasure Hub
                                                        Area 1: 10 Frigates and 2 cruisers are
    •   Number of Steps: 3                           here, split into two groups (1 group of 6
                                                     frigates, the rest in the other group); rather
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes               simple area.

    •   Shortcut: No

                                The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Area 2: 12 frigates, 8 cruisers, and 2          take down all 6 targets and the mission is
transport ships here. They’re split into 3         complete. It’s best to take down the
groups, so you can take out the left side,         commanders first before the thief so that
right side, then center; vice-versa; or all at     you’re minimizing damage taken.
once – the method isn’t important. Once
you’ve    destroyed     them,    blow   up   the
                                                     Success Comes at a Price
warehouse and take your loot. The silo here
has some loot as well, but it’s usually just           •     Estimated ISK: 200,000 ISK
ammunition and the occasional weapon or
two.                                                   •     Structures with Loot: None

   Shortcut: Warp in and head straight for             •     Number of Steps: 1
the warehouse; blow it up, take the cargo,
and leave.                                             •     Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

                                                             Shortcut: No
             Stop the Thief                            •

    •    Estimated ISK: 450,000 ISK                   There’s only one area here. 2 light
                                                   missile     batteries     are   here,   but   are
    •    Structures with Loot: None                negligible. There are 4 cruisers and your
                                                   target – so just take those down and you’re
    •    Number of Steps: 1                        done. This mission is surprisingly easy and
                                                   quick – which explains the low ISK payout.
    •    Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

                                                           The Angel Cartel Spies
    •    Shortcut: No
                                                       •     Estimated ISK: 200,000 ISK
   This is an incredibly simple mission that
feels much more like a level 2 than a 3.               •     Structures     with   Loot:   Munitions
Your target is in a small interceptor with 5                 Storage
mercenary cruisers accompanying him. Just
                                                       •     Number of Steps: 1

                                                       •     Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

                                      The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

      •   Shortcut: No                                        Area 2: 2 Sentry guns will attack you
                                                           upon arriving. There are only 4 cruisers
   A group of 4 cruisers and 3 frigates is all             here that you’ll need to take down. Then
you’re facing here. This is an easy mission                just blow up the docked bestower, take the
with another low pay-out. The munitions                    cargo, and leave. You can’t shortcut this
storage unit here has a tendency to only                   mission by heading straight to the bestower
drop       small     ammunition,        so    it’s   not   – destroying the pirates is part of the
particularly worth wasting your ammunition                 mission.

                                                                        The Blockade
          The Black Market Hub
                                                               •   Estimated ISK: 900,000 ISK
      •   Estimated ISK: 1,100,000 ISK
                                                               •   Structures with Loot: None
      •   Structures        with      Loot:     Docked
          Bestower                                             •   Number of Steps: 5

      •   Number of Steps: 2                                   •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

      •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes                       •   Shortcut: No

      •   Shortcut: No                                        This is a fun mission with a good payout
                                                           – the best part is that the pirates come to
   Area 1: 4 Cruise Missile batteries are                  you. Warning: If you have a tendency to
sitting roughly 60km out, and they won’t                   lag in Eve-Online, this mission will lag you
aggro unless you move within 40km. 6                       up and may cause you to lose your ship. It’s
Cruiser and 6 frigates compose the groups                  best to decline this mission if you’re using a
here,      and     it’s   best   to   just    wipe   out   slow processor or are on a slow connection.
everything as quickly as you can – starting
with the frigates.                                            Initial: 1 stasis (webbing) tower and 8
                                                           frigates. Take out the tower and beat down
                                                           the frigates. After you take out about half
                                                           or a little more, the first wave will come.

                                          The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

      Wave 1: 9 more ships will come to the                         Wave 4: The final wave consists of 4
aid of their friends, and they’ll warp in                      battlecruisers and 4 frigates that spawn
about 100km away from where you jumped                         about 20km from the jump-in point. This is
in.     It’s   a        mixture      of     Cruiser     and    an    easy    ending     to   what   can   be   a
battlecruisers mostly, with a couple of                        dangerous, yet entertaining, mission.
frigates thrown into the mix. Take out the
remainder of the initial group while you
                                                                 The Kidnapping [important]
wait on these guys to get within your range
and to keep from getting overwhelmed.                                •   Estimated ISK: 60,000 ISK

