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									Pope Benedict XVI
                His Early Years

 Pope Benedict the 16th
  was born and baptized on
  April 16, 1927.
 His given name was
  Joseph Ratzinger.
 Marktl am Inn, Germany
  was the place where he
  was born.
 His parents were strong,
  devote Catholics.
 Mr. Ratzinger was a
  policeman and was from a
  family of farmers.
      Pope Benedict’s Education

 Joseph went to the Higher School of Philosophy and
  Theology of Freising and at the University of Munich.
 In 1953 he received his doctorate in theology.
 He received his
  priestly ordination on
  June 29, 1951.
 On March 25, 1977 he
  was named
  Archbishop of Munich
  and Freising.
 Later that year he was
  named Cardinal.
His Work
     Ratzinger contributed to
      Vatican II as an expert
     He has published many
      pieces of literature dealing
      with theology.
     His most notable work was
      published in 1985 called
      “The Ratzinger Report.”
Joseph Ratzinger: Pope Benedict XVI

                   http://www.vatican.va/h
                 World Day of Peace
 “The very name Benedict, which
  I chose on the day of my
  election to the Chair of Peter, is
  a sign of my personal
  commitment to peace. In taking
  this name, I wanted to evoke
  both the Patron Saint of Europe,
  who inspired a civilization of
  peace on the whole continent,
  and Pope Benedict XV, who
  condemned the First World War
  as a ''useless slaughter''(1) and
  worked for a universal
  acknowledgment of the lofty
  demands of peace.”
     Pope Benedict’s Message
 His goal is “hope for a more serene world, a
  world in which more and more individuals
  and communities are committed to the paths
  of justice and peace.”

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