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					       Name:                                                                                                             North Dakota State University
                                                                                                                         College of Science & Mathematics
           ID:                                                                                                        PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR - Fall 2008
                                                                                       Bachelor's of Science:
                                                                                       SUPPORTING TRACK: Each student in consultation with your advisor, must select one on the
   Course     Number                Course Title                   Credits Grade       following tracks: (Please check one)
First Year Experience (F)                                          1 credit            □   Natural Sci: 14 addt'l cr math/sci          List Courses/Credits
UNIV         189^      Skills for Academic Success                     1               □   Social Sci: 14 addt'l cr soc sci (not PSYC) List Courses/Credits
Communications Category (C)                                        12 credits          □   Minor in approved area:                     (List Minor)
~ENGL        110       College Composition I                           3                                                         MAJOR COURSES: 30 Credits
ENGL         120       College Composition II                          3                 Course      Number                                    Course Title   Credits Grade
COMM         110       Fundamentals of Public Speaking                 3               PSYC        111                Intro to Psychology                        3
ENGL                   (Upper-Div. Writing) 324, 325 or 459            3               PSYC        350                Research Methods I                         3
Quantitative Reasoning (R)                                         3 credits           PSYC        351                Research Methods II                        3
STAT         330       Introductory Statistics                         3
Science & Technology Category (S) (One course w/ lab)              10 credits

                                                                                                            15 credits in Psychology courses numbered 400 or higher are required
                                                                                                                     GROUP 1: Social Bases of Behavior
Humanities & Fine Arts (A) (Max 3 cr in fine arts performance)     6 credits            Course   Number                             Course Title                    Credits                            Grade
                                                                                       PSYC    453              Organizational Psychology                               3
                                                                                               468              Personality                                             3
Social B h i     lS i
S i l & Behavioral Sci. (B) (PSYC courses can NOT be used here)         dit
                                                                   6 credits                   470              E
                                                                                                                Experimental S i l P
                                                                                                                       i                  h l
                                                                                                                           t l Social Psychology                        3
                                                                                                                   GROUP 2: Biological Bases of Behavior
                                                                                       PSYC          460        Sensation & Perception                                  3
Wellness Category (W)                                              2 credits                         465        Psychobiology                                           3
                                                                                                     486        Neuropsychology                                         3
Cultural Diversity Category (D)                                                                                    GROUP 3: Cognitive Bases of Behavior
                                                                                       PSYC          461        Memory & Knowledge                                      3
Global Perspectives Category (G)                                                                     463        Experimental Developmental Psych                        3
                                                                                                     464        Attention & Thinking                                    3
             COLLEGE REQUIREMENTS for a BS or BA Degree                                                                GROUP 4: Capstone Experience
    The College of Science & Mathematics requires an additional 6 credits in      PSYC               480        History & Systems                                       3
 Humanities or Social Sciences for the BS degree and an additional 12 credits for                    489        Honor's Thesis                                          3
    the BA degree and two years proficiency of a modern foreign language.                             3 PSYC credits: May be from 489, 494 or 496 courses taken for a grade
                            BA Degree Requirements:                                    PSYC                                                                             3
2nd Yr Lang Proficiency                                                                              Related Courses Required: (Not counted in the 30 credits of the major)
HUM or Soc Sci                                                         3               MATH          103 +      Math 103 or higher                                   3 or 4
HUM or Soc Sci                                                         3
HUM or Soc Sci                                                         3                          ALL COURSES ON THIS CURRICULUM ARE REQUIRED FOR THE MAJOR.
HUM or Soc Sci                                                         3               ^UNIV 189 is required for students with fewer than 24 earned transfer credits.
                            BS Degree Requirements:                                      ~First year students with a composite ACT score of ≥ 21 should register for ENGL 120 (unless transfer credit for ENGL
HUM or Soc Sci                                                         3                120 is received). If ENGL 120 is completed with a grade of "C" or better, three credits will be awarded for ENGL 110 with
HUM or Soc Sci                                                         3                      a passing grade (P). For more details on NDSU's English Placement process, go to

To complete a degree, the general education requirements of the College of Science &                                  More information is on the back of this sheet
Mathematics and NDSU need to be met along with this major.

                                                                                        Advisor:                                                                                                        Fall 2008

                                                                           PSYCHOLOGY - FALL 2008 Continued
              UNIVERSITY GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS                                                       NOTES/COMMENTS
Residency at NDSU:                            36 credits                           MATH 101 & 102 credits do not count towards graduation.
                                    with at least 15 credits in major
Credits at a 4-yr University                           60 credits       Courses taken to fulfill gen ed, college and major requirements may NOT be taken P/F

Courses numbers 300 or higher                          37 credits
                                         (Min. 15 credits at NDSU)
                                                                                       D transfer credits will count toward graduation,
Total credits required:                Minimum 122 credits                                   but no specific degree requirement.