      Wave 2: 7 battlecruisers, a couple of                          •   Structures with Loot: None
heavy assault cruisers, and handful of
frigates will come in this wave at about                             •   Number of Steps: 1
100km again. Like before, wipe out the
remainder          of     the     first    wave       before         •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
proceeding to this one. It’s always best to
let them come to you since the closer you                            •   Shortcut: No
are to where they warp in at, the closer you
are the next wave that’ll be coming.                                This is a simple mission that will only
                                                               take a moment. You’re only up against a
      Wave 3: 2 cruiser, 6 battlecruisers, and                 few frigates here, so all you’ll need to do is
3 heavy assault cruisers this time, so you’re                  tackle these and loot the VIPs and that’s all
not working against any frigates on this                       there is to this one.
wave at least. Use the same method as
before. Take out the cruisers first, then the
                                                                    The Mordus Headhunters
battlecruisers, then the heavy assaults, to
keep the damage taken to a minimum.                                  •   Estimated ISK: 4,000,000
When you’re down to the last pirate or two,
move away from the jump-in point.                                    •   Structures with Loot: None

                                                                     •   Number of Steps: 2

                                                                     •   Pirates Attack after Warp: No

                                   The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

    •   Shortcut: Yes (and you will want to                 The Rogue Slave Trader
        take it)
                                                            •   Estimated ISK: 900,000 ISK
   This mission is hard. Most level 4
missions are easier than this. Luckily this                 •   Structures with Loot: Slave Pen
mission does have a shortcut and you
better take it. You’ll need to be in a                      •   Number of Steps: 2
Battleship with kinetic/thermal resistance
and kinetic if you have a third slot – come                 •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
prepared to tank for step area 2.
                                                            •   Shortcut: No
   Area 1: There are several cruises and
frigates (about 15) spread out into 3 groups               Part 1: Simply warp in and tackle the 4
– this area is quite easy to get through.               ships here. This isn’t the most exciting of
                                                        missions. Destroy the Slave Pen, loot, and
   Area 2: Nothing aggroes upon entry. Fly              you’re done.
away from them and when you’re a good
distance away, fire away. It makes no                      Part 2: There are two areas here.
difference     which      pirate    you   fire    at,
everything here will begin attacking you                   Area 1: 3 Frigates, 3 Cruisers, and 1
(and there are 35 ships, roughly). You’ll               Destroyer are hovering around a gate here.
likely have to warp out and back in again a             Destroy all of them to advance to area 2.
time or two just to take them all down.
                                                           Area 2: 4 sentry guns immediately open
   Shortcut:       This   mission    actually    only   fire on you before the other six ships
requires you to take down 2 Lions and 3                 attack. 4 destroyers and 2 battlecruisers
Leopards. Target those 5 and take them                  compose those six ships – take down the
down as quickly as you can. This will allow             destroyers quickly (a few shots should do it
you to simply complete the mission without              here) and then tackle the battlecruisers.
hacking through the other 30 or so pirates
to finish up – unless you want to, of course.

                             The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

               The Score                            •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

    •   Estimated ISK: 600,000 ISK                  •   Shortcut: No

    •   Structures with Loot: None                 You’re warping into a single area where
                                                3 sentry guns will begin opening fire. 3
    •   Number of Steps: 2                      frigates   and   2   cruisers   (including   the
                                                named pirate) are hovering around the area
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes          as well. You can attack the frigates without
                                                getting the cruisers’ attention, usually.
    •   Shortcut: No                            Even if you do get all, it’s not much of a
                                                fight. Destroy and loot the prison and
   Area 1: Only 15 or so ships are here,        you’re done.
and you warp in fairly far from them.
Sometimes 2 ships will be close enough to
aggro you upon entering, sometimes not.
You’ve got enough distance here to pick                 Unauthorized Military
and choose your fights however you prefer.
   Area 2: Roughly 11 frigates, 10 cruisers,        •   Estimated ISK: 850,000 ISK
and 1 battlecruiser are what you’re up
against. Not everything will attack at once,        •   Structures with Loot: None
so you’ve got some slack you can work
with. There are several structures here, but        •   Number of Steps: 2
nothing has loot.
                                                    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: No

   7.1.38 The Seven’s Prison
                                                    •   Shortcut: No
    •   Estimated ISK: 300,000 ISK                 Area 1: Only 4 frigates in this area –
                                                simple and easy.
    •   Structures with Loot: Prison

    •   Number of Steps: 1

                               The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Area 2: About 22 ships here spread
apart in 3 groups. They won’t attack when
                                                           Level 4 Combat
you enter, but they will if you get too close.
You can usually pull one group without any
of the others jumping in, so you can choose
which you want to destroy in what order. I’d          As with level 3 missions, I will label the
suggest     saving      the   group   with   the   important ones with the [important] tag.
Transport ship in it until last. Loot and          Again, there aren’t a ton of kill missions
leave.                                             that are important here either. As I’d
                                                   mentioned at the beginning of this chapter,
                                                   I’ll only be listing the missions worth doing
   What Comes Around Goes
                                                   or that are important kill missions. The
          Around                                   other    missions      are       either     too   time
    •    Estimated ISK: 100,000 ISK                consuming (which are mostly rogue drone
                                                   missions), the missions will kill your faction
    •    Structures with Loot: None                with another race, (which is very bad) or
                                                   are new to the game (so there’s not much
    •    Number of Steps: 1                        information on them yet).

