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Endocrinology Market to 2018 - Advanced Injection Devices for
Growth Hormone and Somatostatin will Improve Ease of Use for Patients



Company, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest
research “Endocrinology Market to 2018-Advanced Injection Devices for
Growth Hormone and Somatostatin will Improve Ease of Use for Patients”,
which provides insights into the endocrine disease therapeutics market until
2018. The report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary
databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by
Company’s team of industry experts. The report provides an in-depth
analysis of the major endocrine markets including growth hormone deficiency
market, acromegaly market, male Hypogonadism market and
hypothyroidism market. The report also provides the share of generics in the
global endocrinology as well as in each indication market. The report
examines the global endocrine disorders treatment usage patterns. It
provides the geographical distribution of growth hormone deficiency,
acromegaly, male hypogonadism, hypothyroidism and markets across the US,
the top five countries of Europe and Japan. The report also includes insights
into the endocrinology Research and Development (R&D) product pipeline
and explores the competitive landscape, including major players in the
market. Finally, the report includes analysis on Mergers and Acquisitions
(M&A) and licensing agreements that took place in the endocrinology market.

- Data and analysis on the endocrinology market in the leading geographies
of the world – the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan.
- Annualized market data for the endocrinology market from 2004 to 2010,
with forecasts to 2018.
- Market data on the geographical landscape and therapeutic landscape,
including market size, market share, annual cost of therapy, sales volume
and treatment usage patterns such as disease population, treatment seeking
population, diagnosis population and prescription population.

Table of Contents :
1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 4
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Endocrinology Market to 2018 - Introduction 9
2.1 GBI Research Report Guidance 10
3 Endocrinology Market to 2018 - Market Overview 11
3.1 Introduction 11
3.2 Revenue Forecasts for the Global Endocrinology Market 12
3.2.1 Revenue 12
3.2.2 Annual Cost of Therapy 13
3.2.3 Treatment Usage Patterns 14
3.3 Global Endocrinology Market Drivers 16
3.3.1 Rapid Uptake of New Formulation Products and Improved Injection
Devices 16
3.3.2 Maintenance of Market Exclusivity and Revenues of Blockbuster Drugs
by Extending Patent Life through Novel Drug Delivery Technologies 16
3.4 Global Endocrinology Market Restraints 17
3.4.1 Patent Expiries of Major Blockbuster Drugs Including Sandostatin LAR
and Norditropin 17
3.4.2 Low Treatment Adherence in Growth Hormone Deficiency and
Acromegaly Patients 17
3.5 Generics Share in the Global Endocrinology Market 18
4 Endocrinology Market to 2018 - Geographical Landscape 19
4.1 Revenue Analysis by Country 19
4.2 The US 21
4.2.1 Revenue 21
4.2.2 Annual Cost of Therapy 22
4.2.3 Treatment Usage Patterns 23
4.3 Top Five Countries in Europe 25
4.3.1 Revenue 25
4.3.2 Revenue Analysis by Country 26
4.3.3 Annual Cost of Therapy 27
4.3.4 Treatment Usage Patterns 28

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