Rational Numbers as Square Roots

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					         Rational Numbers as Square Roots
Rational Numbers as Square Roots

Rational numbers are the numbers which are the ratio of two integers. In words
we can explain rational numbers as if any two integers are taken as a ratio and
considered as a single number than that single number is termed as the
Rational number.

Rational number has two parts that is the upper integer number termed as the
Numerator and the lower integer number is termed as the Denominator. The
ratio of numerator and denominator collectively is termed as Rational number.
Now let us have some examples to understand the rational numbers more

Let us take two integers say 2 and 3 , where 2 is the numerator and the
number 3 is the denominator then the ratio that is “2 / 3“ is the rational number.
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Now let us discuss the concept of square root. Square root is just a number
which when multiply by itself gives the parent number. In other words we can
say that square root of any number itself is a number which when squared gives
the original number.

For example 2 is square root of 4, as if we square 2 or multiply 2 with 2 it we get
the parent number that is 4. Now Rational number as square root is nothing just
a way of expressing the square root of number as a rational number. For
example let us assume that any number is having its square root say 1.315
then instead of displaying it as 1.315 we can display it as a rational number that
is 1315/1000 = 263/200. Let us take an example of 18.

Square root of 18 is 4.24264 now instead of displaying it as fractional number
we can display it as rational number that is 424264/100000 = 53033 / 12500
that is approximately equal to 106/25.

This is all about rational numbers and its relation with square toots. The given
examples will help you in solving rational number problems having square

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