    •    Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes               Before you begin doing level 4s, there
                                                   are a few things you’re going to want to
    •    Shortcut: No                              keep in mind and to use as a mental
   You’ll either be facing the bounty hunter
and 10 mercenary fights (5K bounty) or 5              Do    not   equip    only      large     weaponry
elite fighters (10k bounty), either way            because your missions are still composed
they’re pushovers – just come prepared to          primarily of frigates and cruisers even
take down some frigates and you’re set.            though    many       battleships      are     present.
                                                   Cruise missiles are okay to a degree (with
                                                   good     precision    skills),     but    don’t   use
                                                   torpedoes (your skills mostly only affect
                                                   guided systems, and torpedoes are not
                                                   guided missiles).

                                      The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

     Use drones to help you handle frigates.                  Whichever kind of tanking you plan on
Thermal drones are the best ones you can                  doing, use nothing less than Tech II items –
use because they have a default damage                    preferably Faction versions, such as officer
modifier       that’s   higher    than     the    other   modules. These give a much bigger bonus
drones, meaning that even though the                      although expensive. But with the speed and
pirates you’re attacking may not be weak                  finesse at which you’ll be doing these
to thermal, the modifier plus your skills may             missions, you’ll be able to make the money
still do more damage than a drone that                    back shortly.
capitalizes on a weakness.

                                                                   A Case of Kidnapping
     Carry     a    medium-large         amount      of
ammunition. If you’re in a Raven (like 95%
of the rest of the level 4 mission runners)                    •   Estimated ISK: 16M ISK
then    come packed            with    about     2500+
missiles in the cargo – no, you may not                        •   Structures with Loot: None
need that many, but at least you are
prepared.                                                      •   Number of Steps: 5

     A nosferatu will help a ton when you’re                   •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
in     these       missions.     Whatever        you’re
attacking, turn the Nosferatu on against                       •   Shortcut: No
that target. Note that NPCs do not use any
cap, so once you’ve drained it all, the pirate                Area 1: Three battleships here and they
won’t be affected and you won’t receive                   won’t aggro when you warp in.
anymore energy – that’s why it’s best to
use it on a dying target.                                     Area 2: Eight battleships in the area
                                                          and several cruisers and frigates. Take
     Align yourself with a station (preferably            down the saboteurs since they’ll use a little
your agent’s station if it’s in the same solar            electronic warfare on you. This area may be
system) before you do anything. Set your                  little   time   consuming     here,   but   easy
speed to 10km/s or so and then begin                      enough.
fighting. This way if you do have to warp
out, you’ll be ready to go at a moment’s

                                 The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Area 3: Eight battleships and 6 cruisers             There are 2 cruise missile batteries here
there - shouldn’t receive any aggro upon             that will aggro immediately upon entering.
warping in.                                          Your target is here with 10 excavators,
                                                     which are in various ships. Two of them are
   Area 4: Six low-end battleships here              in battleships while the rest are varied
and       you   or   may   not   get   aggroed   –   between cruisers and frigates. This is a
sometimes the pirates will orbit and if you          rather easy mission to finish up.
warp in when they’re close to the jump-in
point, they’ll be within aggro range. There
                                                             Angel Extravaganza
are 10 cruisers and 4 frigates rounding out
the rest of the ships.                                   •   Estimated ISK: 16M ISK / 21M ISK

   Area 5: There are 6 turrets here that                 •   Structures with Loot: Angel Bunk /
aggro at warp-in along with a single                         Storage Silo
battleship. The battleship will drop the VIPs
you need to complete the mission. You may                •   Number of Steps: 5 / 6
want to simply kill him, loot, and leave, but
it’s usually a bit easier to quickly kill the            •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
turrets while you’re at it (you get more ISK
that way as well).                                       •   Shortcut: No / Hidden Area (Angel
                                                             Diamond Tag)

