Orissa JEE (OJEE) Counselling Seat Allotment by c0JGZIi


									       Orissa JEE (OJEE) Counselling Seat Allotment
During this step, the choices submitted by the candidates will be processed centrally and
seats will be allotted in the order of merit based on their locked choices. The allotment
result will be available on the website www.ojee.nic.in and through SMS. No individual
“Letter of Seat Allotment” shall be sent to the successful candidates. The provisional
Letter of Seat Allotment-cum-Admission Letter can be downloaded from the website.


For allotment of a seat, OJEE Rank is not the only criteria but also the eligibility, priority
(for ES only) and reservation criteria of candidates are checked.

For any course, before the allotment starts, the following three steps are required to be

Step-1:      The documents are verified and the candidate is found eligible against
category/reservation etc. The non-refundable counselling fee of Rs. 350/- is

Step-2:       The candidates have successfully registered against desired stream(s).
If a candidate has appeared for more than one stream, then he/she has to register
separately for all the streams. Counselling fee is to be deposited only once.

Step-3:        The candidate has filled up the choices and locked it successfully. The
candidate is advised to give as many choices as desirable. There is no maximum
limit for the choice filling.

The candidates who have successfully executed all these three steps above are
considered for the seat allotment.


The successful candidate has to give the option either for Acceptance or for Upgradation
(Every time after declaration of the seat allotment result.)

Case-1 : If the candidate chooses for Acceptance of the seat, then, it will be final and his
case will not be considered during next round whatever the choice of college the
candidate gets in the seat allotment result.

Case-2 : If the candidate chooses for Upgradation, then, his/her case will be again
processed during next round. If the candidate gets better choice then it will be allotted
otherwise the previous seat will be preserved.

Case-3 : If the candidate does not choose any option then it will treated as Accepted.
Case-4 : If the candidate chooses for upgradation after declaration of Round-1 result, then
his/her case will again be processed during Round-2 and the result will be published.
Then, the candidate will again be asked for giving the option for Acceptance or
Upgradation. Like this the candidate may opt for upgradation during any number of times
till the last round. Once the candidate chooses for Acceptance, then it will be final. No
further consideration of his case of that candidate. If the candidate does not give any
option, then it will be treated as Accepted, no further processing of his/her case.


All the candidates who took provisional admission shall report physically at their allotted
institute within the specified time as mentioned in the counseling schedule. If a candidate
fails to report physically at their allotted institute his/her provisional admission shall
automatically stand cancelled without any prior notice.

After taking admission, if a candidate wants, he/she can cancel his/her seat. The refund
rules have been made as per the guidelines of Govt. of Orissa shall be adopted.

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