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                    PHP Script Video : Youtube Script Clone
Videos is a powerful, feature rich, fully customizable video portal script like Youtube. This is
a highly search engine optimized script which helps you to browse through huge number of
videos in different categories. Its video search option helps your users to find the exact video
they are looking for. The entire system is template driven which allows you to easily modify
the public pages to any look and feel you prefer. Now start running your own video portal
website in just less than five minutes.

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Features available only in ultimate edition

Member Managed or Youtube Based Portal: You may now integrate your Youtube API
product key in the script so that you can access and display youtube videos/data in your
website. It helps you to run a complete video portal without worrying about video/data
sources. Apart from this, the ultimate edition of Inout Videos allows members to register into
your portal and post their own videos.(*NEW*)

Millions of Videos: Now you do not have to wait years or even months to get enough video
content for your website. Inout Videos is a hidden bridge for millions of videos, which can
show all the videos youtube has.

Member registration: With Inout Videos Ultimate, individual users can create their own
account and upload/manage videos. Registered users can create/manage their own channels
as well.(*NEW*)

Third Party Video Uploading: Inout Videos Ultimate provides the options to upload local
videos as well as videos from remote sources like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe. The
advanced visibility settings allow them to protect the videos from public, if they prefer to
hide it.(*NEW*)

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Powerful Video Search: Video search engine integrated in the script makes it very easy for
your visitors to find the exact videos they are looking for.

Channels: Users can maintain their own Youtube Style channels which will enable them to
show off their videos and to show their favorites lists and the playlists. Users can customize
the look and feel of their channel configuring channel background color, foreground color,
font color, channel skin, skin position etc. Users can upload their own channel skin according
to their preferences.(*NEW*)

Channel comments: Registered users can post comments on the channels. Users can also
manage the comments posted on their channel to keep the channel clean.(*NEW*)

Multi language support: Inout Videos is designed to work with multiple languages. Apart
from the existing languages, the administrator can add/manage new languages from the
admin area.(*NEW*)

Auto Update Website Content: Once you host your video portal, you do not have to worry
about updating the site content. It updates its content frequently based on your cache settings
and automatically synchronizes the data with youtube.

Customizable Home Page Style: The home page and the site content can be managed
directly from the admin area.

Family Filter: Even though Inout Videos delivers family safe results most of the times, we
additionally have a bad word filter feature. It allows you to specify a set of keywords from
your admin area. These keywords will be stripped out from the public searches.

Video comments: Comments give visitors a good idea about the quality and nature of the
videos. Registered users can now post comment for the videos. The video owners can manage
the comments posted on their videos.(*NEW*)

Popularity Measurements: Now your users can sort the videos based on different factors
like most rated, most commented and most viewed videos.(*NEW*)

Tell a friend: Inout Videos allows your users to share the videos uploaded, with their friends.
Users can send notification emails which contains the links of the videos they would like to

Featured videos: Administrator can configure selected videos as featured so that they will be
highlighted among other videos. Featured videos are useful when you need to give a priority
for some videos.(*NEW*)

User Based Video Listing: Now, you may view videos, based on the users who have
uploaded them.

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Time Based Video Searching: Videos can be viewed based on different time spans (today,
this week, this month, all time etc).

Result Cache: In order to reduce the API calls and to speed up the search query, Inout
Videos caches the video results into database to a specific period of time. Administrator can
specify the caching period for each engine. Cache period can be set from one day to 6

Videos based on categories and tags: Inout Videos Ultimate is designed to work with
hundreds of thousands of videos in unlimited number of categories so that your visitors can
select and view videos coming under their preferred categories. Videos can be viewed based
on keyword tags as well.(*NEW*)

Related videos: There is a feature for showing the list of videos related to the currently
playing video. The related videos will help your users to navigate through your video portal
and find the similar videos they may be looking for.(*NEW*)

Video Playlists: Registered users can create and manage their own playlists and can add or
remove videos to and from these playlists. They can also configure the visibility settings of
these videos.(*NEW*)

Favorites: Users can maintain a favorites list where they can add/manage their favorite
videos. It will help them to access their favorite videos very fast.(*NEW*)

Modern, Stylish Video Player: The customized youtube video player integrated in the script
allows you to run streaming videos, live from your website. You do not require any
additional license for this.