           Amarrian Excavators
                                                        This is another long mission, but the
              [important]                            payout is good and the loot is usually well-
      •   Estimated ISK: 0 ISK                       worth the effort as well. Be sure to come
                                                     well-equipped for tanking. Note that many
      •   Structures with Loot: None                 of the frigates will use electronics warfare
                                                     here,   so   bringing   along    light/medium
      •   Number of Steps: 1                         drones for specifically tackling them is a
                                                     wise idea.
      •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

      •   Shortcut: No

                                   The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Area 1: Three battleships are here and                difference in this case. After you clear them
several cruisers, battlecruisers, frigates,              all up, blow up the silo – which normally
and destroyers. You’ll get aggro from one                drops a low-end hardwiring and several
group with a battleship in it when you                   large guns/launchers.
enter. Then you can pick off the remaining
two    groups      after    that   (one    has     two      Area 5: You’ll get the annoying pop-up
battleships       while    the   other    has    none,   notice telling you you’ve found the last gate
though both may aggro, this seems to be                  and your target is here. You’ll be aggroed
random and doesn’t always happen –                       shortly thereafter by the closest group to
drones further increase the probability).                you. The area has 6 battleships in it,
                                                         including your target (who has 2 spider
   Area 2: Only two battleships here – this              drones with him). You can pick off the
area is actually a step down in difficult from           remaining groups in any way you see fit
the first, so you should have even less                  here, there’s no wrong way per se. The best
trouble blazing through here.                            thing to do is leave your target until the
                                                         end however, since he has a fast armor
   Area 3: Three sentry guns, 4 light                    repair rate, which can sometimes make the
missile batteries, 2 heavy missile batteries,            battle drag on.
and 3 cruise missile batteries along with a
single     battleship      await    you     here     –      Area 6: There is a ton of sentries and
everything        aggresses      immediately.      The   batteries here (about 12) along with 5
light missile batteries can be ignored all               battleships and over 20 other ships here.
together.                                                You’ll be facing a lot of damage at once,
                                                         and everything aggroes once you warp in,
   Area 4: Six battleships and a large                   so immediately begin flying away. The
amount of frigates through battlecruisers                sentries in this area hurt – a lot – and the
again. It’s best to take out the group to                cruise missile batteries don’t help you
your left, then the Silo group, then the                 either. Some of the frigates use electronic
remaining two groups. You can also take                  warfare here and may jam you, so it’s best
out the Silo group first, and then the left-             to have the drones on them while you take
side     group,    it   really   doesn’t   make      a   out the sentries/cruise missile batteries,
                                                         then the battleships. After your drones
                                                         finish with the frigates, have them work on
                                                         the cruisers and battlecruisers while you

                              The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

still focus on the battleships. This is by no        •   Number of Steps: 1
means an easy task to complete, and given
the cost of diamond tags, it’s generally not         •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
worth it unless you have a friend (such as a
corp-mate) with you that can likewise help           •   Shortcut: No
you cut down these targets faster.
                                                    There is one hard hitting sentry here, so
                                                 wipe    it   out     quickly.   There   are   three
            Angel Surprise
                                                 battleships (including your target in a
    •   Estimated ISK: 2.7M ISK                  Raven), 3 cruisers, and 3 frigates. Use your
                                                 drones to work on the frigates and cruisers
    •   Structures with Loot: None               while    you       focus   on    the    mercenary
                                                 battleships and your target. This mission
    •   Number of Steps: 1                       shouldn’t take long as long as you can
                                                 withstand      the     Raven’s    cruise   missiles
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes           (which are usually EM).

        Shortcut: No
                                                              Duel to the Death
   Only one area you’ll have to warp to
here. You’ll warp in and find a transport            •   Estimated ISK: 1M ISK
ship – once you begin attacking it, a single
wave of pirates will warp in to aid their            •   Structures with Loot: None
comrade. This wave consists of 1 battleship
and 8 cruisers. Pretty simple task and you           •   Number of Steps: 1
should be able to complete this one quickly.
                                                     •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

        Covering Your Tracks
                                                     •   Shortcut: No
    •   Estimated ISK: 1.5M ISK

    •   Structures   with   Loot:   Abandoned

                                The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   This is one of the easiest missions in the            •   Structures with Loot: None
entire game. You simply warp in to find
your target in a battleship with 4 spider                •   Number of Steps: 1
drones for support. As you normally would,
use your drones to destroy his drones while              •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
you focus on him. Simple as that.
                                                         •   Shortcut: No

              Duo of Death
                                                        You’re     against     12   ships      here     –    1
    •    Estimated ISK: 2.5M                         battleship and 11 cruisers – and a couple of
                                                     these   cruisers   will    jam      you    (look       for
    •    Structures with Loot: None                  defender-sounding          names,         such         as
                                                     “Safeguard”), so make sure to deploy your
    •    Number of Steps: 1                          drones quickly. This mission isn’t difficult at
                                                     all and shouldn’t take you over a few
    •    Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes              minutes to complete.