Complete Video Details: Along with each and every videos, you may view all the details
regarding with the video including its description, user ratings, number of views, time of
upload and author name.

Advertisement Enabled: Now earn more money with Inout Videos by adding your ad
codes/custom contents. You can easily add your Google adsense/other affiliate ad codes to
the template files.

Free Copyright Removal: You are free to remove the copyright notice in the page footer in
the public pages of the script. You may remove the powered by link also if you do not want
to join our affiliate program. You may do it just by modifying a simple HTML file.

PHP development with MVC(Model-View-Controller) framework: Inout Videos is using
the professional MVC style of PHP development, which enables you to extend/customize the
software adding any new feature you want, with minimal maintenance/customization cost.

Easily customizable: Template driven pages allow you to create your own look and feel or
easily integrate the site into a design template you already have.

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General Features

     Portal content through API keys.
     Member registration. (*NEW*)
     Video Uploading from local as well as remote sources. (*NEW*)
     Multiple language support. (*NEW*)
     Millions of Videos from Youtube.
     High quality video search engine.
     Member Video Channels. (*NEW*)
     Each user can manage his/her channel's look and feel. (*NEW*)
     Members can comment on channels. (*NEW*)
     Auto updated website content.
     Bad words filter for family safe video portal.
     Browse through categories.
     Member can comment on videos. (*NEW*)
     Custom tags up to any level.
     View recently viewed/top rated/most viewed/most popular/currently viewing videos.
     Popularity measurements like most rated/commented/viewed videos.(*NEW*)
     Users can share videos with their friends sending videos links. (*NEW*)
     Featured videos to highlight some videos among the others. (*NEW*)
     User based video browsing.
     View videos based on time span(today, this week, this month, all time etc).
     Video browsing on categories and keyword tags.(*NEW*)
     Fast and low resource, using CURL (optional)) and cache files.
     Easy navigation and cool interface that allows visitors to manage the site easily.
     Related Videos. (*NEW*)
     Allow your users to create/manage their own playlists. (*NEW*)
     Allows your users to maintain their favorite videos in favorites section. (*NEW*)
     Complete video details including its description, upload time, author and ratings.
     Allow visitor to view the videos in full screen mode.
     Caches the video results into database to speed up the search and reduce API calls.
     Search Engine Friendly URLs.
     Highly secure script.
     Advertisement enabled.

Admin features

     User friendly and easy navigational admin panel.
     Manage categories.
     Manage tags and subtags.
     Manage badwords.
     Enable/disable badword filter.
     Add/manage multiple languages. (*NEW*)
     Add/edit/delete/enable/disable categories. (*NEW*)
     Enable/disable tags and sub tags.

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       Activate/block registered users and manage all user activities. (*NEW*)
       Set the video approval mode automatic/manual. (*NEW*)
       Manage the videos uploaded by the users (block/activate/delete videos).
       Manage user playlists and user channels. (*NEW*)
       Manage home page style.
       Add new channel color theme, skins and also manage them. (*NEW*)
       Manage featured videos. (*NEW*)
       View the videos, comments on that video and also manage the comments. (*NEW*)
       Manage search result caching.
       Manage user playlists and user channels.
       Manage old cache results.

Other important features

       Search Engine Friendly URLs.
       100% template driven and fully customizable.
       Open source code. You may even modify the programming logic of each page
        including member pages.
       Easy advertising, integrating your google adsense and other affiliate banner/text ads.
       Free Copyright Removal.

Installation and Support

       Easy install (Free installation offered)
       1 year FREE updates
       1 year FREE support

                 Features and Requirements | Demo | Testimonials

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