         Shortcut: No
                                                                   Gone Berserk
   This bears a strikingly similar mission               •   Estimated ISK: 2.2M ISK
template     as   the   Duel    to   the   Death
important one. This time you’re against 2                •   Structures with Loot: None
battleships, 2 spider drones, and 3 cruise
missile batteries – so it’s actually harder              •   Number of Steps: 3 Waves
than the important mission (albeit not by
much).     Take   down    the    cruise    missile       •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
batteries, then the 2 battleships, while your
drones work on the spider drones. Not too                •   Shortcut: No
difficult of a mission in the end.
                                                        Initial:   You’re      against    5    plain        old
                                                     cruisers here.
  Fight for the Establishment
    •    Estimated ISK: 1.5M ISK

                                  The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Wave 1: A couple of battleships and                mixed in, so that’s a lot of cruise missile
three cruisers this time, still nothing to            damage coming your way. Use the drones
sweat.                                                to take down the frigates and cruisers while
                                                      you fire on the Ravens and the Scorpions.
   Wave 2: A couple of battleships, usually           Once you knock down a couple of them, it’ll
a tier 1 and a tier 1, but nothing you should         get easier. If you need to warp out,
have trouble handling.                                definitely do so.

                                                         Area 3: You’ll be aggroed by a small
        Guristas Extravaganza
                                                      group with no battleships when you enter
    •    Estimated ISK: 20M / 25M                     and if you get within 40km of the cruise
                                                      missile batteries, you’ll aggro those as well.
    •    Structures    with       Loot:   Guristas    After taking out the initial group, take out
         Bunker / War Installation                    the left group, right group (no particular
                                                      order on those 2) and then the center two
    •    Number of Steps: 5 / 6                       groups.   This      should   be   pretty   easy
                                                      compared to the last area.
    •    Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
                                                         Area 4: There are 4 (negligible) heavy
    •    Shortcut: No / Hidden Gate (Guristas         missile batteries here. You’ll get aggro from
         Diamond Tag)                                 the left group usually. Next take out the
                                                      right group. And finally take out the center
   Area 1: 6 sentry guns are here along               group. These are small groups and this is
with 2 cruisers and 2 elite frigates. This            one of the easier steps.
should relatively easy – the only thing you
have to watch are the sentries.                          Area 5: You’ll get aggro immediately
                                                      from a group of cruisers/battlecruisers, but
   Area 2: 8 battleships are here and a               they’re easily dispatched. There are also
whole slew of cruisers and frigates. The              two sentry guns here and 1 negligible
hardest     aspect    of   this    area   is   that   heavy missile battery. From here you can
everything has a tendency to want to aggro            simply take out the left or right group, then
at once, except for the far group (which has          the other, and finally the center. The
no battleships in it). And among the groups           Ravens do have a tendency to hurt here, so
that do aggro you, there are 5 Ravens                 be sure to take those down quickly while

                              The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

your drones are working over the rest of            This is a very easy mission. You warp in
the entourage. You can destroy the war           to find a transport ship, a battleship, 6
installation here for a few decent items,        frigates, and about a dozen cruisers. Use
such as turrets and launchers – though           the drones to take out the frigates while
sometimes it’s merely ammunition.                you work on the battleship, then both you
                                                 and the drones can pick off the cruisers
   Area 6: This area is simply ridiculous.       from there. And finally, dispose of the
There are about 5 cruise missile spitting        transport ship.
battleships, 8 cruisers, and 10 frigates or so
– and they all aggro. The damage can get
                                                                 Massive Attack
overwhelming fast, so begin flying away
from    the   giant    mass   of   ships   and       •    Estimated ISK: 5M ISK
immediately launch your drones and get
them prepared to start taking down targets           •    Structures with Loot: None
ASAP. Once you manage to clear everything
out, the Storage Facility here has some              •    Number of Steps: 4
higher-end loot.
                                                     •    Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

         Intercept the Pirate
                                                     •    Shortcut: No
    •   Estimated ISK: 1.8M                         Area 1: There are 8 frigates here, and
                                                 none aggro.
    •   Structures with Loot: None
                                                    Area          2:        1         battleship,      7
    •   Number of Steps: 1                       cruisers/battlecruisers,                and          11
                                                 frigates/destroyers are here, split into two
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes           groups      –    neither       one    aggroes      upon
    •   Shortcut: No

                                The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

     Area 3: This area contains two groups              This     can   get    overwhelming   and   is
composed of 2 battleships, 2 battlecruisers,         menacing to even look at. There are 10
2 cruisers, 6 destroyers and 8 frigates. This        battleships here in total. When you initially
is likely a simple area that should prove to         warp in, you’ll get jumped by a pack of
be no more difficult than the previous area.         cruisers and frigates (some have been
                                                     known to jam, others web), and that leaves
     Area 4: One you warp in, a group of             4 groups in this area. Attack the left-most
frigates and a couple of cruisers will aggro         group and you’ll aggro that group along
you. Attacking one of the remaining two              with a small pocket of frigates that web and
groups normally brings the other along with          use electronic warfare. Send your drones
it – in total, these two groups consist of           after these frigates while you work on the
about 30 ships, primarily frigates and only 2        bigger ships. Take a breather here and
battleships – the rest are cruisers and              regenerate your shields and/or armor a bit
battlecruisers. Just snipe off the low-end           before taking on the last two groups –
frigates while firing your heavier weaponry          they’ll both come. Use the same technique
at           the           larger          targets   and tactics here as the previous one. You
(battleships/battlecruisers) and prepare to          may want to align yourself before you pull
send your drones in to work on the                   so that if you get overwhelmed by the
destroyers and frigates.                             damage, then you can just run and dock
                                                     and come back.

              Pirate Invasion
                                                                Revenge is Sweet
      •   Estimated ISK: 5.7M ISK
                                                         •     Estimated ISK: 1.5M
      •   Structures with Loot: None
                                                         •     Structures with Loot: None
      •   Number of Steps: 1
                                                         •     Number of Steps: 2
      •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
                                                         •     Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
      •   Shortcut: None
                                                         •     Shortcut: No

                            The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Area 1: 5 cruisers and 5 frigates sitting       Wave 3: 5 cruisers or battlecruisers –
here. Stick the drones on the frigates while   sometimes          it   varies   between        5
you work over the cruisers. Should be a few    battlecruisers, 5 cruisers, or a mix of both.
quick kills.

   Area 2: 2 cruisers, a couple of frigates
(2-3) and your target are here. Just have           •   Estimated ISK: 3.3M ISK
your drones mop up the frigates and
cruisers while you’re taking down the               •   Structures with Loot: None
primary objective. Very rarely this target
will drop a good implant (such as a 5%              •   Number of Steps: 4
                                                    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

   Sabotage the Supply Line
                                                    •   Shortcut: No
    •   Estimated ISK: 2.2M ISK
                                                   Initial: Do not attack any of these ships
    •   Structures with Loot: None             – these are the good guys. They’ll give you
                                               some bookmarks to fly around to and blow
    •   Number of Steps: 4 waves               up some folks.

    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes             Part 1: 8 cruisers and 4 frigates here –
                                               use your drones as always to make this go
    •   Shortcut: No                           by a lot faster.

   Initial: There are 3 freighters here that       Part 2: 12 cruisers and 2 frigates this
have 10 frigates and 2 cruisers as escorts.    time – nothing too difficult.
You should be able to make quick work of
this pathetic convoy                               Part 3: 3 battleships and 6 frigates this
                                               time around – sic the drones on the frigates
   Wave 1: 5 frigates and 8 cruisers will      and wear down the battleships. The frigates
come to the aid of the convoy in this wave.    should be destroyed by the time you take

   Wave 2: 6 cruisers this time.

                                The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

down the first one, so your drones can                fit. Some of the battleships will try to orbit a
make the killing of the last two go by much           bit of a ways away (60km or so), so you
quicker. Nab your special delivery and head           may need to load some long rage ammo or
out.                                                  allow your drones to aid you here. After you
                                                      finish off everyone else, you can move onto
                                                      your primary objective.
       Serpentis Extravaganza
       •   Estimated ISK: 8M ISK                         Shortcut: If you quickly target and kill
                                                      your primary target and kiss spider drones,
       •   Structures with Loot: None                 you’ll complete the mission – you getting
                                                      the aggro of the entire area, however.
       •   Number of Steps: 3

                                                           Serpentis Ship Builders
       •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
                                                          •   Estimated ISK: 3M ISK
       •   Shortcut: Yes
                                                          •   Structures with Loot: None
   Area 1: There are only a couple of
battleships here and roughly 15 cruisers                  •   Number of Steps: 1
and 20 or so frigates. This shouldn’t prove
to be too difficult and the order you attack              •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
in isn’t important. Just focus your fire on the
bigger ships as usual and let the drones do               •   Shortcut: None
their job on the smaller ones.
                                                         Everything will aggro you upon warping
   Area 2: There’s no aggro when you                  in. You’ll be facing 3 battleships, including
arrive. There are 3 groups and roughly 9              the named target, and 4 cruisers and 4
battleships. You can start with the closest           frigates – not to mention the 2 cruise
one and work your way through at your                 missile batteries. Take out the batteries
own leisure without fear of several groups            while letting the drones eat away at the
coming. Area 3: You warp right into (and I            frigates and cruisers, then focus on the two
mean       RIGHT    into)   a   mesh    of   ships,   unnamed battleships, and finally take out
including battlecruisers and a battleship.            your target. Rarely he’ll drop something
From there, just begin pulling as you feel            special, such as an implant.

                             The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

  Serpentis Spies [important]                      There are two battleships, 12 cruisers,
    •   Estimated ISK: 1.3M ISK                 and 12 frigates in the area, and they all
                                                want a piece of you. Quickly deploy your
    •   Structures with Loot: None              drones to begin taking out the 12 frigates
                                                to avoid webbing and jamming issues that
    •   Number of Steps: 1                      can arise quickly. Work on either the
                                                cruisers or battleships – you may want to
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes (only    take out the cruisers first since you can
        the sentries)                           have the drones help you eat through them
    •   Shortcut: No

                                                              Stop the Thief
  There are 8 sentry towers here and
they’ll all be ready to greet you. Work them        •     Estimated ISK: 2M ISK
over and then you can focus on the ships
here. There’s just one battleship and a             •     Structures with Loot: None
handful of cruisers and frigates – nothing
difficult; just tank and use your drones as         •     Number of Steps: 1
you normally would.
                                                    •     Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
        Smuggler Interception
    •   Estimated ISK: 2M ISK                       •     Shortcut: No

    •   Structures with Loot: None                 You’ll be facing a battleship and about a
                                                dozen cruisers. Just let your drones eat
    •   Number of Steps: 1                      away at the cruisers while you work over
                                                the big one, or have them begin working on
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes          the battleship while you pick off the
                                                cruisers. Either way this mission is pretty
    •   Shortcut: No                            easy. Don’t forget to get the item before

                              The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

              The Assault                         area, except a couple of battleships will
                                                  come along. Let your drones do their thing
    •   Estimated ISK: 5.2M                       while you work over those battleships and
                                                  tank – shouldn’t be anything more than
    •   Structures with Loot: None                slightly time consuming.

        Number of Steps: 3
                                                               The Blockade
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes                •   Estimated ISK: 4.5M

    •   Shortcut: None                                •   Structures with Loot: None

   Area 1: There’s no instant aggro here.             •   Number of Steps: 5 waves
Start on the left side and take out all the
frigates and cruisers – you’ll get two                •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
groups. You can let your drones do the
majority of the work here. The right group            •   Shortcut: No
has a couple of battleships and some more
cruisers, pretty easy to handle these.               This is a very easy mission to do as long
                                                  as you can tank the damage and can
   Area 2: A few battlecruisers and a             quickly dispatch the cruisers.
battleship will aggro when you initially
enter. The rest of the area is full of cruiser,      Initial: You’ll warp in to face 4 little
frigates, and a couple more battleships.          cruisers.
This is likewise easy, but there’s a lot of
distance to cover here.                              Wave 1: A couple of battleships are the
                                                  first to show up.
   Area 3: Attack the right group, which
has a couple of battleships in it, first.            Wave 2: Next you’ll have 3 cruisers and
Nothing will aggro when you enter, and            two more battleships.
attacking this group causes no other groups
to aggro. Now work on the left/center                Wave 3: Then 3 battleships arrive.
groups (usually you get both) – treat this
blob of pirates as you did with the first

                                The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   Wave 4: And finally you’re facing 4                 •   Structures with Loot: None
battleships at once.
                                                       •   Number of Steps: 1

         The Guristas Spies
                                                       •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
    •   Estimated ISK: 5.7M
                                                       •   Shortcut: None
    •   Structures with Loot: None
                                                      There are 6 frigates, 10 cruisers, and 1
    •   Number of Steps: 1                         battleship. This is a single group that will
                                                   aggro once you arrive and isn’t a difficult
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: No              band of ships. Use your drones to dispose
                                                   of the frigates while you take out the
    •   Shortcut: Yes                              battleships,   then    you    can    focus   your
                                                   attention back onto the cruisers. Easy
   There are 5 Ravens here, so keep that in        mission.
mind. Pulling the group with the three spies
in it won’t aggro any other group, so you
                                                              The Right Hand of
can do away with that group first, then
leisurely destroy the other two groups. This
is a simple and easy mission as long as you            •   Estimated ISK: 1.5M
pull that    group   first to    avoid getting
everything     at       once     and    getting        •   Structures     with    Loot:    Outpost
overwhelmed by the battleship damage.                      Headquarters     (required     target)   /
                                                           Zor’s Bunker
   Shortcut: After taking out that first
group, the mission is complete, so the last            •   Number of Steps: 1
2 groups are just for ISK – though I do
recommend it since its really good ISK.                •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

                                                       •   Shortcut: No

  The Kidnapping [important]
    •   Estimated ISK: 1.5M ISK

                              The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

   6 frigates and 6 cruisers are here that               The Serpentis Spies
are basic ships. Schmidt is a named cruiser,
there’s a mercenary battleship, and Zor is           •   Estimated ISK: 3M
in a Raven. This mission can hurt if you’re
still not too experienced with level 4               •   Structures with Loot: None
missions. You may need to warp out a time
or two, so make sure you get aligned                 •   Number of Steps: 1
                                                     •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes

               The Score
                                                     •   Shortcut: No
    •   Estimated ISK: 6.5M
                                                    There are 7 sentries here, so quickly
    •   Structures with Loot: None               take those out while you put your drones on
                                                 the 5 frigates here. Next you can focus on
    •   Number of Steps: 3                       the 3 battlecruisers and 1 battleship. It’s a
                                                 quick and easy encounter, but the sentries
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: No            can make it a pain. If you begin to feel
                                                 you’ll get overwhelmed by the damage, go
    •   Shortcut: No                             ahead and begin to align yourself if you
                                                 haven’t already.
   Area 1: Nearly 30 ships in this area split
into two groups. Attacking group 1 will not
                                                         Unauthorized Military
cause the second group to aggro, so you
can take your time in this area.
                                                     •   Estimated ISK: 4M ISK
   Area 2: Kill the left group first, no BS in
this group, so it shouldn’t take long. Next          •   Structures with Loot: None
kill the right group which consists of one
battleship. And finally you can kill the
center group which has 3 battleships alone
in it which makes it a great fight and an
easy one.

                             The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

    •   Number of Steps: 3 (note: this                 •   Number of Steps: 3
        mission will vary with some factions
        and there will be only 2 steps, the            •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes
        second step will be a mix of steps 2
        and 3 listed here and shouldn’t                •   Shortcut: Yes
        prove difficult)
                                                      Area 1: There are about 30 pirates in
    •   Pirates Attack after Warp: Yes            this area, and they’re all spread out all over
                                                  the place. Once you fire, about half the
    •   Shortcut: None                            ships will aggro you. Then you’ll be able to
                                                  just relax a moment and regenerate a little,
   Area 1: There are 8 cruisers and 8             before you take out the last of them.
frigates here, nothing is Tech II or uses
electronic warfare, so this should be a               Area 2: About 30 more ships are in this
breeze.                                           area, and about the same the same ratio of
                                                  frigates, cruisers, and battleships, except
   Area 2: 4 Cruisers and 14 frigates here,       they’re more evenly divided here – you’ll be
4 frigates will web you. There’s a couple of      against 5 groups. The order you take them
battlecruisers and battleships, but they’re       down doesn’t matter here either.
low-end ones, so the damage isn’t very
high.                                                 Area 3: You’ll warp into the aggro of a
                                                  group of battlecruisers. The rest of the
   Area 3: 2 frigates, 5 cruisers, and 4          targets are quite a few km away. I suggest
battleships in this area – usually everything     moving as far away as you possibly can and
will aggro at once. Let the drones eat up         begin firing; they’ll all aggro at this point. If
the other ships while you work on the             you have long-range ammo, you can snipe
battleships.                                      off the cruisers at this range and let the
                                                  drones kill off the frigates. By the time the
                                                  battleships get near you, everything else
                                                  will mostly be obliterated, so you’ll merely
    •   Estimated ISK: 13M ISK                    have them left (there’ll be 3 or 4, including
                                                  your target).
    •   Structures with Loot: Storage Facility

                           The Unofficial EVE Online ISK Guide

  Shortcut: Just kill your target (snipe him)
and the mission is complete.


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